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“If you believe it, then believe it.

Why are you shaking” Chang Kai looked at Ah Xiangs shaking legs.

He did not know why he was so afraid when he heard the name “Mo Long.”.

“Mo Long… isnt he very scary” Ah Xiang asked this question in a trembling voice, like a child asking an adult, “Is spider very scary”.

Everyone present looked at each other in dismay, not knowing why Ah Xiang would ask this question.

Even Teng Yi was a little unable to react.

He began to think in his mind about how scary his CEO was.

In the end, Jiang Yu was the first to react.

She put on an expression that said she wanted to eat someone, “What do you think Go out and ask anyone.

See if they will be afraid when they hear the nameMo Long I advise you not to provoke him.

Otherwise, you wont even have the time to say your last words!”

Jiang Yus expression and tone successfully frightened Ah Xiang.

He was already trembling all over, and in his mind, he seemed to already have the image of his body being exposed in the wilderness.

Jiang Yu still intended to scare him, but before she could speak, Ah Xiang cried and knelt on the ground, “Wait! Ill speak, Ill tell you everything!”

He cried until his nose was snot, and his tears were a little disgusting.


“Ill tell you everything I know.

Please, dont let me fall into the hands of Mo Long!” Ah Xiang cried as if he was extremely afraid of the Mo Long.

“Then tell me everything you know.” Chang Kai took out a pen and paper and prepared to record Ah Xiangs confession.

Ah Xiang wiped his tears.

He started from how he posted his information on the website and how Li Yue found him.

Li Lu had even called him, she had asked him to hit Jiang Yu with his car.

Ah Xiang looked at Jiang Yu carefully, he said softly, “She didnt ask me to hit you to death, but she said it was best that way.

If someone was by your side to protect you, she would just send you into the hospital.”

“Oh my God!” Sister Xia was frightened by Li Lus vicious heart.

“How could Li Lu be like this! No, its not just Li Lu.

Li Yue has changed too.

What happened to the two sisters”

“Li Lu has always been like this,” Jiang Yu said.

“But… she shouldnt have such thoughts of harming others.” Sister Xia still found it hard to believe.

“Dont forget about Xiaoxia from before,” Jiang Yu reminded.

Only then did Sister Xia remember that a long time ago, Li Lu had bribed a person and drove his car fiercely towards Xiaoxia.

Why were the Li sisters each more ruthless than the other

“Is that all Is that all” Chang Kai stopped recording.

“Im not only asking about Li Yue, but also the gang behind you.”

“This…” Ah Xiang hesitated.

“In our line of work, there are rules.

If youre caught by the police, you cant tell the police about your brothers.”

“Then you can betray Li Yue” Chang Kai asked.

“How is that called betraying” Ah Xiang was anxious.

He glanced at Jiang Yu and lowered his head, he said submissively, “Didnt she say so If I were to go to jail, Li Yue would not rescue me.

She was the one who broke her promise.

How can you blame me for telling her everything This is calledtit for tat.

If she is unkind, dont blame me for being unrighteous.”

“You are quite sensible.” Chang Kai smiled.

“But when you are in prison, your brothers wont come to save you.”

“But we are still friends.

I was sentenced to six years in prison.

When I got out, my brothers even gave me a homecoming party.” Ah Xiang said, “I can forgot anyone but not forget my brothers.

I cant betray my brothers even if I betray everyone else.”

“You are quite loyal, but do you know that what you have done is illegal” Chang Kai asked.

Ah Xiang did not speak.

After a long time, two words slowly came out of his mouth, “I know.”

“Are you going to let them continue to be so wrong!” Chang Kais voice suddenly rose, “Do you know how many people have been harmed by what you have done !”

“We, we… We also have to eat,” Ah Xiang mumbled.

“There are so many ways to eat, and you have to use this method!” Chang Lai slammed the table, “Quickly tell me everything you know! Otherwise, I cant guarantee what kind of treatment you will receive!”

As he said that, he looked at Jiang Yu meaningfully.

Although Ah Xiang was worried that he would fall into Mo Longs hands, no matter how afraid he was, he didnt want to be the person who betrayed his brothers.

Therefore, he gritted his teeth.

“I wont tell!”


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