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Hunting Contest (1)

“A hunting contest”

Roelin looked over the thick book and began raising her head when she was informed of the overall matters concerning the Imperial Palace in itself.

Lucy poured out some tea into the teacup in front of her as she responded with a gentle bow.

“Yes, Empress.

In 15 days time, a hunting competition that will be hosted by the Imperial Family is to be held.

It will also be the first official occasion for the Empress herself to make an appearance in front of her subjects.”

“If it is an event for that kind of purpose, don’t you usually hold a ball instead”

Roelin tried to calm her embarrassment as she expressed her doubts.

Lucy smiled softly at the question and added an explanation in return.

“I heard that Rakain and some other countries do that.

However, in Seroif, hunting competitions and tree pitching events are being held more often than balls themselves.

And among all of them, hunting competitions are often used as the official social debut sites for women.”

“Will I be having a social debut through a hunting contest”

Roelin opened her eyes wide and started asking.

Then, Silloa was the one who cut in while still brushing Roelin’s hair.

“Of course, how wonderful it is if an animal were to be caught in one’s first hunting competition as it can determine your own reputation.

Excellent hunting skill is one of the abilities that everyone admires, regardless of any gender.

There are many people who think that catching even just one more fox can build their own prestige, rather than merely spending some time to deck out those jewelry while changing all kinds of dresses throughout a ball.”


A feeling of embarrassment began to spread all over Roelin’s face.

She slowly mouthed something as if to say a word.

However, she couldn’t speak that easily at all.

Having seen that, Silloa tilted her head with a strange expression.

“Empress, is there a problem”

“Will I be able to learn in these 15 days”


At the same time, Lucy and Silloa seemed to appear like they were full of questions at Roelin’s words.

Roelin, who was looking at them, hesitated to some extent.

Then, she finally confessed what she was going to say a little.

“I’ve never shot an arrow before.”


“And I’ve never ridden a horse at all.”


Lucy, who had always been calm, started to raise her voice without even her realizing it.

Roelin asked once again while raising the corners of her mouth with a rather awkward look in response.

“Will I be able to learn both in these mere 15 days”



Kergel narrowed his forehead and started staring at Lucy.

His expression became absurd as if he had just heard such nonsense.

However, Lucy only opened her mouth once again with a serious face instead.

“The Empress said that she had never ridden a horse nor had she shot with a bow before.”

“Don’t they teach that in Rakain Horseback riding and archery are both basic skills that one needs to have.

Don’t you think so too Heinez”

Kergel immediately asked Heinez, who was sitting right across from him, as he appeared to be quite amazed.

Heinez soon nodded while pressing his forehead.

“I’ve heard that in Rakain, women’s physical activities are considered to be rather vulgar.

Still, I thought that she would still have received basic education since she was the Royal Daughter of Rakain, so I just brushed it off lightly.

Nevertheless, that was just my own arbitrary idea, I see.”

Heinez proceeded to bow his head towards Kergel.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty.

I almost made a mistake because I have judged the situation quite rashly.

I will postpone the hunting competition for now.”


It’s nothing like that, Heinez.

Let’s just proceed as it is.

It’s the first official event for the Empress and if I were to delay the schedule all of a sudden by now, I think there would be a lot of rumors instead.”

Moreover, the subjects who remembered what had happened the year before last would still have such bad feelings towards herself.

In the meantime, Kergel’s honest feelings were that he just didn’t want to add a mere problem for no apparent reason whatsoever.

“But at this rate, the Empress will not be able to participate in the hunting competition.

Rather, as they have said, wouldn’t it be more of a blemish towards herself then”

Heinez eventually refuted Kergel’s own words.

Lucy also nodded as if she had agreed entirely with him.

However, Kergel frowned his forehead for a moment before patting the armrest and soon, he raised his eyes as he looked alternately past both Heinez and Lucy.

Only then did he proceed to open his mouth.

“I can just teach her then.”

“What What do you mean”

Heinez immediately asked as he started frowning.

Nevertheless, Kergel just shrugged and continued his words.

“There will always be a limit for others to teach the Empress.

In order to see the effect of a rather short-term education, guidance must be done a little harshly, but it would be impossible for a mere subordinate to teach his superiors in that manner.”

“So, who else is more qualified than this me as a teacher to instruct her”

Kergel stood up as he questioned back at the silent Heinez.

Then, he looked back at Lucy.

“Where is the Empress right now”

“She went to the library just a little while ago.”


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