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Monster Emperor, Kergel (4)

“This is the Separate Palace where the Princess will be residing.”

“……A Separate Palace”

Roelin stopped and looked up at the palace that was right in front of her.

The maid who was in charge of guiding her immediately asked with a puzzled expression.

“What is it, Princess Do you feel uncomfortable……”


It’s nothing.”

She shook her head hastily before proceeding once more.

The maid then yielded her doubts and continued escorting her again.

Roelin smiled bitterly as she tried to enter the Separate Palace under the guidance of her maid.

‘It’s another Separate Palace…… I thought that I was finally out of the previous Separate Palace, but I guess it’s called a Separate Palace here as well.’

Of course, it was just a temporary residence until the wedding.

Nevertheless, she could not easily shake off her repulsion towards the term, ‘Separate Palace’.

The place where she lived ever since she was born had always been the ‘Separate Palace‘.

‘No, it’s entirely different.

This is no longer the Rakain Palace where it was just like a prison.’

Roelin murmured inside while trying to calm her shaking heart.

A middle-aged woman with a stern-looking face greeted her, who had just entered the palace under the guidance of her own maid.

As soon as the middle-aged woman noticed Roelin, she bowed politely and presented herself with propriety.

“Welcome, Princess.

I’m Lucy Lubern, the maid who is in charge of this palace.

Please call me Lucy.”

“Nice to meet you, Lucy.”

Roelin greeted Lucy, the maid.

Then, Lucy bowed once again and continued straight away.

“Allow me to show you around from here onwards.”


Roelin gladly nodded at Lucy’s words.

And at the same time, the maid, who had been guiding her through the Star Palace before, eventually stepped down with caution.

*  *  *

“This is the one who will be your maid.”

“Greetings, Princess.

My name is Silloa Bumil and I will be attending you as your maid.”

The maid, who was introduced by Lucy, greeted her with a slightly trembling voice as if she was really nervous.

It was rather obvious that Silloa’s forehead had broken out in a sweat like she had just finished cleaning up this bedroom of hers.

“Nice to meet you, Silloa.

Thank you for cleaning up the whole bedroom.”

Roelin looked at the figure and opened her mouth calmly.

Silloa was then startled and started scratching herself before she soon bowed her head apologetically.

“Of course, I merely did what I had to do, Princess.

And please, do speak with ease.”

“……Let’s just take this slow.

I’m yet to be your master—I’m simply a guest right now.”

Roelin hesitated for a moment and shook her head slowly.

Silloa opened her mouth unknowingly once again at that sight.

“But you’ll be the Empress soon……”

“Please do so if it pleases you.”

However, Lucy had cut Silloa off as she interrupted the conversation.

Roelin eventually turned to Lucy and gave a nod.

“Thank you, Lucy.”

After she had said those words, she slowly looked around the bedroom.

The bedroom was already luxurious enough by her standards.

However, it had been so simple that it would actually never be noticeable by the ‘Erita’s’ standards.

Those fancy curtains and opulent furniture didn’t even exist in the first place.

Still, Roelin liked the neat and tidy bedroom.

So, as she was peering all over the bedroom, she heard Lucy’s voice once again.

“Would you like to take a bath first, Princess”

“Oh, yeah.


Come to think of it, she thought that she would have been such a mess.

She could have never been perfect no matter how neat she was and how well she had her hair done, ever since from the rugged Samalta Mountains.

Did she just meet the Emperor like that

Her face flushed at the sudden thought.

When she had lived in that detached Palace back in Rakain, she always kept herself neat and tidy, albeit a little rather shabby.

She didn’t want anyone to find any faults with her.

However, it was only natural to be embarrassed when she finally saw her disheveled image of today towards the man who will soon be her husband.

“Then, do prepare for the bath, I will guide you instead.”

Lucy bowed politely and shot Silloa a simple wink.

Silloa then realized the meaning of that wink before she hurried out of the bedroom.

It was to draw the bath water in preparation for the bath.

“In the meantime, allow me to let you know of a few things.”

Lucy glanced at the closed door before opening her mouth towards Roelin once again.

“First of all, the child whom you’ve just seen is Silloa.

If you happen to feel any kind of discomfort, feel free to notify me through her.”


“And the Rakain delegation is staying just at the quarters of the outer Palace.

So, if you ever need it, you can get in contact with them through Silloa as well.

Please note, however, that the delegation is strictly prohibited from entering the Separate Palace.”


Roelin kept silent for a while and soon nodded her head gently.

There was not any particular reason to complain.

On the contrary, it could also be seen as a rather good thing instead.

She was especially grateful that she didn’t have to face Count McGree, who knew whom she actually was, all over again.

But then, what Lucy had said after that caused Roelin’s face to stiffen up.

“Lastly, please refrain from going outside as well.”


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