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Harden was a little displeased that he did not receive a satisfactory answer.

However, he had something that others could use against him, so he had no choice but to lower his head.

“Alright, alright.

Take care, Mr.

Mo Long and Miss Jiang Yu.” Harden nodded and bowed.

Mo Long only said, “This is an agreement between us, so I will definitely do what I promised you.

However, if you continue to refuse to hold back, then I can not guarantee that these things will be revealed to the world at any time.”

Hadden was shocked and quickly tightened his beer belly.

“I know, I know, Mr.

Mo Long!”

Jiang Yu was surprised, but she did not ask further and left with Mo Long.

On the way back, Jiang Yu asked, “What did you and Harden agree on”

Mo Long did not intend to hide it from her, so he told Jiang Yu everything.

“Although I know you have something on Harden, I didnt expect it to be this,” Jiang Yu said, “Thats good too.

With this as a threat, he wont dare to do such things in the future.

But, is it really okay not to report it to his leader”

“This is a promise.

Since I promised him, I must do it.

Moreover, we are not locals.

Even if I have more evidence than this, his uppermight not meet me.

Its better to use this matter as a favor.

Moreover, this matter has never been forgotten.

Its only a matter of time before its exposed by the local media.”

“Thats good too.” Jiang Yu nodded.

Since that was the case, then there was no need to do the thankless task.

“Mm,” Mo Long replied softly.

“Then should we return to the set or the hospital”

Jiang Yu thought for a moment and was about to say “Return to the set” when she received a call from Hebin.

“Jiang Yu, hows the matter going”

“Its all settled.

Anna will also be sent back to her country.” Jiang Yu told Hebin the outcome of the case.

“Thats good.” Hebin let out a long sigh as if he was also feeling sorry for the matter.

“Something happened to Anna, and the third female lead will have to be re-selected again.

Time is tight, so we can only choose a relatively suitable person through the auditions.

“So, Ill be busy with the auditions for the next few days.

You, Tan Wei, and Leanne, get along well.

Dont get into any conflicts.

Ill Have Jin Lan watch over you.”

“Got it, director,” Jiang Yu replied.

Getting along well with Tan Wei was fine, but as for Leanne… It was better to forget about it.

Jiang Yu changed her plan and returned to the hospital with Mo Long.

“Speaking of which, Anna was really miserable.

Regardless of whether she was working for Leanne or not, in the end, she was still unable to pull the insider, Leanne, down.” Jiang Yu shook her head, “Leanne was able to escape from this matter safely because she had the guts to think, but she didnt have the guts to do it.

She used her identity to suppress Anna and let her do whatever she wanted.

“However, after the incident was exposed, only Anna was punished.

Leanne acted as if nothing had happened.”

“Most people in the entertainment industry are like this.

Profit comes first,” Mo Long said softly.

“I hope she doesnt dream about Anna when she sleeps at night.”

After resting in the hospital for a few days, Jiang Yus ankle had already recovered.

Even the doctor could not help but exclaim, “Youve recovered so well! Ill give you a full check-up and youll be discharged soon.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Jiang Yu thanked him politely.

After the full check-up, the doctor said, “Shes already recovered and can go through the discharge procedures.”

Mo Long was still a little worried.

“Dont you need to rest and recuperate again”

The doctor said unhappily, “Are you a doctor or am I a doctor If I say that shes fine, then shes fine.”

Even a CEO like Mo Long, who could control the skies with one hand, did not dare to talk back to Jiang Yus attending physician.

He could only follow the nurse to go through the discharge procedures and bring Jiang Yu back to the studio.

Jiang Yu originally intended to go to the set, but before she left, the doctor told her to go home and rest for a night before going to work.

Hence, Mo Long brought Jiang Yu back to the studio without any explanation.

“I already said that Im fine, so youre making a fuss over nothing,” Jiang Yu said unhappily.

“I didnt manage to go today, so Ill have to delay another day of filming.”

Mo Long did not go along with her wishes this time.

“The Doctor has already told you to rest well before going to work.

You dont want to get injured again right after youve just recovered, right”

“Its not as serious as you say.” Jiang Yu curled her lips.

“I can jump and jump again a few days ago…”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the studio was pushed open.

It was Leanne who came in, followed by a bald, greasy man.

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