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When Ye Zhi wore some high heels to an event a few days ago, she felt a bit uncomfortable for some reason.


However, she couldn’t tell why she was uncomfortable.

It was obvious that every time she attended an event before, she always wore high heels, so she was used to it.


Ye Zhi shook her head and put her thoughts behind her head.

Ye Zhi picked up a pair of white high-heeled shoes and sat down to start trying them on.


Ye Zhi’s feet were slender and fair, shining brightly under the light.

White shoes were very difficult to wear as it would sometimes steal the spotlight, but even so, they did not suppress the fairness of Ye Zhi’s skin at all.


Ye Zhi looked at it for a while and she was very satisfied with the shoes.


After putting them on, Ye Zhi was about to straighten up.

She raised her shoulders and just as she was about to stand up, she suddenly felt the world spinning as a wave of dizziness struck.


This time, the nauseating feeling was very strong as it attacked her mind.


Ye Zhi lost her balance and leaned forward uncontrollably.


The assistant was standing next to Ye Zhi, so she was able to respond quickly.

When she saw that Ye Zhi was about to fall, she immediately stepped forward and grabbed Ye Zhi’s arm to stop her fall.


Ye Zhi was helped up by the assistant and led towards her seat.


Ye Zhi closed her eyes, but the dizziness had not disappeared.

After a while, Ye Zhi felt that the feeling started to abate bit by bit.


Ye Zhi looked at the assistant and said in a weak voice, “Help me buy some medicine.”


The assistant nodded repeatedly, “I’ll go right now.”


Ye Zhi lowered her eyes and pondered.

She often felt extremely tired these days and there were times when she felt like vomiting as soon as she woke up in the morning.


For some reason, she didn’t like to eat the foods that she usually enjoyed.


It was such an anomalous situation.


At this moment, an incredible thought flashed across Ye Zhi’s mind.

Ye Zhi opened her eyes slightly, her expression conveying that she was both surprised and excited.


Could it be that…she was pregnant


The assistant was hurriedly walking out when Ye Zhi’s voice suddenly  echoed from behind her, “Wait!”


The assistant stopped and looked back at Ye Zhi.


Ye Zhi looked at the assistant.

Although her tone was calm, she couldn’t hide a trace of joy, “No need to buy medicine, let’s go to the hospital now.”


When Ye Zhi thought about the probability that she might be pregnant, she immediately became more careful.


Both the Gu family and the Sheng family had their own private doctors.

Ye Zhi thought about it and first called Nie Jiqing to contact the Sheng family’s personal doctor.


Ye Zhi got into the car and the vehicle drove towards the direction of the hospital.


The assistant looked at Ye Zhi, “Would you like to call your husband”


Ye Zhi shook her head, “Don’t let him know about this first.”


If she was really pregnant, she wanted to tell Gu Ren seriously and personally; if she was not pregnant, she didn’t merely want to give him false happiness.


The hospital was not far away, but Ye Zhi felt that the journey was very long.

Her heart seemed to have constricted slightly out of nervousness as she clenched her hands.

She appeared to be calm on the outside, but her heart was caught in a torrent of emotions.


The car arrived at the hospital quickly and Ye Zhi had informed Nie Jiqing in advance.

Hence, as soon as she arrived at the hospital, someone led her to the B-mode ultrasound room.


Nie Jiqing was worried about Ye Zhi’s situation and had already left home.

She would meet up with Ye Zhi in a short time.


The Sheng family’s personal doctor was already waiting in the b-mode ultrasound room.

Ye Zhi smiled at her, “I want to check if I’m pregnant.”


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