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Who is the Fake Bride (18)


Kergel called her out loudly.

That was the only name he knew.

He didn’t know if it was actually her name or not, but his hunch said that it had been her name.


Kergel shouted once again.

As his golden pupils eventually contracted finely, a powerful force exploded in return.

He caught a glimpse of the red seal through the open sleeve.

Just as it was about to crack dimly, the energy that was emanating from Kergel instantly rippled out.

Then, he turned his head as if he had sensed something.

The accommodation at the Outer Palace’s side where the Rakain delegation was staying came into his sight.

And his golden gaze pierced right into one of the accommodations.

“Oh, my lord, Your Majesty!”

The servant from the Outer Palace saw him and hurriedly prepared to show courtesy.

But Kergel didn’t even respond as he ran straight to the accommodation.

There was not a single hint of hesitation in his steps as if he had been sure to where she actually was.

* * *

Bang! Bang!

She had heard a roar somewhere.

Then, some people were screaming and shouting as well.

What was happening

Roelin thought while she was lying still in bed.

The place where she was imprisoned had probably been the quarters which got assigned to the Rakain delegation.

But with such a commotion taking in place, she thought that something must have happened.

But somehow, she didn’t feel particularly afraid.

It might have affected her mind while her body had grown stiff and immobile.

Especially seeing that her mind was not shaken at all despite the noise that had been coming from outside.

No, maybe she had already given up everything under the weight of despair.

‘No, I can’t give up like this.’

She forced her thoughts to continue in a negative direction as she struggled to move her arms and legs that she couldn’t even feel.

Still, her body didn’t even budge an inch.

‘Don’t give up.

Will I be going back to Rakain now Do I even want to go back to that prison and repeat that kind of life again’

Roelin began pressing herself.

All she could ever do now was to push and push and push.

‘No, not just going back to Rakain…… can I even live without seeing him anymore’

She asked herself.

Life outside the Royal Palace of Rakain.

That was how she got to know freedom.

All of that was obviously important, but there had been something even more precious than merely that.


Her own husband.

Her other half, whom she already had the companion ceremony with.

For Roelin, he was the only one who had her heart in his own, even if it was just a false indication.


At that moment, a groan leaked out from between Roelin’s lips.

Was Count McGree wrong in saying that the medicine would last for about a day Or could it be that her mental strength was strong enough to overcome the effects of the drug She didn’t care either way.

It was just important to take advantage of this opportunity and escape from this place somehow.

She groaned repeatedly while struggling to move her still stiff body.

Then, a big bite! Chomp!

At that moment, a roar could be heard a little closer.

But Roelin couldn’t afford to care less about it.

She was still struggling to move even just a finger.


At the same time when drops of sweat began trickling down Roelin’s forehead, someone had approached and hugged her.

Roelin was surprised for a moment, but she couldn’t push away the person who was hugging her because her body was still stiff.

Instead, she just let out a slight groan between her lips.


Nevertheless, a voice that was calling out to her ‘real’ name penetrated her ear, which made Roelin calm her astonished heart.

Only then she could even tell who the owner of the voice truly was.

“Your Majesty”

Roelin’s eyes opened wide.

The sound of her heart pounding got conveyed through the chest of the person who was now holding her.

“Are you okay Are you feeling okay”


Kergel still held Roelin in his arms as he loosened his arms a little and looked at her.

However, she couldn’t answer anything.

It had been because her body was still stiff, but she thought that it would have definitely been the same even if it wasn’t for that.

When she felt like she was going to be crushed by despair, what could she even say to the man who had saved her


Roelin’s eyes were reddened once again by the name that had leaked out of his mouth.

And the tears that had been welling up in her eyes eventually trickled down.

“Perhaps your body…”

Only then did Kergel realize that Roelin’s condition was unusual and immediately stiffened his face.

Then, he lifted her up as he carried her from her back and knees.

“Who broke in…… Oh! wha—Princess”

As soon as Kergel left the room with Roelin in his arms, someone from the Rakain delegation was standing in front of him.

Nevertheless, he immediately recognized Roelin who was in Kergel’s arms and backed away with a look of bewilderment.

“Princess, no, the Empress, how could the Princess be here……”

He blinked in confusion as if he was unaware of anything.

He didn’t seem to yet know that she wasn’t, in fact, Erita.

Kergel looked at him with ferocious eyes before walking away.

The name ‘Rakain’ alone made it difficult for him to control his anger, but now was not the time.

Kergel stepped out of the hall while holding Roelin, who was unable to move at all even within his arms.

“Your Majesty!”

At that moment, he ran into Heinez, who got there just in time.

Right behind Heinez, Bert, some other officials as well as Lucy along with other maids could also be seen.

“Your Majesty, I’d like to inform you……”

“Where’s the doctor”

After stopping Heinez from opening his mouth, Kergel opened his mouth first instead.

Then Lucy, who was right behind Heinez, came forward and immediately saw Roelin who had been in Kergel’s arms before she turned white as a sheet.

“The Empress!”

“Lucy, call for the doctor right now.

I’ll take the Empress along with me.”

Kergel quickly gave orders to Lucy and turned towards the direction of the Palace.

“Your Majesty.”

“I’ll talk to you later, Heinez.”

He hurried once again as he left only that one remark against Heinez’s repeated pleas.

* * *


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