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Overwriting Rumors

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


At night, in my favorite brothel.

While having Orthia clean my ears with a knee pillow, the moon on the night before a full moon seen from the window ―― I was looking at the moon that will be a full moon by tomorrow.


As I enjoy the tenderness, the nice scent, and the elegance.

Orthia suddenly asks me, as she remembers.


“Hey, hey, Hermes-chan, is that rumor true”


“Again again, if you play dumb that far, it’ll be reversed as a fishy lie, you know.”


Orthia was grinning.

What fishy lie


“The city is full of that rumor right now, so I expected you know, right.”

“No, what is it really about”

“Look, it’s about Hermes-chan getting rid of that Orikuto jr.




I was so surprised, that I jumped up from Orthia’s lap.


“What the hell is that, what’s going on”

“A’re Maybe you really don’t know anything”

“I don’t know, tell me more about it.”

“It’s alright, but…… you see, the Trikala mine that has recently been touched by Hermes-chan, became a silver excavation mine, hasn’t it”



I nod.

Or rather, Orthia was also involved in that case, I got her cooperation.


“In that mine, a little while ago, monsters called Orikuto jr started to appear here and there.

So, everyone was bothered by it, but one day, it got eradicated.”

“Did it come to be like that You have a way of speaking that it hasn’t been settled, but are there more than one”

“I’m saying that it’s immortal, you know, it seems that it will regenerate even if you defeat it.”

“I see”

“So, the one who defeated that was Hermes-chan, there were rumors like that.

The new Lord with the Cross Medal defeats an immortal monster with a single sword, which was a terribly cool story.”

“Oh god……”


That’s the first time I’ve heard such a rumor.


Or rather, it has a certain amount of inconvenience for me.

Being immortal huh, no matter how I think about it, it’s a strong monster.

Rumors that I’ve defeated that …… it’s too troublesome.


I have to solve, such a rumor.



The next day.

About 20 kilometers away from the city of Pindos, the Trikala mine.

I came by myself, and met the person in charge of the mine.


At the foot of the mine, there’s a government office-like building.

Thereupon, I’m sitting on the sofa while facing a man.

The man’s name is Goras, he has a lively and rough feeling like an indeed mine site manager; this man has such an impression.


“Well, I didn’t really think, that it would be Lord-sama.”


Goras laughed in a good mood.


“Well, I didn’t particularly mean to make a display either, but more than that, it’s about the rumor so far.

It would be a better thing, to clarify it.”

“That’s right! Everyone can’t completely obtain a peace of mind just by the rumors.”


Goras responds with a lively and frank tone.


I came here, and said to him that “I will dispatch that Orikuto jr now”.

Then Goras became “Oh, as I thought!”, and said I’ll have to “show the proof” in this place, and now it’s like this.


“So, will it come out today”

“I don’t know, I don’t want it to come out at the place today, though.”


Goras said with an embarrassed face.

It troubled the people at the actual site such an extent huh, that monster he was saying.


“Well it’s fine, tell me where it’s going to come out, I’ll search around.”


Let’s look at this.”


Goras spread a map on the table between us.

This is a map of the Trikala mine.


On that map, there are a number of crosses.


“It’s inclined to the east side of the mountain”

“I guess there’s a nest in that area, or something close to that place.”

“I see, understood, let’s try that area first.”

“Ah, Lord-sama.

Is one good”


As I stood up and tried to leave the room, Goras stopped me.


“What is it”

“Among the people who work in the mines, there are some who are particularly excited about the Lord-sama’s rumors.

May I let those guys be spectators”

“……Ah, that’s fine.”


With a little thinking, I agreed.

Rather, it’s a ship to cross*. (TN: meaning ‘godsend or life saver’)



There is a reason why I came to the Trikala mine, and offered to exterminate the Orikuto jr.

The reason is that, in front of the witnesses clearly, I want to fail at exterminating it.


Rumor has it that I’ve done it.

The only way to resolve that, is to act as a “Foolish lord who got on the rumors but doesn’t have the ability”.

Overwrite the rumors with failure.


Therefore, I’ll actually come, and fail to exterminate it.

In other words, the spectators ―― furthermore, the more people who are excited about the rumors and have expectations of “me”, the better.


I, taking the curious onlookers, decided to go on a losing battle.



At night, in the middle of the Trikala mine.

Under the full moon, with all the miners working in this mine, I went around looking for the point with sighting information of Orikuto jr.

They were not users of refining magic, but humans who dig ore and carry it out.


Therefore, everyone was quite rough, and the tension was high.


“No way, the Lord-sama is really here to dispatch it.”

“And here I think that we can’t see where he actually beat it.”

“I didn’t want it to come out today no matter what, but if this is the case, it should definitely appear.”


While going around the x points marked on the map, I listen to the stories of the excited guys.

I see It doesn’t mean that it comes out every day huh.


That’s troublesome.

It’s tiresome to come here every day, so on today’s patrol, I prayed in my heart that it would come out in one shot.


Perhaps my prayer got through, the monster appeared.



“I,it appeared this way”

“Scatter everyone!”


Who came forth, was the guys behind me.

Under the full moon, a large rock-like monster is about to attack the miners.


I pulled out my sword.

Rumor has it that I knock it down with a sword, so I need to imitate that, and carry on.


Pulling out my sword, I jump in and try to slash at Orikuto, but ――





One of the miners was taken off his feet by the unevenness of the ground, and fell down.

What’s more, his foot is stuck, and he can’t seem to get out.

Only a single person was completely late to escape.


And the Orikuto jr’s attack approaches him.

The distance is ―― too delicate.


If I fight to lose, it may drag into an extended time.




I plunged into it at a high speed.

With the longsword that I pulled out ―― a flash!


The monster is cut off with a feeling of response that it’s hard as expected.

That guy crumbled down with a rattle, and shook.




I’ve done it.

The miner was in danger, so I just defeated it when I tried to help him.



My plan went completely out of order.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.


…… No, let’s think positively.

As rumored.

It was originally rumored that I have defeated it, and that’s what really happened.

That’s the story all about.




“Incredible, as I thought, incredible”

“Defeating that guy in the full moon, I’m glad I actually saw it.”

“My thanks, my thanks”


There was a miner who worshiped me, too, and the story somehow got strange.

I feel that the eyes of the miners, and their look of respect are stronger than before we departed.

Crap…… I have a bad feeling.


I, ask the first guy closest to me.




“What does it mean in the full moon”

“That monster, its strength seems to change depending on the phases of the moon.”


“If it’s a full moon, it’ll be a serious end, and it will smash the entire construction camp block, so everyone here thought that they didn’t want this guy to come out in the full moon.”



By the way, they were always been saying that.

I don’t want it to appear, I don’t want it to come out only today.


I used to think of it in the sense of “don’t carelessly come out.”, but It seems that it meant “don’t come out only today”.

That’s, I’ve defeated it……


Looking at the miners, their gaze of respect grows stronger and stronger.


I may have overwritten the rumors with a stronger result……


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