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Sister Xia quickly finished the discharge procedures for Jiang Yu, returned to the ward, and left with Mo Long with Jiang Yu.

Mo Long had come here on a private plane, so he returned to Shanghai very quickly.

Once he got off the plane, Sister Xia was still nagging non-stop, “No, no, Im still worried that if I stay in that place, Ill be possessed with something dirty.

Jiang Yu, after we return to the studio, Ill go and see if there are any masters who can do something to help us remove the baleful aura from our bodies.”


Jiang Yu didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“If its something like that, perhaps Yang Fen will”

Sister Xia knew that Yang Fen had been thrown into prison by Mo Long, and even now, she was still hoping that she would quickly disappear from this world.

If she was asked to help with the method, then it would be hard to tell if it was to remove the baleful aura or to add more baleful aura.

“Her That wont do.

Back then, all she did was harm people.

How could she save people If she was asked to do the method, Im afraid she would be adding more baleful aura to us!”

Jiang Yu found it funny, but she didnt stop Sister Xia from looking for a master.

She turned to look at Mo Long and asked, “Is there busy work at the company”

Mo Long replied in a low voice, “There are only two things.

I wont have any work after Im done.”

“Alright, then you should go home early,” Jiang Yu said.

“Sister Xia and I will go to see the master.

Well go back to look for you after were done.”

At this moment, Mo Long didnt want Jiang Yu to leave his sight, he said, “You and Sister Xia go first.

Send me the location when you arrive at the place.

Ill pick you up after Im done with work.

I wont let you leave my sight again.”

Jiang Yu knew that Mo Long had been frightened by her accident and had reacted in a nervous manner.

Therefore, she agreed with him and said, “Alright, I got it.”

Mo Long then rushed back to the company to deal with some matters.

After he finished his work within half an hour, he immediately drove to Jiang Yus current location.

No matter where Jiang Yu went, he had to accompany her every step of the way.

However, Jiang Yu didnt find it annoying, so she let him accompany her.

It was just that Sister Xia had suffered a lot.

Not only did she have to be on tenterhooks about evil spirits, but she also had to watch Jiang Yu and Mo Long display their love for each other.

She was truly speechless.

At two oclock in the afternoon the next day, news came from Chang Kais side — they had successfully captured Ah Xiang.

But it wasnt them who had captured him.

It was another group of men in black who had captured him.

Sister Xia didnt react.

“What do you mean”

Chang Kai explained, “There was someone called Teng Yi who led a group of men in black and captured Ah Xiang.

Not only him, there were also a few of his accomplices on the ship.

That guy called Teng Yi had captured them all.”

“Teng Yi…” Sister Xia repeated this name several times before she realized that he was Mo Longs subordinate.

“Youre saying that Mo Long was the one who captured these people”

Chang Kai knew about Mo Long, but he did not know about Teng Yi, so he did not know that Teng Yi was Mo Longs subordinate.

“Its not Mo Long, its Teng Yi…” Before Chang Kai could finish his sentence, Sister Xia interrupted him.

“Let me ask you, where are you now”

“In the interrogation room of the police station,” Chang Kai replied.

“Wait, Ill be there right away.” Sister Xia hung up the phone and quickly put on her clothes.

Then, she called Jiang Yu and told her to hurry to the police station.

Although Jiang Yu didnt know why Sister Xia had called her to the police station, she sounded like she was in a hurry, so she didnt ask further.

After putting on her clothes, she took a taxi to the police station.

As soon as Jiang Yu arrived at the police station, Sister Xia ran out of the house and grabbed her.

“Jiang Yu, youre finally here! Ive been waiting for you here for a long time!”

“Waiting for me for what” Jiang Yu didnt understand.

“I went in to take a look just now.

That Ah Xiang doesnt look like a good person! He kept making a fuss, asking us to produce evidence.

But when the police brought out the evidence, he refused to admit it and said that we framed him.”

“Hes so arrogant” Jiang Yu also admired Ah Xiang very much.

He had already been caught by the police and the evidence was thrown on his face, yet he was still so confident and refused to admit what he had done

“Of course hes arrogant! He kept saying that his backer was Li Yue and asked the police to release him immediately!” Sister Xia said.

“His backer isnt just Li Yue, right” Jiang Yu sneered and followed Sister Xia into the interrogation room.

Ah Xiang was sprawled on his chair.

He was stunned when he saw Jiang Yu enter the room from the corner of his eye.

He had seen Jiang Yus photo from someone called Li Lu.

She had even asked him to kill this person called Jiang Yu with his car.

However, he had failed that time, so Jiang Yu was still alive.

He had not expected to meet her here today.


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