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Gu Ren first reached out and probed Ye Zhi’s forehead.

He felt that her temperature was quite normal, but his eyebrows slightly wrinkled as he spoke.


“Are you not feeling well”


Ye Zhi subconsciously pursed her lips and hummed softly.


As soon as he heard Ye Zhi’s answer, Gu Ren lost his composure.

He immediately stood up and his voice was slightly anxious.


“We’re going to the hospital right now.”


Before he was able to leave the bedside, Gu Ren’s wrist was grasped by Ye Zhi.

She did not use too much force as she merely wanted to pull Gu Ren back to her side.


Gu Ren was afraid of unintentionally hurting her, so he squatted beside Ye Zhi’s bed.


Just as Gu Ren was about to ask her as to why she was stopping him, Ye Zhi stretched out her hand and opened the drawer of the bedside table.

She took out a small box from it and placed it in Gu Ren’s palm.


“Once you open it, you’ll know the cause of my sickness.”


For some reason, Gu Ren’s heartbeat accelerated.

When he opened the lid, he even felt nervous.


The moonlight illuminated Gu Ren’s side profile inch by inch.

His hand exerted a light force as he opened the lid of the box.

In it, there was nothing but a single photo.


At this moment, Ye Zhi smiled.


“Gu Ren, you are going to be a father.”


Gu Ren was stunned and did not respond for a long time.

Gu Ren, who had always been calm and self-controlled, actually lost his composure, which was a very rare occurrence.


Ye Zhi smiled and watched him for a moment before reaching out to cover his hand.


“Gu Ren.”


Gu Ren seemed to have just regained his senses and his eyes were full of astonishment.

When Ye Zhi touched his hand, it felt like she was touching a block of cold ice.


Gu Ren carefully climbed up on the bed and enveloped Ye Zhi into his embrace, gently giving her a kiss.

Thousands of the words that he wanted to say were then condensed into one sentence.


“Ye Zhi, I’m very happy.”


After the Gu family and the Sheng family heard the good news, they held a party for Ye Zhi at Gu Ren’s house.


Ye Zhi, who already had the family members wrapped around her little finger, received many blessings and gifts.


Though they were happy due to Ye Zhi’s pregnancy, they began to worry about her busy lifestyle.


Ye Zhi’s pregnancy could not be made public yet.

They hoped to announce the matter to the media only when the foetus was in a stable condition.


After much deliberation, Ye Zhi’s itinerary would be reduced and she would be under supervision during her trips to ensure her safety.


After Ye Zhi’s pregnancy announcement to the families, the first event she attended was the jewellery exhibition in Paris.


As Gu Ren was worried about her, he trailed along as well.


Gu Ren did not attend the event as a star.

This time, as the top VIP client of Chaumet Paris, he naturally received an invitation to the event as a guest.


The invited guests sat in the first few rows, so Gu Ren was able to watch Ye Zhi’s every move carefully.


When Ye Zhi was still waiting for the ceremony to start, Gu Ren kept tilting his head and looking at her.


Fans who came to support and take photos of Ye Zhi found Gu Ren.

Although he tried to be there in a low-key manner, his face was enough to cause a great sensation.


Chaumet Paris truly gained a huge benefit— they only signed their contract to have one spokesperson, Ye Zhi; yet, they were also given an international superstar as a gift.


The event was about to start and Gu Ren didn’t want to affect the scene, so he turned his head and motioned for the fans to be quiet.


The fans who shouted Gu Ren’s name suddenly stopped.

Instead, they focused their attention on Ye Zhi.


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