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Chapter 1



The most populous and prosperous city managed by the noble family of Baron Kano.

A mansion that can be said to be the headquarters of Kano, a symbol of pride for the family, was built quite grandly.

Likewise with the room where I am now, though not as grand as the royal palace’s living room.

On the opposite side of me, sat dozens of men on the chairs.

They are all members of the Vassal Group who work for the Kano family.

Among them was the figure of Mimis.

Everyone, including Mimis, with complicated expression in their face stared at me.

“Ah, as you all know, from today, I will be the head of this family.

Hello everyone.”

When I tried to make an opening greeting in a lazy tone, the vassals were in an uproar in a truly unhappy voice and facial expression.

“Stop doing such greetings, father.

Appearing and coming forward to participate in the conversation amidst the commotion was Sora.

Some time ago, she was my big sister, and now she was a woman who has a unique relationship with me called the adopted daughter with her father as me.

“Please stop that strange call, Sis.”

“You were indeed my brother but now you are my father, isn’t that the exact call”

“Even so, don’t be too attached.

Just call me as usual.”

“Fine, from now on I will call you Hermes.” She said while nodding and pulled herself close to the wall.

“Sis, don’t you want to say anything ”

“I am Hermes’s daughter, I am not in a position to speak here.


Isn’t this called cheating It’s cheating, right

“Let me humbly replace her.” Said Mimis.

So you who have always been silent can not help but raise voice after listening to sis’s answer … no, with this anxiety it is not possible he will be silent.

Mimis stepped forward and said with a challenging look.

“The Head of the Family has tasks that must be carried out immediately.

“Huh … What task is that ”

“Right now our House has debt.

“Debt How many”

“About 50,000 gold coins.

“….How come it’s got that much ”

I frowned to think.

If I’m not mistaken, the 50,000 gold coins is an amount that exceeds the annual income flowing in from the Kano’s territory, right

“Do you know the Trikala mine ”²

“Yes, I know.

Isn’t that the Trikala steel mining area which is said to be a metal that has very high rust resistance Our House has one of the finished goods, well if I’m not mistaken it’s called Magic Mallet.

“The Trikala Vein Mine has been around for several years.

The head of the previous generation’s family, Miros-sama, said that the deposits we have are still inadequate and he will continue to carry out further development plans in mining this ore by borrowing funds from merchants.”

“What is the purpose of debt only for that ”

“The merchants came to me and told me to pay it off immediately.

They say that Miros-sama often avoids debt bills.


So my brother, Miros did that kind of thing

“So” I said.


So you even don’t know that It was clear in his eyes that his gaze was getting down on me.

Finally, his tone of voice that had been polite now turned into annoyance.

“With this we will not manage the Trikala mine again before the head of the family negotiates with the merchants, sorry for being rude.

Sorry, you say What you said was more like intimidating.

At a time like this situation it’s good to think calmly, okay

I then turned my gaze to my sister.

Right now, she is my adopted daughter – the girl who should be my own sister.

Although our relationship is adopted father and his daughter, each of us has a direct blood relationship from the Kano Family.

Then I turned my gaze to the Vassals.

If I gave them instructions well, would they still rebel against me by trying to depose me and leave the family leadership to my sister

Abdicated the parent and appointing his child is a classic event in the struggle for the throne, I suppose.

Well … Why don’t I just become a tyrant then

“Why me! It should be you!”


“It’s order!”

“Let me tell you, the pressure of the merchants is enormous.

This is a problem that only the head of the family can solve.

“So you don’t want to do it ”

“I think this role is too much for me besides being the head of the family.”

“Then you are fired.


Mimis looked at me confused and the other vassals were in an uproar again.

“You are incompetent and fired because you can’t do anything but leave everything to the head of the family.

“W-wait, please whatever except that.”

“Hmm So, are you saying that head of family can’t dismiss one of his vassals ”

“I–I didn’t say that.”

As a result of the Mimis’s panic look, I looked around, and ended at my sister.

My sister took a short breath before stepping forward.


“Yes, Sis”

“Mimis has been serving the Kano family for years.

Isn’t firing him suddenly too much”


I pretended to be worried.

It’s good that my sister will join in this conversation.

It is unreasonable to fire him, which is also a favorable situation for me where Mimis feels indebted to my sister.

“All right, you will be put under house arrest.

Stay here for about a week while reflecting on your sins.


Mimis looked still unsatisfied, but my sister nodded slightly.

“I thank you for your wisdom.”

Mimis said to me who wanted to get out of the room.

Good, he directed his frustration at me, even the vassals did not leave feeling happy to me.

I will do the same thing again.

I will play as a dictator, get hatred from the vassals, in other hand they will flatter to my sister.

I looked around to think of what else I could use to get their hatred more.

Then, I saw something piled up across the room near the entrance.

“What is that”

“That’s ore obtained from the Trikala mine.”

My sister answered.

I see, you brought it to me as material to encourage me.

Alright, I think I can use it.

I got up from the chair and headed for the pile of ore.

I had just done something like a tyrant before, so the vassals looked alert and stepped out of the way.

I finally arrived in front of a pile of ore and picked up one of them.

“… Is he stupid”

I accidentally heard a voice.

Voice of astonishment and hatred.

Then, I took another ore.

“He really is stupid after all.

The same curse sound came again.

“What’s the matter, Hermes”

My sister approached me and asked.

I turned and looked at the vassals who were behind my sister.

The Vassals are in alert mode, moving away and forming a circle around, watching what I will do next.

“Are you all stupid”

I returned those words to them back.

“What’s wrong with your attitude, Hermes What are you talking about You are becoming more emotional than before.”

“Here, look at this.”

I put ore between my palms and crushed it.

Of course, I’m not using my physical strength, but magic.

The broken pieces of rock were destroyed, and metal that didn’t even turn into iron fell from my palm.

After a few moments, I opened my palm.

At that moment…

“Is that… Silver ”

“Yes, this is silver.”

“Silver inside this ore ”

“The amount is quite a lot.”

The vassals are shocked.

“All this time you’ve been producing it just to try to make Trilaka steel, right And you don’t even realize that there is a lot of silver in it.

All of you are really incompetent.


My sister took one ore and studied it briefly before returning it to the pile.

“Even after seeing it I don’t know at all..” She said.

Then, without further ado, I ordered all members of the vassal group.

“Check if there is silver in the ore more out there.”

“““W-we understand.”””

All members who were ordered, came out in a hurry.

Instantly, the room became quiet only leaving me and my sister here.

“As expected, right

“About what”

“It’s amazing, seeing there is a lot of silver in a flash.”


Haah, I did it.

I was upset because they were too incompetent, before I realized it I found myself had did it.

“After all, my eyes did not misjudge.

I always thought that Hermes would be amazing if he was serious.

“I-I didn’t do anything serious at all.”

I panicked a bit and said something like that.

I’m not serious at all, this is my style.

“Yes, I understand.” She said with a smile.

My sister’s smile made me fall deep so badly even more.


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