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Jiang Yu was stunned the moment she saw Mo Long.

She didnt know why he was here.

“You… Why are you here” Jiang Yu looked at Mo Long and asked in surprise.

Mo Long was silent for a while before he said in a low voice, “I know about the Special Squad, so I found their captain.

He told me that you were here.”

Hearing Mo Longs words, Jiang Yu knew that he must have asked Teng Yi to investigate.

“Im fine.

Dont worry about me,” Jiang Yu comforted Mo Long.

“Look, Im fine, right”

“Its good that youre fine.” Mo Long only said this simple sentence before he stopped talking.

He just sat quietly by Jiang Yus bedside and didnt say a word.

This made the already stifling atmosphere even more stifling.

After a long while, Jiang Yu asked softly, “Why arent you saying anything”

Mo Long shook his head.

“Im going out to smoke.”

Jiang Yu knew that he was in a bad mood and needed a cigarette to relieve it.

Hence, she did not stop him and let him out.

“Mo Long is a little scary today.” Sister Xia patted her chest when Mo Long left the ward.

Mo Long left the ward and walked to the end of the corridor.

He stood in front of the window.

Teng Yi stood behind him and lit a cigarette for him.

“Huff.” Mo Long took a deep breath of the cigarette and slowly exhaled.

“Go and capture those villagers who escaped, as well as that person called Ah Xiang and the people behind him.

Capture them all, not a single one less.”

Teng Yi hesitated for a moment before saying, “President Mo, the police station has already sent out a special squad…”

Mo Longs eyes turned cold, he said coldly, “So what if its a special squad So what if its the police station If they really had the ability, why would they let Yuer run to such a place alone and even get injured A bunch of trash.

Do I still have to rely on them to capture people”


Teng Yi knew that Mo Long was really angry this time.

Hence, he tactfully stopped talking and turned around to arrange the mission.

Mo Long stood by the window and finished smoking a whole cigarette.

He stood there for a while to disperse the smoke on his body before he turned around and returned to Jiang Yus ward.

This time, his footsteps were not as heavy as before.

Instead, they were much lighter.

Therefore, Jiang Yu guessed that Mo Long had gone out alone to sulk.

He had only returned after his anger had subsided.

When Mo Long sat beside her, Jiang Yu said, “Im sorry.

It was my fault.

I shouldnt have hidden it from you and secretly ran here with Sister Xia.”

Mo Long pulled Jiang Yu into his embrace and rested his chin on her forehead.

“Yu-er, promise me that youll tell me if you encounter such a thing in the future, Okay”

“Yes, there wont be a next time,” Jiang Yu said softly, “Dont be angry.

Dont Let Teng Yi interfere in this matter.

Theres a huge force behind Ah Xiang.

If you let Teng Yi investigate, itll be very easy for you to get involved.”

Mo Long paused and said, “I have already arranged for Tengyi to investigate.”

“What” Jiang Yu was shocked and crawled out from Mo Longs embrace, “The police have already sent a special team to investigate.

We dont need to worry anymore! Quickly call Tengyi back.

Otherwise, if we arent careful, Tengyi will be in trouble!”

“Yuer, dont worry.” Mo Long lovingly tidied up the broken hair beside Jiang Yus ear.

“You have to believe in Tengyi and you have to believe in me.”

“I…” Jiang Yu wanted to say something but hesitated.

After a long while, she said, “But Im really worried about you two.”

“Dont worry.

Take good care of yourself.” Mo Long pulled Jiang Yu into his embrace once again and kissed her forehead and cheek intimately.

Sister Xia, who was watching from the side, had goosebumps all over the floor.

Finally, when Mo Long was about to kiss Jiang Yus lips, she coughed twice and said, “Ahem, ahem, there are more people in the ward than just the two of you.”

Jiang Yu paused for a moment, her face instantly turning as shy as a ripe tomato.

“Lets go back first,” Sister Xia suggested, “This place doesnt look like a good place.

Its eerie and doesnt have the antique smell of Jiangnan at all.

Instead, it looks more like a graveyard.”

At the mention of this, Sister Xia couldnt help but shiver in fear.

However, Mo Long confirmed her thoughts.

“This place used to be a mass grave.

No one would dare to live here.”

“What!” Sister Xia was shocked.

She quickly packed up Jiang Yu and her things and planned to leave this place immediately.

“Jiang Yu, Ill get you discharged immediately.

Dont stay in this place anymore.

Its too scary!”


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