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Self-Awareness and Secrets (12)

“It was because of the body temperature that was transmitted from him before.”

Since he had taken off his top, the body temperature that could be felt directly from his bare skin was even warmer.

Kergel would have also been wet from the rain, but the heat emitted from his body did not cool down that easily.

Perhaps it was because he had already run high to the fullest in order to hug her and take her to a safe place.

‘No, I’m sure that’s why it happened.’


Roelin bit her lips while still within his arms.

He didn’t have to pay this much attention to herself.

There was nothing wrong with getting rained on.

In addition, it was pouring so heavily that even if she had worn his top inside out, it still couldn’t be enough.

But… that had been why she was about to cry.

In addition, rather than feeling embarrassed by his hot body and the sound of his breathing, her heart became desolate instead.

How long had it been since she realized that she liked him and she wondered how much better it would truly be, so she eventually laughed in vain.

‘But… but it was still good.’

Because he was this kind of guy.

All because he had been such a sweet guy.

She was absolutely fond of this man who had been ridiculously sweet to be misunderstood as a mere monster.

“Whoa—let’s take a break here before leaving.

I need to find out what’s going on as well.”

Just then, his body temperature suddenly became distant.

And the clothes that were covering her eyes had disappeared as well.

She eventually noticed a dark caved wall that was in front of her.

He seemed to have brought her to that cave.

Roelin trembled as she felt nervous about the unfamiliar cave.

Then, Kergel clicked his tongue when he looked at her.

“Your clothes are still a little wet.”

“Oh, no.

It’s  okay.”

She finally came to her senses and shook her head.

She had been a little wet, but she was still good compared to that.

It was no exaggeration to say that Kergel’s appearance appeared like he had just emerged out of the water.

Roelin stared blankly at the droplets trickling down his chest.

His body was solid without any excess fat.

That moderately tanned skin exuded a strong feeling and those well-woven muscles reminded her of those beautiful sculptures.

Even that red tattoo on his left chest looked so good on him.

Roelin unknowingly admired and began looking up and down casually at his hard abdomen when she looked up in surprise to his gaze.

And she immediately made eye contact with Kergel, who was already looking at her.

He looked at her with an expression that was rather hard to express before shaking his head and started to speak quickly.

“It’s a rather high place, so the water won’t be filling up here.

So, just wait here for a second.

I’ll be back after finding out the damage caused.

Ah, but just in case…”

Kergel stopped talking and whistled faintly towards the outside.

Soon after, a large furry creature jumped into the cave in an instant.

‘It’s a wolf.

A black-haired, yellow-eyed wolf.’

“I’ll stick this guy on you.

You do remember, right The one who acted cute in front of you during the last hunting contest.

It may have been like a dog, but he’s actually the head of the pack, so he’ll be able to keep you safe while I’m away.”

“…That wolf”

Roelin opened her eyes wide as she looked at the wolf and glanced at Kergel.

Perhaps he noticed the question in her eyes, Kergel proceeded to smile bitterly.

“Now that I think about it, it seems like the wolf is right.”

Instead of putting questions in her mouth, Roelin just replied while pretending to be calm instead.

It was because she had realized that he didn’t really wish to explain further.


Perhaps something related to this wolf would also be included in what he had said a little while ago.

She didn’t want to burden him at all.

No, she couldn’t even tell what it was to ask.

What could she ask when she didn’t even know clearly what she wished to ask

When Roelin asked no more questions, Kergel looked a little relieved and soon opened his mouth to the wolf then.

“Keep her safe.”


The wolf looked at him with his yellow eyes and slightly bent down his ears as if he were obeying him.

When Kergel saw it, he immediately turned around and went out of the cave.

“Oh, over there!”

Roelin called out to him a bit late.

In fact, Kergel’s appearance had already disappeared quickly.

She stood at the entrance of the cave and muttered to herself while trying to ‘comfort’ her trembling heart.

“…Have a safe trip.”

Then, the wolf approached Roelin and rubbed his face against her hand as if to reassure her—not to get worried at all.


The wolves that were ordered by Kergel moved even faster and more accurately than those of humans.

He saw the wolves had bitten a child with their mouths while carrying the elderly and the women on carts.

And he laughed as he watched other wolves were already pushing a large stone into the flooded river with their strong snouts.

They were such brilliant guys.

Even if a person were moved in a wolf skin, they still would not have been able to do that exactly.

Kergel felt relieved as he turned around again.

The cave that was located on the hill had not been that noticeable.

Moreover, since it was still raining like this, there would be no apparent reason for anyone to snoop around that particular area.

However, impatience began storming along his footsteps to the cave.

He called out to the wolf and left it next to her, but it still bothered him plenty.

In addition, when he recalled her pale face amidst the rain, he became even more nervous.


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