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Inside the living room of the mansion, I was reading a report that came up.

As I sank deeply into the sofa while reading, from behind.

“What are you reading so hard”

“Nee-san ha”

I lay down my neck and look behind.

In a beautiful dress, I saw my nee-san upside down.

“It’s a minor written report.”

“Let me see……”

Nee-san looks over my shoulder into the report.

“Midea Myukenae.

15 years old, birthplace ―― a girl’s background check”


I nod.

Midea Myukenae.

The granddaughter of that sword saint jii-san.

It’s the name of that girl who rushed into the mansion like a wild boar.

From the situation back then, she will definitely come again.

And it’ll be troublesome again.

I was so convinced of it that I had her investigated.

I need to know well my opponent.

“Hermes also decided to harden his body, hee.”

“Heh No, it’s not like that.”

Nee-san had misunderstood, so I decided to correct it.

“It’s not such a sexual attraction​ story.

Look, it’s the intruder who broke into the audience room the other day.”

“I see.

You had your heart stolen at that time.”

“It’s not such a fine story like the phantom thief!”

I deny it, but nee-san says, “I won’t tell everyone you know.”, and looked at me with warm eyes.

If I deny it any more, it’ll look like I took it seriously and she’ll rather like it, so I gave up and read the report.

“Ara, she’s the granddaughter of Sword Saint Perseus, isn’t she.”

“It seems to be so.

Let’s see…… among the 128 granddaughters that Sword Saint has, the most natural talent is ―― How many children have you made, that erojiji!”

“It’s possible that the Sword Saint son give birth to 128 lives.”

Nee-san calmly pointed out ―― but.

I’ve actually meet that Jijii, and I’ve also listened to the story from Midea.

“No, there’s no doubt that that Jii-san had made a pile of kids.”

I am convinced.

I continue reading.

“She has mastered all the teachings of the Sword Saint, and was the strongest in the direct descent.

Behind the scene, she is a follower of Sword Saint, and she undoubtedly believes in all of his teachings of the sword, hah”

Indeed, I think.

In that state of her, I thought that she was denying everything other than her grandfather’s sword.

The written investigation continues further.

She has a good relationship with her cousins, has given a name to her beloved sword, and loves sweet food.

I’m impressed that they’ve researched her carefully, but I’ve skimmed through all the unnecessary information in it.

“You’re going to skip over it.”

“Ah, I’m not really interested.”

“Is that so ―― Ara”

When I turned to the last page, nee-san who looked into it hides her mouth, and she laughed with grinning eyes.

“What’s wrong, nee-san”

“So, it was such a thing Hermes, that’s why, you skipped the middle.”


Is there something on the last page I turned over

At the last one in the end of the skip, I didn’t read the letters anymore, so I concentrated my consciousness again and read the contents of the report.

What was written there, was the preface to the special notes.

“Three sizes And still a virgin ―― “

“It’s important, isn’t it.

Oh my, she’s weak to tickling, but there was a rumor that her appearance is cute in enduring it desperately.

You have to tickle her.”


I threw the report out the window.

Nee-san was grinning.

The person in charge who investigated it, I will arrest him later.

“That’s alright, isn’t it.

You diligently investigated the woman in your mind.

Rather than suddenly welcoming her home without checking anything.”

“No no no no, that’s not really the case, nee-san.”

“But you did a lot of research on her.

The subordinates raised by Tou-sama’s* request still remained at the house.” (TN: The father here means their real father, and not the mc)

“It’s the old man’s fault!”

Information that doesn’t have great importance like that tickling endurance put up isn’t good, it can’t be like that without such a precedent.

The cause was our father, the head of the family before me.

I sighed, and tried to deny it properly.


A tremendous sound echoed in the hallway, and immediately after that, pan! Then the door was opened with enough force to hit the wall.

Who is it I thought and knitted my eyebrows.


It was that girl who rushed in ―― Midea.

She has teary eyes, and holds that report in her hand.

“What is this!”

“I have gathered it.

I mean, you were nearby.”

“Because that was such a lie!”

“Eh Ah, that’s right, the tickle ――”

“My boobs, aren’t so small!”

“It’s in that direction!”

I return a tsukkomi.

I look at the report in Midea’s hand across.

I didn’t care about it a while ago, and just skimmed it, but there is a number of 72 at the top of the three sizes.

Ah…… that was, yup, a numeric figure that can be a complex for some people.

“Don’t give me such pitiful eyessssss ――”

Midea became even more teary-eyed, almost crying and ran away.

We~ll, I guess I did something poor.

“Fufu, she’s a good girl, isn’t she.

           I can call that person my haha-sama(mother).”


I wondered what it was for a moment, but.

“Ah, I see, nee-san is my daughter now hah”

That setting ―― I recalled that exact setting for the kingdom and for the foreign purpose.

