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After she had firmly donned her hat, Roelin breathed in deeply and exhaled.

The silver protective gear was gleaming against her fingers.

Although it was not that colorful, it still looked like an ornament because of its neat design.

She put on the protective gear that had been presented by the Emperor himself before she closed her hands a couple of times and opened her mouth soon after.

“Silloa, bring me my bow.”

“Yes, Empress.”

As soon as Silloa’s name had fallen out, she opened the box on the table and took out the bow and arrow from that very box.

Roelin received the bow from Silloa and went out of the room.

Silloa eventually carried along the arrow box on one shoulder before she hurriedly followed after her.

Today, Silloa was also dressed in some comfortable hunting clothes.

As a maid who would be assisting the Empress by being right next to her, it was simply natural for Silloa to attend the hunting competition as well.

So, she now had two hand axes around her waist with Roelin’s arrow box on one shoulder.

In addition, there was a long spear and perhaps that alone was not really enough.

It was like a person who was going out to war instead.

Even so, it was just surprising to see how light Silloa’s footsteps still were.

While walking ahead, Roelin stopped at that moment before looking back and opened her mouth towards Silloa.

“Isn‘t it heavy I can carry the arrow case then.”

“No, Empress.

I will hold it for you until you arrive at the hunting ground.

It’s not that heavy either.”

“It’s not that heavy, so I can carry it myself.”

“It means that it is not actually heavy for myself.

I’m worried if the Empress’ slender shoulders could really handle this arrow box or it would be otherwise instead.”

“His Majesty has given me a new gift accordingly.

It’s much lighter than what I had used when I started learning how to shoot arrows before.”

Roelin responded to Silloa, who looked rather worried, before she started clasping onto the bow in her hand.

Over the past few days, it had always been with her.

Perhaps that was why she had gotten a little relieved.

“…Will I be able to do well today”

It had been said that the tension was alleviated a little, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t worried at all.

Above all, the fact that this hunting competition was her first debut immediately made her nervous and worried.

‘I don’t want to make a mistake.

I don’t want to be the one who’ll embarrass him.’

She then remembered Kergel, who had been teaching her over these last 15 days.

He was a rather persistent teacher as well.

She was not talented in horseback riding nor archery as well.

She comprehended his teachings with her mind, but her body couldn’t really keep up with it.

Nevertheless, Kergel never raised his voice or even rebuked her.

Rather, he even praised her for being rather good at all of that.

She still knew better than anyone else that her skills were not worthy of any praise at all.

As Roelin’s face turned red, a pale smile soon spread over it.

It was a change that she, herself, had not yet recognized.

“You look happy.”

“Your Majesty.”

Then, Kergel slowly approached from the opposite side.

When the Chancellor, who had followed him as well, looked at Roelin, he politely bowed down to show his courtesy.

After receiving his greetings, Roelin eventually bowed her head towards Kergel.

“I greet Your Majesty.

But why are you here…”

She tried to ask a question while wondering why he had come over to the Empress’ palace, not the hunting ground instead.

However, Kergel had already reached out his hand even before she could bow fully.

“I’m here to pick you up.

Wouldn’t it be better for the two of us to appear together in front of everyone else”

Roelin left the bow she was holding to Silloa and placed her hand on Kergel’s own.

He lowered his gaze and looked at the protective gear that was already inserted into her finger and raised the corners of his mouth.

Roelin’s face instantly heated up at his proud expression.

However, she tried not to show any signs and simply went out of the Palace with him.


As soon as Roelin emerged, the servant had brought over her horse.

The horse with white fur eventually recognized its owner and made a purr.


She called out the horse’s name affectionately and swept down the glossy mane with her hand.

At first, even getting close to the horse could have been said to be an amazing change compared to what she was afraid of before.

Of course, her horse riding skills were still rather insufficient.


But it still had gotten a lot better after 15 days, right Well, I was the one who taught her anyway.’

Kergel muttered to himself when he saw that Roelin was already riding a horse alone, albeit clumsy.

Then, he lightly mounted over his black horse, which had been brought by his servant, before looking back at her.

“Come on.

Be careful.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Roelin smiled awkwardly and steered the horse.

Following the Emperor and Empress, the escort knights, servants and maids began to move on horseback as well.


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