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“Maybe just… a boiled egg Just put it in the water, and itll be done.”

Han Siye was obviously unsatisfied with this answer.

“Im serious!”

Xiao Wei shrugged.

“Im serious too.”

“… Alright, then what about something a little difficult, but delicious.”

Xiao Wei replied without hesitation, “Scrambled eggs.”

Han Siye was speechless.

However, Xiao Wei did not seem to be patronizing him.

After thinking about it carefully, Han SIye realized eggs did seem to be easier to make.

He leaned toward Xiao Wei and said, “Show me.”

“You need me to demonstrate this Heat the pot, and put oil in it.

Then beat the eggs in and adjust the flavor.”

“Demonstrate.” Han Siye was stubborn.

Although he had not planned to cook for Han Xiao, since he had agreed to do it, he had to do it well.

Xiao Wei had no choice but to walk to the kitchen and pick up an egg.

Then, he heated the oil in the pot and began to demonstrate to him.

Han Siye studied his movements seriously, but soon, Xiao Wei had finished making a scrambled egg.

It looked good and smelled good.

Han Siye felt that he hadnt understood it yet. How did he make it

Xiao Wei glanced at him from the corner of his eye.

Seeing Han Siye frowning, Xiao Wei knew that he must not have remembered the steps, so he asked, “Can you do it now Isnt it very simple”

Han Siye gritted his teeth and refused to admit that he hadnt learned the process.

That would be too embarrassing.

He could only bite the bullet and say, “Its really… quite simple.”

Su Jiu, who was watching this from the sidelines, decided to make things worse.

She felt that Han Siyes stubbornness was too funny and added, “Yes, yes.

Han Siye, give it a try.”

The audience wanted to laugh when they saw this. Whats going on Why does it seem like Xiao Wei and Little Jiu have the upper hand over Han Siyes domineering personality

Seeing that Su Jiu had come to join in the fun, Han Siye became even more indignant.

He vowed, “Okay, you guys are waiting to see me make a fool of myself, right Im sorry to disappoint you guys.”

Su Jiu made an inviting gesture at the big iron wok on the stove, signaling Han Siye to hurry up.

Han Siye took a deep breath and quickly recalled the steps Xiao Wei had taken to stir-fry the eggs.

Only then did he realize that he seemed to have forgotten. Should I put salt or eggs first How long would the eggs take to scramble

Just like that, an egg was thrown into the wok.

As expected, the egg was scrambled.

Looking at the egg in the wok, Han Siye couldnt hold it in anymore.

“Um… that didnt come out as I expected.

Itll be fine after I give it another go.”

Xiao Wei supported the tip of his chin with his hand and chuckled.

“Forget it.

If you cant, dont force yourself.”

Han Siye immediately exploded and retorted, “Who said I cant Youre the one who (beep—) cant!”

The audience was amused.

Live comments rushed in one after another.

“Hes anxious.

Hes anxious.”

“Little Ye is furious.

As expected, you cant say that a man cant do it.


“Im dying of laughter.

Little Ye cant help but curse.

Mommy, this boy is too cute!”

“Oh my god! I didnt like Han Siye before.

I thought he was too pretentious, but now I think hes so cute! Isnt he the arrogant and awkward young master Every time I see him arguing with others, hes my source of joy!”

“Boohoo, no matter how bad his attitude towards others is, hell always be so obedient in front of Little Jiu.

If Little Jiu didnt have a boyfriend, Little Ye would be the most compatible with her!”

“Ahhhh, someone finally thinks the same way as me! I really want him to be with Little Jiu.”


When Rong Si, who was overseas, saw these comments, the corners of his mouth twitched.

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