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Got Drunk and Serious Guidance

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


In the garden of the mansion.

I’m in a situation where I can’t relax even though I am relaxing.


The cause is clear, at a distance from me, standing like a guard, I turn to the cause, Midea, who looks like a loyal dog.


“Looks like she got emotionally attached hee.”



Nee-san who came around said so happily.


“You’re thinking of it like its someone else’s”

“Isn’t that all right, favors that have ill will behind it, I don’t feel anything bad about her, you know”

“That is……”


It doesn’t feel bad in itself, you know


As nee-san said, Midea’s favor is a thing that’s not two-faced.


Rushing recklessly, impulsive and straightforward, simple-minded and rash.


I can think of various adjectives, but that’s the type of girl she is.


She likes it when she says she likes it, and she hates it when she says she hates it.

She doesn’t hide it and it’s refreshing to watch ―― if it’s only when I myself don’t get entangled with her.


“A’re, the same with nee-san.”

“With me”


Nee-san tilted her head, and turned her gaze down.

To nee-san’s own, plump breasts.



I heard the sound of the air freezing, and the expression of Midea, who was within a distance where our conversation could be heard, became that of a demon.


“Wrong, wrong, it’s not at that place.

What I mean is that you two think too highly of me.”

“What the, that’s what you meant hah.”


I glanced at Midea.

The demon retracts, and after putting her hand on her chest instantaneously, she shakes her trembling head and punch her cheeks! She slaps it in between her both hands and let out a yell.


I guess that reaction is also, well, has a favorable impression.


“Fuh, your nee-san said something strange, so I was sweating strangely and my throat is parched.”

“Ara, I’m sorry for that――”

“I’ll get a drink!”


Midea, without any time for me stop her, papyuun, rushed into the mansion like the wind.

And she came back immediately.


“Please have a drink, Master!”


Then, she offered out a clear water in the glass.


“Thank you――a’re”


After receiving it, I drink and gulp it repetitively.


“This, isn’t water”

“Yes! It’s the drink grandpa liked the most, which I brought from my house.”



Nee-san tilted her head.


“Yes!! Ojii-chan said, 『The odor of sake, woman and a little blood.

That’s how life’s balance of accounts all come together.

』that was it!”

“He carries a peculiar philosophy, hee, I wonder if that’s what it would be like to be a Sword Saint.”

“I’m not really sure about that, but if you were thirsty, then it’s sake! That what he said, so.

It’s the strongest I mean, I brought a delicious one.”

“Was it so”


“A’re What’s wrong, Hermes.”

“Master Your face is red and your eyes are intoxicated, you know”




In front of my eyes there were two people, nee-san and Midea.


“……Hick, Midea, stand there for a moment.”

“Yes …… right here”

“Draw out your sword and prepare it.”



“Eh ……Yes”


Midea swung her sword as she was told.


“Seriously, make it feel like there’s someone out there who you really want to slash.”



She was puzzled for a moment, but she immediately returned and enthusiastically repositioned her sword.

Focusing her mind―― she swung!


It’s a sharp slash, that’s far stronger than before.




I look at it, and think for a little.

I slowly go around to the back of Midea.



“Take a stance”



From behind the stance of Midea, I grabbed her breasts.


“Hyan! Ma-master, please not that place, and even if master touches it, it’s dull――”

“Take out your breasts further”

“There’s no more to take out!”


Midea’s voice was almost crying for some reason.

Is it so hard to get your chest out


“Since it’s good, take it out, also ――”




“Hiyain! Master, this time my ass”

“Retract your ass”


“This is not good, I have to lay out a futon ……” (TN: ……for what)


Nee-san goes into the mansion while saying something strange, but it doesn’t matter right now, so I ignore it.


This time, with my right hand to Midea’s breasts, I held her butt with my left hand.


“Take out your chest, retract your butt.”



Midea leaked a voice, she finally noticed, I guess.


I leave Midea.


“Hick, Swing it”



Midea swung her sword obediently.


The slash with a proper stance, left behind a sound.

If it is an amateur like nee-san, they won’t even notice that she swung her sword, and they would feel “For some reason, there was a strange sound.”.


“A,amazing! That was amazing just now!”

“A waste of stance was there.

Don’t forget that stance, remember it with your body every day from now on.”


“I grasped it by touching you ―― Hick”


Look at your hands, and remember its feel.


“You, have the talent to surpass that old man.

I guarantee it.”

“…………Yes! Thank you very much Master!”


Midea nodded happily. (TN: Make him drunk and he’ll get serious)



The next morning, I woke up on the bed.

For some reason, I am still in my yesterday’s clothes.




That things I recall yesterday.

Talking to nee-san in the garden, Midea said that she’ll get some water, and I drank that water……


I have no memory from there.

A’re Come to think of it, was it ……water


I can’t remember well, I can’t remember, but.


“*sniff sniff …… a smell of sake”


The smell of alcohol remained on my body.

I don’t remember drinking, but…… what does this mean


My memory is cut off, and it’s very vague.

Well whatever, it’s impossible to continuously think about the things I can’t remember.


Let’s get up for the time being, and take a bath.

I’ll think about the latter later.


I left the room thinking so, but I could see the garden from the window of the hallway.


There are two women in the garden.


Midea wielding a sword, and nee-san watching her.



I opened the window, and put my face out.


“You have become stronger, Midea.”


Then, I called out.


In response to my voice, Midea stopped her hand, and dashed fiercely.

After immediately jumping into the mansion, dotatata! She ran up the stairs and came over here.


“Good morning Master!”

“Oh, go,good morning”


While being pushed by her momentum, I continued with the story earlier for the time being.


“I saw it a while ago, but it looks like it was different from yesterday.”

“Yes! Thank you very much Master! I have practiced as master taught me.”



What does that mean What does she mean to practice what I’ve taught


I can’t understand the reason at all.


Midea reveres me like that.

She has been staring at me with more and more respect.


On the other hand, slowly entering the mansion, nee-san who came upstairs late, looked at me and Midea with warm eyes as if watching over us.




Did I, do something again


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