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Who is the Fake Bride (7)

Lucy’s calm expression became disorganized, albeit momentarily.

However, Roelin repeatedly said while ‘looking’ at Lucy without a single change in her expression.

“It’s just hard to learn their practicality, so I’d rather dispose of everything and use them separately.”

“What You can’t say that!”

Lucy was startled as she lost her usual composure and began to raise her voice.

“How could we ever dispose of the Empress’s belongings and use them for another separate reason We can never do that.

If there’s anything lacking in your budget…”

“No, Lucy.

There’s no way anything is lacking at all.

I understand that you have allocated a generous budget to the Empress’s Palace.”

As far as she remembered, the budget that was allocated to the Empress’s Palace remained almost the same amount.

Even if the Empress’s budget was insufficient, she would never have to sell something to cover such a shortfall.

“However… I just thought that it would be better to write meaningfully rather than to possess such unnecessary things.”

“But Empress—”

“I don’t want to use it inside the Palace, but I want them to be used outside of the Palace itself.”

“What do you mean, outside the Palace”

“I want to use them for children who grow up without any parents or even elderly people that have no recourse to attend to their sick bodies.”

“Of course, His Majesty will not be turning a blind eye to them all.

And I’m sure that the Royal Family has put forward various policies for them.

But there must be a place beyond our eyes and touch.

I wish I could be of any help to such a place.”

Roelin spoke to Lucy with all her heart.

Lucy just listened to her words silently, without uttering a single word.

Silloa, who had been babbling away while looking at the gifts, also became silent.

“But these gifts are from the Empress’s motherland…… so, why don’t you just keep some of them and ‘dispose’ of the rest.”

Lucy fell silent for a moment before she eventually opened her mouth again.

Nevertheless, Roelin still shook her head and smirked instead.

Then, she replied.

“No, just get rid of everything.”

“What But…”

“There’s not much meaning to it.

You’ll know when you see it.

They’re just mere luxuries.”

Roelin glanced at the pile of gifts and immediately it caught sight of them.

There was no such thing as lingering or greed that was left behind in her blue eyes.

“Then, I will do as you say, Empress.”

Lucy replied while bending her back deeply.

Then, she called in Silloa and a couple of other maids before giving them instructions.

The ladies eventually began to organize the mountain of gift boxes.

Roelin watched the whole scene as she rose from her seat and headed to the bedroom.

“Are you still unwell”

Lucy eventually followed her with a worried look.

It was due to the fact that she had been rather sick for a few days and just woken up.

Roelin smiled and shook her head in return.


I’m just a little tired.”

“Then, shall we call for the doctor”

“You don’t have to do that.

I think I just need to rest a little.”

Lucy looked apprehensive at Roelin’s words, but still, she stepped out of the bedroom.

After the door had been closed and Roelin was alone, she then wrapped herself with her arms before she curled up.

It was cold.

The gifts that had been brought by the Rakain delegation were splendid and extravagant things which she never owned before.

But every time she opened them, she could feel the chills as she felt sick.

The reason why they visited Seroif once again under the guise of a ‘delegation’ with all of these gifts was completely unknown, so only fear had flooded right in.

‘There must be a reason.’

To bestow unto her such presents like this when she was just a fake and a mere stand-in.

They would not like to have come a long way through the rugged Samalta Mountains like this.

‘Why did they even come here’

The moment Roelin couldn’t control her nervousness and began biting on her lips, the window outside became quite rowdy.

“How can you be so cruel We are from the motherland of the Empress.

We came here to convey the affection of our King, the Empress’s own blood as well as the Empress’s own mother, but why are you stopping me from seeing her like this”

She could hear that voice crystal clear just as if the person was screaming at the top of his lungs.

And Roelin’s expression instantly stiffened when she heard that very particular voice.

It wasn’t a mere stranger’s voice at all.

She immediately got resentful of herself for remembering that peculiar accent which Count McGree seemed to possess.

‘He must have led the delegation this time as well.’

There were only a very few people that knew who they actually were.

Therefore, those who could really represent the delegation might not even have any other choice too.

Roelin slowly pulled the string that was just by the bed.

Afterwards, the bedroom door swung open and Silloa eventually entered while looking quite troubled.

“Did you just call, Empress”

“There’s a rather big commotion outside the Palace.”

“Actually, the representative of the delegation from Rakain has been asking to meet the Empress…”

“I understand that His Majesty has already refused their request.

That’s why I didn’t even have to attend the official meeting earlier.”

She narrowed her brows and questioned Silloa in return.

Due to Roelin’s poor physical condition, Kergel told her that she didn’t need to be present at the meeting with the delegation from Rakain itself.

Therefore, she didn’t have to take part in the official meeting since she, herself, thought that it was fortunate and the gifts that had been brought over by the delegation were instead delivered only through the servants themselves.

However, they had barged to the front of the Empress’s Palace and were being all unreasonable like that.


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