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Anyway, for that kind of reason, she had brought in an unknown maid whose fingertips were surprisingly all sharp and meticulous.

Thanks to her, Roelin’s appearance gradually changed.

Her clothes, which had been somewhat disheveled due to the long journey, were now tidied up and her donned dress unfurled smoothly—without any traces of wrinkles at all.

A flush had painted across Roelin’s cheeks and her plump lips glistened in red.

Colorful jewels and gold ornaments were adorned all over her neck and ears, as well as her wrists and hands.

Before long, Roelin was eventually able to transform into the perfect ‘Erita’.

“I’m opening the carriage door, Princess.”

“Do it.”

Roelin unswervingly raised her head and gathered her hands together neatly.

Then, the maid, who had just freshened her up, lightly knocked on the carriage door.

Maybe it was the signal as the carriage door opened up right away.

The carriage door then widened before a dry puff of wind gusted in.

The unexpected wind had disheveled Roelin’s just set hair.

The surprised maid immediately sighed albeit unconsciously.

“Oh, my! What should I do—!”

Roelin tried parting her mouth when she saw that the maid was at a complete loss.

But right before her came a man, who approached the already opened door.

It was Count McGree, who had been in charge of the journey as well as the representative of the whole delegation.


“It’s noisy.”

Roelin looked out the carriage and brought up the matter of the horse.

Then, the Count wrinkled his forehead and soon replied as if it was just nothing of a big deal.

“There is just a little bit of strife going on.”

“A little strife”


Count McGree answered Roelin’s question once again.

His voice was completely courteous yet as she faced him, she was able to read the contempt and hatred that was concealed within the whole polite facade.

It must have been an emotion indicated towards Roelin and not ‘Erita’, as someone who had been ridiculed as a mere fake of the Palace.

The Count, who was the King’s closest aide, was the only one that knew the truth about her amongst all the envoys and attendants.

Since Roelin needed a watchman to prevent her from running away.

‘Run away Why would I even run’

Roelin forced the corner of her lips to crease a little.

It was Rakain who had somehow got out of the way first and there was no apparent reason to turn back unless one was actually crazy.

She gazed at the Count composedly and reached her hand out to him.

Then, the Count could only blink at the moment of embarrassment.

“Are you not going to escort me”

Roelin asked him calmly.

Only then did the Count realize why she had extended her hand before he tilted his forehead and opened his mouth in response.

“You don’t have to get out of the carriage yet.

Just get off once we reach the Palace.”

“From here onwards, it seems like you can no longer use a horse or even a carriage.”

“It’s just a one-sided request from Seroif.

We don’t really have to follow it through.”

“Well, since we’re already in Seroif, wouldn’t it be just right to follow Seroif’s own set of precept”

Roelin gestured again and again while refuting the Count’s words.

Count McGree then contorted his face.

The distorted expression seemed as if he was going to say some nasty things any moment now.

But he could not say anything more as he was conscious of the eyes of others.

The Count proffered his hand to her as if he just couldn’t help it all.

Roelin quietly put her hand on top of his, then she slowly descended the carriage.

And as soon as she tried to turn away, she heard the Count spat a little.

“Though you’re just a fake.”


She turned her head silently before peering at the Count.

As Roelin’s cool gaze had reached him, the Count groaned.

“Seems like the Count needs to be very careful with his own mouth.”


Count McGree was furious with Roelin’s words and tried opening his mouth, but her gaze completely forced him to hold his tongue.

Roelin took her eyes away from him before turning away once more.

The maid who had belatedly gotten out of the carriage, soon approached her.

She could finally see the Imperial Palace of Seroif.

On its scale alone, the Imperial Palace was not only overwhelming, but also grand enough to be no match for the Royal Palace of Rakain.

Yet it wasn’t as extravagant as Rakain’s Palace.

It seemed that the word tough would actually suit it well.

“As expected, it’s just an uncivilized country.

Did they merely think that they just had to build it big”

Someone’s murmur could be heard from behind her.

It seemed to have been said by one of the men who had come along with the whole delegation.

He might have perhaps thought that someone far away couldn’t possibly catch that since his voice wasn’t enunciated loudly.

But something that was as sharp like the end of those words flew past Roelin’s side and struck right behind her.


And a scream screeched behind her back.

Nevertheless, Roelin couldn’t look back as a man was slowly approaching herself.

Badump badump.

At that moment, her heart began to thump like mad.

 She wondered if her beating heart would actually break out of her ribcage.

Roelin took a step back, embarrassed by the involuntary reaction of her own body.

However, there was no glimpse of any emotion across her pale face at all.

It just appeared much colder and haughtier.


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