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Han Siye naturally saw his fathers expression, and his face darkened.

“What does that expression mean If you dont want to eat, forget it.”

“Kid, did I say that I dont want to eat This is the first time youve cooked for me.

I definitely have to try it.” Han Xiao cursed as he picked up his chopsticks and placed a piece of the scrambled egg into his mouth.

The next second, he was overwhelmed. D*mn! How much salt did he add

On the surface, Han Siye had been unwilling to cook for his father, but when he saw Han Xiao take a bite, he could not help but feel nervous.

“How is it”


Not bad,” Han Xiao said as if nothing had happened.

Seeing Han Sye frown as if the young man didnt believe it, Han Xiao secretly swallowed the first bite and took another.

“Its really not bad.

It smells good.”

Soon, he finished most of the plate of scrambled eggs.

During this time, Han Xiao could not help but pretend to casually pick up a bottle of mineral water beside him, unscrew it, and take a sip.

Han Siye suspiciously observed these actions.

“Are you sure its delicious”

Han Xiao put down the mineral water bottle and looked up at his son with a complicated expression.

“Do you want to hear the truth or a lie”

Han Siye choked.

Then, he looked like he was ready to face his death.

“Of course, I want the truth!”

“This scrambled egg…” Han Xiao did not want to discourage his son, so he said, “Try it yourself.”

Han Siye was stunned for a moment.

When he regained his senses, he snorted.


He then grabbed a pair of chopsticks, picked up a piece of the dish, and stuffed it into his mouth without hesitation.

The camera was pointed directly at his face.

Everyone watching this, including the audience, saw his expression change instantly.

Han Siye spat the egg into the kitchen wastebasket.

Its too f*cking salty!

Han Siye took a bottle of mineral water and took a few gulps.

The saltiness was finally suppressed a little.

He turned to look at Han Xiao, his face turning first red and then white with anger.

He said, “How did you eat such salty food!”

Han Xiao looked at him and smiled.

“No matter what, you made it for me.

I have to support you.

Actually, no matter how well its done, as long as youve made it yourself, Im satisfied.”

“You…” Han Siye suddenly felt uncomfortable.

A strange feeling welled up in his heart, and he did not know what to say.

In the end, he bluntly said, “Youre already an adult.

Cant you say that it tastes bad Why did you eat so much Its so salty!”

Su Jiu, who had seen through everything, took the opportunity to tease him.

“Han Siye, are you touched”

Han Siyes expression changed, as if he had been discovered for doing something bad.

He was so guilty that he stuttered, “Who… who was touched! Im not!”

Su Jiu clicked his tongue.

“So stubborn.”

Han Siyes expression became even more unnatural.

He didnt even look at Han Xiao anymore.

Han Xiao walked over and placed his hand on Su Jius shoulder as if they were brothers.

He then looked at his son, who was slightly taller than him, and a rare loving smile appeared on his face, just like when he faced Su Jiu.

“Son, thank you! Daddys happy.


Han Siye turned his head and pursed his lips tightly.

After a few seconds, he said, “Is there a need to act like that Do you think youre filming”

Han Xiao smiled again.

“Daddy is serious.

Daddy has always been busy filming and rarely has time to accompany you.

Our relationship has always been lukewarm.

As your father, I have indeed neglected my duty.

Can I apologize to you”

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