That’s fine.

“No no, it’s really different, nee-san.

That’s right, there’s a thing”


“This mansion, isn’t its security too loose for her to pass through”

About a minute after Midea left.

At last, I heard a voice from the inside of the mansion saying, “There’s an intruder”.

“Hey, Hermes-chan.”

Inside the brothel, Orthia, a familiar prostitute, looked out of the window and called out.

“What’s up”

“There is a child who looks at you with great eyes, though.”

“Great eyes”

“Yup, like ‘You saw my breast and you’re my parent’s enemy.”


Midea huh.

I mean, she was still wearing something.

“Hermes-chan …… you know”


Orthia scolded me all of a sudden.

“What is it”

“There are a lot of people who like Hermes-chan.

There were lovers and wives which is jealous, and that’s why you’re gonna be eaten right on the mark.”

“No no, we don’t have that kind of sexual relationship.”

“Is that right”

I nodded.

As a matter of fact, when I went out of the mansion, I noticed that they were glued on me all the way to here.

They were sticking to me from a distance, and were watching.

There was no particular harm, so I left it alone ―― or rather, pretended not to notice it.

It was a pretty clever follow, and I thought I if I noticed it, the misunderstanding would advance.

That’s why I left it alone…… Hmmm.

“I’m returning already for today.”

“You just came here, right”

“It’ll be a bother if I hang more than this, I’ll come again.”

“…… Is that so.

Yeah, come again, Hermes-chan “

Orthia leaned over, and kissed me on the cheek.

It’s a kind of kiss that tickles your heart, not something that directly shakes your sensuality.

It doesn’t feel unpleasant, I thought I’d come again.

When I left the brothel, and I went in the opposite direction to the place where Midea was, as inferred from Orthia’s line of sight inside the room.

I didn’t look for her signs, I won’t do such kind of mistake.

It was written in the report, that she had mastered all the teachings of Sword Saint.

If I want to find the sign for such a partner, she can tell that I have done it.

Do nothing.

It’s best not to do anything like that.

I tried to do nothing bearing that in mind, and paraded around the streets.

I didn’t even stick my neck in the fight between thugs.

I didn’t catch a dine and dash criminal.

When household goods are thrown out from a house one after another by a couple’s quarrel, I was saved since it was a rag that flew by jumping.

I resigned myself with it.

If a kitchen knife that was a few meters away came over here, then I had to do something.

And then, I continued to do nothing, went around the city, and returned to the mansion.


Midea was in front of the mansion.

I wonder if she waited ahead of time.

She was staring at me with a complicated face.

I didn’t look for any of her signs, so I don’t know if she was following me along the way.

Well, whether she was following me or not, I didn’t do anything today, so let’s be calm.

I who tried to go back to the mansion, was determinedly approached by her.

She has a complex expression ―― then a sudden change.

She pulled out her sword, and started to slash.

An incredible slash, after seeing her representation that she has mastered all of the Sword Saint, I came to think, that it was true.

At the same time, I thought I didn’t have to do anything.

She has no killing intent.

I don’t know what she’s trying to do with a sword that doesn’t have the intent to kill ―― No, that’s it!

She probably lost her patient.

I did not do anything, so I took out my hand against my will.

Fufu, I’m not going to take this hand if mine.

I can see that there is no bloodlust.

I didn’t do anything, I just stood still.

As I had read, Midea’s sword stopped in front of me.

“What is your intention”

“……Such, no, the thing is……”

The next time she looked up, her expression had changed completely.

Somehow, determined ―― No, she was convinced of something.

She has such expression.

“Make me your disciple!”

“…………………… Yes”

Suddenly, my head went blank.

“What are you talking about”

“Jii-chan said a long time ago.”


“The innermost secrets of the sword is not drawing it out.”

“Not drawing it out”

“I didn’t really understand that, but I now know that thing he was talking about, master!”

“You’re already calling me master!”

I mean, nono, eh ……

“That’s what true strength is, you don’t need to deal with me, let alone move!”


Maybe not.

I’ve heard of that from Sword Saint, and the exact interpretation is different from Midea’s.

However, I can’t say that.

It’ll be more and more of a quagmire here.

“Please! Make me your disciple! If it’s no good, a subordinate! If that’s not good, then you can use me as the person in charge of issuing the toilet paper!”

“I don’t hire any of them!”

“I,if you need boobs, I’ll do something about it!”

“That doesn’t have any relation!”

Nono it’s not, eh……



“Let me think about it!”

That’s what I said, and I ran into the mansion.

She’s a follower of the Sword Saint teachings.

That phrase came to my mind.

I dive into the mansion, lean back against the door, and sigh.

『The innermost secret of the sword is not drawing it』

I didn’t react because there was no killing intent …… and it backfired……


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