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Hunting Contest (4)

The reason why Kergel’s mind happened to be so uncomfortable had probably been because he, himself, was rather impure.

He just said it impulsively so as not to reveal his own embarrassment in return.

Therefore, he added some unfounded soothing comments to her dejected feelings instead.

It was certainly a lie to say that she was doing rather well.

Lying was a behavior that he really despised, but he just couldn’t help it at all.

What else could he say to a woman who was still looking at him in that manner while being in a daze

He didn’t wish to be so hard on the woman who had just become his wife.

After organizing his thoughts like that, he instantly erased his awkward expression before opening his mouth once again.

“However, it is urgent for you to shake off that fear of horses of yours.

Just excuse me for a moment.”

“What What is it… Your Majesty!”

Roelin did not understand the meaning of Kergel’s words as she blinked and quickly raised her voice in surprise at his subsequent actions.

However, Kergel softly moved back to her horse without caring before he started to tap on the nape of the horse that he was currently riding.

Then, as if the other horse had fully comprehended its master’s actions, it turned around and began trotting behind them as it eventually grazed on the grass.

“Uh… Excuse me…”

“I’ll just go around moderately.”

“What Ah!”

Roelin looked back in embarrassment before bowing her head again due to the sudden movement of the horse.

Kergel, who was seated behind her, slowly opened his mouth when he saw it.

“Lift your head.”

“Ha, but…”

“Lift your head and look forward.

You don’t have to be scared.

Do you think I can’t even protect you”

Kergel’s relaxed voice could be heard clearly from Roelin’s back.

Was it because of the leeway of that voice She felt that her strength had drained a little from her own tensed body.

As she was encouraged by it, Roelin then slowly raised her own head.


And she started to exclaim without even realizing it.

It was all because of the scenery that was right in front of her.

She saw a sparkling lake on the left.

On top of that, she could also see some unknown flowers blooming next to the lake where sunlight was beautifully reflected.

At the same time, she could hear some small birds chirping close in her ears.

It seemed that the senses which she couldn’t really feel because of her fear were all revived at once.


Roelin looked around with eyes as if she was looking at something unconditionally marvelous.

Strength began to drain from her hand, which had been holding on the reins tightly.

Kergel saw her hands had loosened and raised the corners of his mouth with a satisfied face.

‘Should I have taught you like this before’

No matter how much he had taught her, it must have not worked since she had been a person who was terribly afraid of horses themselves.

After nodding with such conviction, he then thought that he should change the way he would be teaching in the future.

Horseback riding, archery.


“Put an arrow between your index finger and the middle finger.

Then, pull the bow.”


Like this”

Roelin’s thin arms were shaking as she was pulling the bow.

It seemed that the word pathetic would have already leaked out on its own.

However, Kergel simply nodded and continued to explain.


You can put the bow down in that manner.

Don’t move your arms recklessly since you might get hit by the bow.

So, just relax your fingers softly instead.”

Roelin listened to Kergel’s explanation in earnest and began aiming at the mark that was far away before she then put the bow down.


An arrow had pierced all of a sudden.

But both of them couldn’t say anything at all for a while.

“…That’s incredible.

I didn’t know that you’d use it right in front of my own nose.”

“No, please don’t tease me.”

Roelin immediately replied to him with her face dyed in red.

Her gaze was still fixed on the arrow that was just in front of her.

“I definitely saw it from far away.”

She looked sullen as she pouted her cheeks.

Then, she could hear a smirking laugh right next to her.

Kergel was already laughing as if he was rendered dumbfounded.

“That’s because it was my first time.”

Roelin was furious at that laughter and began to open her mouth impulsively.

Then, she became surprised by her own self as she closed her mouth at that instant.

As she spent some time together learning horseback riding from Kergel, she seemed to have become rather comfortable without even realizing it.

She eventually sneaked a peek at his eyes.

However, Kergel was just smiling with a rather indifferent mien while taking the bow right from Roelin.

Then, he fixed up a new arrow on that bow before he returned it to her.

She looked at him and instantly froze at that spot.

He had already approached her before moving straight behind her back.

“Your Majesty!”

Roelin was surprised by Kergel’s actions that seemed to be stretching out his arms from behind her back as if he was hugging her as she tried to look back towards him.

However, due to his serious voice, she had no other choice but to look straight ahead instead.

“Look ahead.

After inhaling, stop your breath…”

Kergel’s voice could be heard in her ears.

At the same time, his hands slowly wrapped around hers as he pulled the bow together eventually.



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