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Ye Zhi stepped onto the stage very carefully and every step taken was steady.


Ye Zhi began to show the jewellery as Gu Ren sat under the stage.

He leaned forward, slightly lowered his shoulders and put his elbows on his knees.


Gu Ren’s chin was slightly tucked and his gaze was directed at Ye Zhi at every given moment, observing her actions with his hooded eyes.


What Ye Zhi wanted to show was a ring, one that was worn on her finger.

Ye Zhi’s fingers were fair and slender as they were paired with slightly curved fingertips, showing a very unique and commanding temperament.


At this moment, Ye Zhi’s feet stumbled and her body leaned towards one side.

However, she quickly stood up straight, getting off unscathed but shocked.


The moment Gu Ren saw Ye Zhi’s tilted body, a deep surge of worry flashed across his eyes.

He didn’t even think about it as he merely stood up and walked towards the stage.


The fans saw Gu Ren’s actions and there were a few exclamations from the audience.


Gu Ren looked straight at Ye Zhi.

When he saw that she hadn’t fallen, his heart calmed down a little.


Gu Ren went to Ye Zhi and said solemnly, “Are you injured”


Ye Zhi shook her head.


Gu Ren lowered his eyes and glanced at the high heels on Ye Zhi’s feet, his eyes darkening.


In the next second, Gu Ren raised his slender hand and angled it behind Ye Zhi, carefully supporting her elbow.

As long as Ye Zhi were to move back by a few degrees, she would inevitably feel Gu Ren’s frame supporting her from the back.


No matter what, Gu Ren would firmly protect Ye Zhi.


Ye Zhi was completely stunned.

She blushed and asked softly, “What are you doing”


Gu Ren lowered his eyes to look at Ye Zhi and he sighed very lightly.

His words were spoken in an unrushed manner, the tone low, “Even if you chase me away, I will not go down.”


Ye Zhi knew of Gu Ren’s worries, but she didn’t speak.


When the fans under the stage saw this scene, the audience instantly burst into screams.

“Ahhhh! Gu God is too protective of his wife— as soon as he saw that Ye Zhi was about to fall, he immediately rushed to the stage!”


This was simply the biggest blessing of the day.

The fans were so excited that they looked at the stage with beaming smiles.


Under Ye Zhi’s persistence, Gu Ren let go of her hand, but he did not leave.

He still stood beside Ye Zhi, paying attention to her movements at all times.


After Ye Zhi presented her jewellery, Gu Ren supported her again as she walked down.


There was another wave of screams from the audience.

This time, the fans’ reaction was even stronger as they looked at Gu Ren and Ye Zhi with excitement gleaming in their eyes.


They were very satisfied with Gu God and Ye Zhi showing their affection without any scruples and they couldn’t wait for such a scene to be repeated hundreds of times!


After the photos of Chaumet Paris’s activities were posted on the Internet, they were retweeted by netizens.


After the event, Gu Ren followed Ye Zhi backstage and immediately asked her to change into some flat shoes.


When the two went out, the fans that were outside took a video of Gu Ren helping Ye Zhi into the car.


Gu Ren then often appeared at Ye Zhi’s workplace to pick her up.


Gu Ren was also overly concerned about Ye Zhi more than once, twice… Netizens gradually discovered that something was amiss.


For female stars, high heels were a must for every occasion.

Ye Zhi not only reduced the number of events she attended, but she also wore flat shoes to attend them many times.


In the recent photos of the Stubborn Couple, Gu Ren had been paying attention to Ye Zhi.

Judging from his movements, he seemed to be carefully protecting her stomach.


They made a bold guess— could it be that Ye Zhi was pregnant


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