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Hunting Contest (2)


Perhaps Lucy’s words were unexpected, Kergel immediately raised an eyebrow.

However, Lucy calmly opened her mouth as if it were an insignificant fact.

“The Empress spends most of her time in the library of the Main Palace, except for the duty she has been given by the Court in the past few days.”

“She did that even before the wedding itself.

What the hell does she do in that boring place—no, that’s enough.

I can just go ahead and see it for myself.”

Kergel shook his hand while speaking with a questionable expression.

Then, he took a step forward to leave the office.

“Your Majesty, are you going to the library right now”

Heinez was listening in to their conversation and straight away stood up with an absurd look before he asked a question.

Kergel then stopped right in front of the door before looking back at him and gave a nod.

“I have to teach her horseback riding and archery anyway, so wouldn’t it be better if I just went there myself without wasting any more time”

“But—Your Highness!”

Kergel left the office while pretending not to hear that Heinez was constantly calling out to him again.

However, as soon as he left the office, he was immediately encountered by a pile of documents instead.

“Argh! Look ahead… Oh Your Majesty”

When Bert, who was barely holding on to the pile of documents that were even higher than his own height, had almost bumped into Kergel, he immediately attempted to scrunch his face up as he made a harsh sound.

Nevertheless, when he belatedly saw the face of the Emperor, he straight away smiled in embarrassment.

“Let us be careful.”

Kergel smiled as he replied back to Bert.

Bert blinked his brown eyes while looking blank for a while.

Only after Kergel had passed him did he finally come back to his senses and began shouting urgently right away.

“Your Majesty, where are you going There are so many documents that are in dire need of your approval!”

However, Kergel’s appearance could no longer be found anywhere along that hallway.

“I have to get your approval by the end of the day… Where is he even going in such a hurry”

Bert muttered with a dejected look as he looked back towards the office.

Heinez shook his head while frowning as if he was already in trouble.

At the same time, Lucy just shrugged with a strange expression of hers.

“I don’t know… This feels weird.”

“What What do you mean, it feels weird”

“Should I say my intuition as a woman… Well, I can’t say anything definite right now.”

Lucy closed her mouth while she responded in a rather vague manner to her son’s question.

Bert then frowned as he grumbled faintly.

“Just where did His Majesty go is all I asked.

Why are you saying things that I can’t understand at all”

“He went to the library.”

At that time, Heinez eventually stepped in with a rather unsteady manner.

Bert continued to ask once again along with a more puzzling look this time.

“Library His Majesty actually went to the library The person who said that he didn’t even like the smell of books… Did you hide anything good in that library then”

Bert shook his head as if everything was just hard to currently understand.

Heinez looked rather uncertain as soon as he saw Bert like such.

“That’s what I meant.

I don’t even know if I could call it a good thing.

Of course, it’s completely right to say that it’s a good thing, but…”

Heinez murmured in a rather undesirable manner as he blurred towards the end of his words.

As Lucy had just said, something clearly felt strange.


It was a warm afternoon basking in sunlight.

Roelin was sitting elegantly at the most remote desk in the library while reading her books.

The place where she was had been the library of the Main Palace, where only the Emperor and his companion could enter.

Unlike the libraries that had been accessed before the wedding which also allowed entry to the imperial officials as well.

This was the biggest luxury that she could enjoy ever since she had become the Empress—Roelin often thought of.

She could comfortably enjoy reading alone in a place where no one was around at all.

Unknowingly, her hair fluttered while she was reading the book with a relaxed expression as they sparkled under the sunlight that passed through the window.

“…Many people are talking about wolves in the history of the Empire.”

While reading the book, Roelin tilted her head and began muttering to herself.

In the story of Cainbert, the founder of the country, as well as in those paintings that garnered various ancient depictions, many wolves had appeared too.

“It was like that during the companion ceremony as well…”

Of course, she hadn’t actually seen a wolf yet.

Still, she recalled the cries of those wolves that she had heard during the companion ceremony.

At that moment, someone had approached Roelin.

All of a sudden, Roelin began to look upwards after seeing that it was him who had been standing in front of her desk.

“…who—Your Majesty”

She was surprised and tried to jump up from the immediate spot.

However, Kergel just shook his hand and opened his mouth instead.

“Just be seated.”

Roelin stood up halfway in an ambiguous position as she looked at him.

Kergel went somewhere without paying much attention to the gaze before returning soon with a chair.

It caught her eyes that the librarian, who was still standing guard over the library, had been watching from afar with a rather frustrated expression.

“You can just order someone under you.”


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