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The Disciple Did it (Weep)

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr



“I would like to say to Head-sama.”


The audience room.

After a series of reports and permissions, while the vassals went out one after another, Mimis, who is the remaining one, cut that out with a straight face.


“Nn What’s that”

“I caught with my ear that there was a prostitute who the head often goes to.”

“Is it about Orthia”


Please restrain yourself from doing that.”


“It’s not a good reputation to hear that the Head is unmarried while complying with a prostitute.

If you really want to do it, first of all, after welcoming a legal wife ――”


Ah, the sermon-like thing began.

What Mimis was saying is a matter of course for aristocrats.

That’s right, but, now then, what to do.


Then, at the time I was thinking about how to treat it, and how to respond to lower my stock moderately.


“You’re being impolite to master!”


Beside me, from the corner of the room, Midea yelled at Mimis.

Throughout the time of my official duties, Midea who had been waiting like an escort in the corner of the room, approached Mimis steadily in a furious manner.


“Wha,what do you――”

“You are master’s subordinate! You think it’s okay to say that thing to master huh”

“I’m saying this considering Head-sama’s welfare”

“You’re saying it again!”


Furthermore, Midea, who snapped, feels that I have been insulted and is almost in a state of frenzy.

As expected, this is bad.




“Stop at that place”


“Mimis, too.

Retire already, and I know what you mean.”



Mimis bows and makes his way out of the audience.

Midea, who has already hoisted her longsword, tremblingly shake with her hands on it as it is.


Her anger with nowhere to go, came over this way.


“Master! Please give me permission to do so now! I’m going to tear him apart.”

“That’s disturbing, it was fine, you know”


“Hey Midea ……”


I called her name, and looked straight into her eyes.

So, while opening a “gap” and aiming to calm down her anger, I think about how to appease her.


No, it’s good to calm her down, but there is another problem.


She calls me master.

This before, I heard a story the other day, that I taught Midea when I was drunk.

It was a serious matter that I didn’t save because it was a guidance when I was drunk, and Midea got impressed saying “I have stepped into a new realm of ​​swordsmanship!”, and furthermore, she came to call me shishou(master).


That means there is one bad thing.

Midea is talented, definitely has the talent to surpass Sword Saint jii-san.

If she became strong and famous while calling me a master.


Simultaneously, I’ll become famous, and the idea that “Because he’s that Midea’s master, I’m sure he’s even more amazing” will spread to the world.

It’ll be unstoppable, or rather, Midea will be recognized someday.


The reason why she got mad with Mimis just now, is that the behavioral principle will be the same when she realized that her master’s name will rise as she herself will become well-known in the future.

That’s, I have to stop her from hereon.


I thought for a moment, and came up with a scenario.


During this time, it only took 0.1 seconds.


“……The words that a talented hawk hides its claws, don’t you know it”

“Eh I,I know of course.”

“In other words, it means that the more you conceal your claws, the more you hide your talent.

…… It’s also the same case as that Sword Saint who is usually devoted to just being an erojiji.”



No, it’s not indeed.

Midea believed at my words, though I strained it fairly well in the second half.


I wonder if it’s too simple, but …… let’s utilize it now.


“I’m also thinking of hiding my claws”

“What do you mean, Shishou”

“You, are my externally, 『Hermes’ Disciples』 weren’t you.”

“Eeehh! Such!”

“You may hide the name of the school or use an alias externally.”

“Ah, I can relate to that.

Grandpa also said that when he was young, he wielded a sword under a different name.”


I’m grateful that that Jii-san, had also done it.


“Ah, it’s the same.

Let’s think about the alias.

I guess ……”


I think a little.

Is there any good name for it.


If it’s beyond unrelated, Midea won’t be convinced, and if it’s too close, it will find its way to me.

It can be moderately related to me, but ordinary-like.


Suddenly, I remembered the cave of trials.


I took out the seven-star gold coin.

I brought the seven-star one.

It’s not the one star, it’s the easiest seven star, and it was to that extent nonetheless, it has a form like that.


I show it to Midea.


“This, is like a proof that I’m the head.

I’m the only one who has it on this ground.”


“Look this way, there are seven stars on the back.

That thing is nana(7) ―― It’ll be Nanas.”

“Nanas…… I understand master! When I call myself from now on, I will name myself a disciple of Nanas.”

“Yeah, that’s it”

“Nanas …… the name of master’s sword”


She rolled that name on her tongue, and made her eyes sparkle.

With that feeling, Midea was persuaded quite a bit.

That is okay.


However, what’s this.

It seemed that I have given a pen name rather than an alias, so it’s a little embarrassing.



A few days later.

After the days when not a thing happened in particular, I was sluggishly spending my time, and was still relaxing inside the mansion today.


“……Speaking of which”

“What’s wrong Hermes”


Besides me who was relaxing, nee-san who is caring for her proud hair, responded to my murmur.


“I haven’t seen Midea lately.”

“Ara, you don’t know”

“Eh What”

“That girl, seems to be challenging dojos and defeating them here and there lately.”

“Dojo ……defeat”


What’s that.

No, wait, I have a very bad feeling.


“At first I didn’t understand it well either.

She said, 『I’m going to make the name Nanas roar』.

What is Nanas By the way”



Make Nanas’ name …… roar.


“I’ve learned it recently.

Every time she smashes a dojo, it seems that she’s indicating that her master is a person named Nanas.

Thanks to that, not to mention Pindos, it appears that the name of Nanas has spread to the neighboring cities.”


“Nanas, the granddaughter of Sword Saint, became an apprentice of his, what if he’s a master who passes beyond Sword Saint There were rumors like that”

“You’ve overdone it, Mideaaaaaaaaaaa!”


It was such a case.


“It seems that it has developed from there, and recently, Nanas vs Sword Saint’s storytelling and drama have been made.

It was good, right, you became a celebrity”



Nee-san, who knows Midea very well, seems to have guessed that Nanas = me.


The pen name I give with a light feeling would be like this.

When Midea comes back, I need to have her stop calling me master.


As long as I stop her there, no matter how famous Nanas becomes, they won’t be able to connect it with me, so there should be no problem.


“Ah right”

“I,is there still something, nee-san”

“It’s not yet, but there’s a common opinion.”



Common opinion


“A smart person, or a person who can make her like that, is the one that can be associated with that alias to some extent.

The public knows that, so they want to guess the person from the alias.”


“If your identity is revealed in such a manner, you will receive more praise than usual, and your fame will skyrocket.”



What the hell.

At the very least, it should have been a name that had nothing to do with me!


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