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The surrounding curious onlookers are noisy.

It wasn’t good to have knocked down the Sword Saint jii-san.


“Who the hell is he”

“If he was that strong, he must be a very famous fighter.”

When I picked up the noise from the spectators, it seems that my identity wasn’t revealed.

That’s true, it hasn’t been that long since I took over the Canoe family.

Before that, I was the fourth son who lived in a room, so it was natural that I was not known.

If so…… my deception will still work!

Let’s pretend to be a completely different person in here ―― at that time I thought so.


“Ple,please help me!!!”

The screams of a group and the noise of running away was heard.

Everyone, including me and the onlookers, suddenly turned towards the scream.

At the end of the main road, from the direction where the meteorite fell, a group of travelers fled in a desperate manner.

At the lead, the first, fastest-legged man arrives in front of the tea house.

“Escape quickly, you guys!”

He shouted.

I knitted my eyebrows, and asked the man back.

“What happened”

“It’s the meteorite! A monster came out of the meteorite!”

“What did you say”

I frown.

The noise in the surroundings increases.

The fast-legged man answers further.

“The monster said, 『I’m saved by you releasing me』.

We shouldn’t have broken that meteorite!”

Everyone on the spot ―― everyone except the fast-legged man who came later, gathered their gaze at the spreading jii-san.

The Jii-san called Sword Saint smashed the meteorite.

“It was a trap huh.”

“Kuh! The monster is dirty!”

“Let’s get away other than that!”

It was a different quality from time ago, but a bigger panic.

The travelers have fled from the end of the road one after another.

At the same time, I saw the monster fella.

About twice the size of a human.

Its form is rather smooth, and like a shadow that has risen from the ground, it has such a feeling from its look.

It’s slowly chasing the travelers away.

I occasionally get out and meddle, so I can understand that it’s enjoying itself while raising a yell.

“If it gets serious, it could kill everyone here.”

I can understand its ability at a glance, it’s a monster of considerable strength.

As expected, I can’t leave it alone.

I pulled out the old man’s sword cane, and waited for the monster.

While it’s getting closer, let’s measure its strength seriously further.

Strong, but can be defeated.

However, it’ll be bad if I beat it down quickly.

When it was at the time of the old man, I couldn’t adjust it, but this time I’ll do it perfectly.

Make an allowance, prevent it, and produce a decent hard fight.

In the meantime, the travelers had run away one after another, so let’s defeat it when number of witnesses decreases.

All right, let’s go with this.

A group of travelers who had been urging forward overtook me.

Other travelers who were originally in the tea house are also fleeing one after another.

All that remains are those who are late to escape, and the lying jii-san.

In terms of the number of people, it’s about 10% of the total, alright, if this is the case.

I hit its body that looks like a shadow, and a metallic sound resounds as expected.

“What the, you are”

“I’m sorry, but I’m passing through”

“Haha! A human is trying to look cool!”

I cross swords with the monster.

When I pushed it back and distanced myself, I was shot with magic.

A wave of darkness ―― a hazy black thing that felt like it came flying.

As I glance at the surroundings, there are still a lot of people.

I raise the sword cane, and receive it on purpose.

I have a guard so it won’t hurt ―― acting so, I got on one knee.

“Haha, die human”

The monster has pursued me.

Directing at the last minute, I avoid the sharp shadow slash attack with a single piece of skin, and I roll on the ground and take a distance.

“Did you avoid it, or you’re just lucky”

The monster laughed half admiringly, and half enjoyingly.

Alright, my acting got through.

I conduct myself in such manner, but the number of curious onlookers around me did not decrease.

Those who remained have decreased to 10%, but it did not reduce any more.

Since I’m fighting, I wonder if they’re spectating.

There was no sign of any further decrease.

It can’t be helped, there are somewhat a few witnesses, but …… let’s defeat it.

Image…… Image.

After this, I won’t let my true ability be exposed, be flattered and it becoming a troublesome thing.

I had the image of beating it down at the last moment.

“Die this time!”


The monster shadow has stretched.

I dodge it with a single piece of skin, and I deliberately let it scratch me on the cheek for the acting production.

While evading like that, I slipped into its bosom ―― a flash.

I adjusted it appropriately.

A blow to its whole body at the last minute ―― the slash that I directed that way splits the monster into two.

The shadow is divided into two, and falls to the ground fluttering.


“He defeated the monster”

Cheers rose up, as they peek on the situation.

The number of people is small, and here I am producing a difficult fight appropriately.

With this, I will not be flattered more than necessary.

In addition ―― I look beyond the main road.

Since the monster was only enjoying itself, it was also good that there was little damage.

A monster that hasn’t cause much damage, was just barely beaten by me.

If this ――

“The,the monster!”


I was caught off guard by my negligence the moment I thought that it was over.

The monster that was cut in half jumped up from the ground with both shadows, and flew with tremendous momentum.

Perhaps I was going easy too much, or that it had to be a little more powerful ―― When I thought so, the monster changed its trajectory of its flight on the way.

I bent at a right angle in front of me, and fell down.

What is it planning ―― the moment I thought so, the old man who was still fainted at my feet for a long time jumped up like a rubber ball.

The shadow has possessed him, and altered.

The Jii-san took a distance from me, and I kept a little distance in the direction in which the monster came.

Looking closely――

“You possessed him huh”

“You caught me off guard, human.

But now, you have no chance with this!”

The black shadow who possessed the jii-san, uttered words using his mouth.

The next moment, the skinny jii-san’s body swelled up.

In an instant, it transformed into a muscular man, who was twice as much as a normal person.

Its power is rising, and possessing a human have made it stronger.


“Its power…… have come loose.”

Weak voices were leaking from here and there.

When I looked at it, the remaining curious onlookers fell to their knees on the ground one after another, collapsing.

There is a black haze around them.

I guess they were hit by the monster.

“It’s no good anymore …… it was strong to that extent …… And to possess Sword Saint-sama……”

One of the spectators said so, and his consciousness let go.

The other spectators also collapsed one after another.

They fell down one after another, and eventually the last one.

“Escape ―― help ――”

He called out to me.

I wonder what he wanted to say, he passed out when he was exposed with the monster without saying it to the end.

It would be bad if they were exposed to it for a long time, but it doesn’t look like something will happen soon.

Then, it’ll be fine.

Besides, it was also helpful that everyone fainted.

It means that there’ll be no witnesses.

I turned to the monster.

“Kukuku, it’s good, this body.

I thought it was just an old geezer​ and decided that it’s disposable, but I can use this for a while.”

The monster was saying such a thing.

Jii-san ―― it was true that he was the Sword saint hah.

“Now then, in the concept of human beings.

I’m much stronger now, than I was earlier.”

“Ah, I know.”

I can see its power jumping up.

Everyone in this place ―― on the contrary, it has become so powerful that it’s not impossible for it to kill all the residents of Pindos if it rushes in.


“No problem”

“What was that”

It’s strong, but it’s still at “this degree” of level.

I prepared the sword cane, and turned to the tip towards it.

“A bluff hah.

You had such a hard time with me earlier.”

“No, it’s alright.”


I swing out the sword cane.

The slash slipped through the Jii-san’s body, cutting only the monster’s real body.

“You’re likely pretending to be tough ―― eh”

The monster was shocked.

The moment it realized it, it was already slashed.

“Because I still, haven’t taken it seriously.”

From this earth, it disappeared completely.


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This story is the end of first arc.

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