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Self-Awareness and Secrets (6)

“So, you’d better decide on a separate name as well.

It’s better to have a name that you want, right What name would be good”

Kergel asked Roelin.

However, despite his words, Roelin was just blinking along with a blank look.

Then, Kergel tilted his head and opened his mouth once again.

“Or should I just name you however I want What would be good…”

“Ro, Roelin!”

At that moment, Roelin unknowingly cut Kergel’s words off and shouted in a rather loud voice.

The ‘person’ who was just passing by them had been so surprised and looked back.

She immediately shrank in embarrassment.

“No, I…”


Roelin became embarrassed and tried to bring it up once more, but Kergel had opened his mouth first.

At the same time, she closed her mouth instantaneously.

It was because the exact moment when she heard her name out from his mouth, her heart became utterly emotional.

“Now that’s a name that goes well with you.

I think this name sounds even better than the original one.”

Kergel raised the corners of his mouth and began speaking up.

However, Roelin could not answer any of his words.

It wasn’t really a big deal if one were to look at it.

She just heard her name through someone else’s mouth.

Moreover, the man who had her name in his mouth didn’t even know that it was her real name all along.

He would have just regarded it as a temporary name that was to be used and thrown away soon after.

In fact, the name, Roelin, did not mean as much.

It might have been a name given by someone.

But who would have thought hard and named the ominous twins to the Empress anyway Maybe it was the first name that stood out while opening a book in their hand.

Or it could also have been a mere passerby in the royal palace that was summoned and asked for his name.

And thus, she was given that very name.

However, the only thing Roelin had was her own name, so she had no other choice but to feel a little bit special.

She felt like she had now been allowed to live as ‘Roelin’ even if it was just for a short time—she did not have to live as a stand-in.

Even if it was a silly dream of hers.

“Yes… Vias.”

She glanced up again while looking at him and soon laughed.

It was the brightest smile ever since she had arrived in Seroif.


“Your wrists are white and thin, so it suits you very well.”


Roelin’s eyes became gently bent.

Kergel was watching ‘Roelin’, who smiled as she talked to a merchant, with a new curious pair of eyes.

She was like a different person altogether.

Immediately after getting out of the safe house, she seemed somewhat awkward and unfamiliar with everything, but now she was treating people as friendly as ever.

It was hard to think that she had never been outside the palace ever since she was born.

“Was she this kind of girl”

The prejudice against her was once again broken.

The preconception of an arrogant and spoiled Royal Daughter was ultimately broken after facing her in person, but nonetheless, he never knew that she would be this easygoing at all.

Kergel could hardly take his eyes off her, but he then turned to the merchant’s voice that was directed to him.

“What do you think Doesn’t it look good on her”

“…I know.

It suits you well.”

Kergel smiled and responded while still looking at the bracelet on Roelin’s wrist.

It was just a bracelet that had been made of cheap stones, but the bracelet still looked pretty good on her.

The contrast between the blue-colored stones and her white skin seemed to make her stand out even more.

“Give me that.”

“Ho! As expected, you know how to see it properly.

It will be 6 defens.”

He suddenly saw a red ribbon on the display stand while trying to take out his money at the merchant’s words and the total.

Then, the merchant quickly picked the ribbon up and recommended it to Kergel.

“Buy this ribbon, too.

The lady’s hair color is as beautiful as honey, so I think a red ribbon would definitely look good on her.

At times like this, your lover should give you a present! Don’t you think so”

“Ha ha! Lovers… But what can I do I’m not her lover.”

After Kergel burst into laughter, he asked the merchant the price of the ribbon and paid for it.

The merchant placed the ribbon in a small box and tried to hand it to him while tilting his head and soon, he turned his eyes to look at Roelin before asking.

“He’s not your lover You two look so good together.

Isn’t this guy your lover”

“What Let’s see…”

When Roelin was suddenly faced with the merchant who unexpectedly talked to her, she couldn’t find any words to respond with and so, she merely clamped her lips.

Then, Kergel picked up the box which contained the ribbon from the merchant and said so with a smile.

“We are not lovers; we are actually a married couple.”

“Bubu… Hohoh! Oh, of course.

There’s no way I’d be mistaken.

Seriously, I’ve never seen a couple that suits each other so well.

You must be a pair of newlyweds.

Is your husband nice to you Huh How is it at night”

“…Hey, do sell a lot more!”

Roelin became embarrassed and wasn’t able to talk, but after she had barely greeted, she immediately turned around.

The merchant’s laughter gradually got fainter from behind her.

She could no longer handle her crimsoned face and hurried away.

At that time, there was someone who began to approach her while keeping up with the pace.

It was Kergel.

Roelin glanced at him before turning her head once again to look forward.


And a sudden laugh had leaked from Kergel.

Roelin hurried her steps even more.

Simultaneously, his laughter grew even louder in return.


“Woo, don’t laugh!”



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