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Rong Si was no longer the young man who used to feel so inferior that he didnt even dare to look Little Jiu in the eye.

At this moment, his eyes held a hint of arrogance and disdain, as if he couldnt care less about Han Siye.

Han Siye couldnt snatch Little Jiu away from him.

Rong Si would not give him a chance.

Because now, everything that Han Siye could give Little Jiu, he could give her too.

Moreover, Rong Si had the advantage over all his love rivals.

That was… Little Jius love.

As long as Little Jiu liked him and liked him more than anyone else, he had nothing to worry about.

However, Rong Si still watched Han Siye clumsily stir-fry eggs.

After the show ended, he got up and went to the kitchen.

He felt that he shouldnt be immersed in work every day.

It was time to improve his culinary skills.

An outstanding man should be good in the kitchen.

Moreover, there was a saying that the way to a girls heart was through her stomach.

If his culinary skills were good, he could make anything Little Jiu wanted to eat in the future.

On Christmas, Su Jiu received a gift from overseas.

She had thought of many gifts, but she hadnt expected this gift to be cans and cans of snacks that Rong Si had personally made for her.

Snowflake crisps, nougat, walnut crisps, almond crisps, beef jerky… There was even a cute bear-shaped, strawberry-flavored fudge.

Su Jiu was pleasantly surprised.

She felt that no gift could compare to what Rong Si had personally made!

Wait, when did the little villain know how to make these things How long has he been secretly learning to make them!

She couldnt help but video call Rong Si.

“Big Brother, it takes a lot of effort for you to make these for me, right”

“No, its not that difficult.”

“Its not that difficult Why do I feel that its very difficult Previously, I also wanted to make some snacks for you to eat overseas.

Ive tried to make them many times but I havent mastered it.

I gave up when I couldnt make it well… You think its not difficult”

Rong Si chuckled.

“Maybe… its because Im smarter”

Su Jius eyes immediately widened.

“Are you saying that Im stupid Rong Si, are you making fun of me”

Rong Si was still smiling.

His deep eyes rippled gently.

“It doesnt matter if youre stupid.

Its enough as long as theres a smart person in the family.”

Su Jiu choked and blushed.

“You… You said Im stupid.

I dont want to be in the same family as you.”

“Then I wont say it again, okay” Rong Si quickly coaxed her.

His low and magnetic voice was extremely pleasant.

“Thats more like it.” Su Jiu proudly raised her chin.

She was not angry to begin with.

Rong Si looked at her seriously and suddenly asked, “Then… are you still willing to be part of a family with me”

Su Jius heart raced.

To hide her embarrassment, she picked up her snowflake pastry and blocked the camera.

She stammered, “Since you made all this delicious food for me, Ill be willing for now.”

Rong Si continued to pry.

“Then if Ill always cook delicious food for you in the future, will you always be willing”

“It depends on your performance!”

The two of them video-called until late at night and reluctantly ended the call only when Su Jiu was extremely sleepy.

Although Rong Si could not come back to spend Christmas with her this year, Su Jiu felt this was as heartwarming as when he was by her side.


After trying three times, Han Siye finally made a good-looking scrambled egg.

When Han Xiao saw this, he could not help but sigh. Is my sons IQ low Why did he spend so much effort cooking such a simple dish

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