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Self-Awareness and Secrets (4)

The appearance of that person who was now standing alone outside the position of an Emperor had been so confident.

No, he even looked more confident than he seemed back in the Imperial Palace.

It was probably due to his natural appearance that was brighter than the Emperor’s outfit which he had donned before.

She suddenly felt envious.

She thought about how she wished that she could stand just as tall in her own way as well.

If only she would not have to be someone’s stand-in and live by deceiving everyone else in the whole world, but by just living as who she truly was, ‘Roelin’.

Roelin smiled and lowered her eyes.

Then, she clenched her hands tightly before biting her lips.

She could see herself in such a luxurious dress.

There weren’t a lot of laces or decorations since it had been a casual one, but it was ultimately clear that it would be much more colorful compared to the clothes belonging to ordinary people.

This was a fact that could be seen merely by looking at the clothes of that man who had been believed to be the owner of this very place.

She raised her eyes once again and looked at Kergel.

He was already looking at Roelin with a light smile.

Soon, she began to sigh without even realizing it.

She thought that she got swept away by his impulsive pranks.

However, it was definitely impossible to insist on going back to the Imperial Palace by now.

Roelin eventually nodded with a look of resignation.

Then, Kergel simply winked at the owner who was still standing in one corner.

The owner who had a blunt impression showed his courtesy politely in an instant before he tapped somewhere along the wall with his hand.

Soon after, the door opened and a skinny woman entered.

She seemed to be the woman who came in while bringing along Roelin’s clothes.

And whether the fact that the expectation was truly right, Kergel spoke up again.

“Then, I’ll leave this place for now.

Just change into what you like.”

“Yes, but…”

After responding to his words, Roelin opened her mouth once more, but she was no longer able to speak.

Kergel was about to go outside with the owner, but he looked back at her while looking rather strangely.

“It’s nothing.”

She swallowed back what she wanted to ask of him and shook her head instead.

Kergel stared at Roelin before he went out just as it was.

……she wanted to ask if this was truly okay.

She wanted to hear the answer whether it was actually okay to let her know the existence of that secret passage.

In fact, it could not be said that this ‘breakaway’ they had now committed was simply an impulsive prank at all.

“A secret passage between the Imperial Palace and outside.”

It should have belonged to the highest secret of the Imperial Family.

The fewer the people who knew about it, the better it was to have such a secret passage.

It existed in preparation for the worst that could happen.

Nevertheless, he told her about such a secret passage anyway.

‘I truly don’t know what he’s thinking about.’

Roelin’s blue eyes trembled with confusion.

Still, she immediately shook her head and walked to the place where all the clothes were already hanging.

Anyway, all she had to do right now was to change this very outfit.


“Honestly, I was a little surprised, Your Majesty.”

“What do you mean, surprised It’s not the first time I’ve been here, so what’s new anyway”

Kergel looked at the door and turned to that man who was talking to him.

Then, the man that could pass as a leader that would smile sneakily soon continued to speak.

“But I didn’t expect you to come with someone at all.

And I didn’t know that someone would be the Empress as well…”

“My friend.

So, isn’t it wrong to actually tell you about the secret passage to prepare for an emergency”

Kergel replied in a tone that seemed to be nothing, and turned his head once again.

However, unlike him who was pretending to be calm, his neck began to turn red instead.

The man eventually noticed the Emperor’s change and twitched his lips.

As he was in charge of one of the safe houses under the direct control of the Emperor, it was actually quite amusing to feel like this after a long time.

But he soon asked Kergel with a serious look.

“But with all due respect, was it okay to tell the Empress…”

“That’s definitely the best thing to do.”

Kergel’s golden gaze moved once more towards the man.

The man bowed his head at that gaze, but still, he did not stop speaking up.

“We can’t help but keep in mind the possibility of having the information related to the secret passage being leaked to Rakain.”

“……the Empress is acting as a spy for Rakain, do you wish to say that”

Kergel’s gaze gradually became sharper.

The man responded regardless of that.

“Your Majesty is the one who said that anyone who handles information should assume that everything can happen at all times.

Didn’t you teach us like that”

He couldn’t find anything to retort back to the man’s words and just smiled instead.


That’s how I taught you.

And you managed to remember it so well.”

It was no longer possible to push away his disciple who was faithfully executing what he had been taught.

Kergel turned away again with his mouth closed.

Then, he looked at the door quietly before opening his mouth in a low voice.


Assume all such cases could happen in the future and do not lose your cool in everything.”


“However, we must not forget our courtesy towards the Empress as well.”

“Of course, Your Majesty.”

The man bowed his head and responded.

At the same time, he felt a sign from over the door.

Kergel immediately caught the gaze of that man.


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