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Becoming a Monster’s Bride (17)

Kergel looked downwards at Roelin silently.

His forehead frowned as he gazed at the woman who was sleeping while sighing.

“…Did she cry”

His eyes subsided deeply.

He didn’t even know why she had shed tears, but he still didn’t feel good.

Kergel stared at Roelin and carefully took his finger towards the corners of her eyes.

Tears that had yet to dry up seeped through at the end of his finger.

He looked at his fingertips quietly before clenching his hands as they were.

Then, he turned around and headed back towards the table.



Roelin woke up slowly as she felt thirsty.

She turned to the other side while heaving deeply before she forced her eyelids to remain up.

The scenery in the dark bedroom eventually caught her eye.

It was such an unfamiliar sight.

Where was she…


She finally came to her senses at that instant.

Realizing where she was, she immediately jumped up and sat down.

At the same time, a man’s quiet voice could be heard from behind her.

“You seemed to have slept well, but why did you wake up all of a sudden Are you still drunk You showed me an unexpected appearance in many ways.”

“Your Majesty”

Roelin turned her head in the direction of that voice and opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Kergel was seen sitting slantly against the window frame.

Roelin instantly hurried down the bed.

It was embarrassing to think that she had fallen asleep while lying in bed alone when it was in the middle of the night.

No matter how much she decided to just sleep, this was never polite to him.

“I’m truly sorry.

I’ve disrespected you terribly.”

Roelin bowed her head towards him and apologized, unable to completely hide her embarrassed look.

Her memory was cut off right after drinking the wine.

Perhaps after that, the alcohol had made her drunk and she fell asleep all of a sudden.

No, maybe she hadn’t fallen asleep right away, but she just couldn’t remember it all—and she was dead drunk.

She looked anxious when she recalled the phrase about being ‘drunk’ that leaked out of Kergel’s mouth a little while ago.

Obviously, he asked if she was still drunk.

In other words, it would be safe to say that she had already drunk once in front of him.

“Why isn’t Your Majesty sleeping yet”

However, Roelin tried to turn the subject away from her own embarrassing assumptions.

Kergel looked at her, glanced at the bed before opening his mouth.

“Someone else was sleeping on the bed like a wild dog.”

“What do you mean, wild dog”

“You have a bad sleeping habit.”

“No way…”

She didn’t think so.

She frowned with an awkward look as she blurred the end of her words.

Kergel stared at her as he smiled and shook his hand in return.

“Don’t worry.

You slept quietly even when you were drunk.

I didn’t expect you to believe it right away though.”

“There’s no reason for Your Majesty to make such a joke to me…”

Roelin was relieved at what he just said, but on the other hand, she responded in a slightly prickly tone since she felt unfair.

But she soon became quiet as she was surprised by her own words.

She had never talked to anyone this comfortably in all her life.

She always cared and watched for others’ feelings since she thought that it would hurt their feelings.

“I guess you’re not fully sober yet.”

She didn’t know it was strong because of its sweet taste, but it must have been a really strong alcohol.

Roelin thought that all of this was due to the wine she had drunk.

Otherwise, it was utterly difficult to understand her actions on her own.

“This is a joke between a couple.

Can’t you say it like that”

At that moment, Kergel looked at her and asked.

A married couple.

Roelin’s heart fluttered at those words right out from his mouth.

Regardless of the false relationship, their relationship was nothing more than a political ‘level’ that had not been based on such affections.

Nevertheless, he casually pulled out the word; couple, from his own mouth.

Could she actually do that

Complicated emotions began flickering all over her blue eyes.

“There is no need to worry.”

Kergel looked at her for a moment and spoke as if she was spilling them out.

Roelin quivered as she looked at him.

“Let us promise at least one thing.”


“Yes, promise.

Empress, I promise to be a faithful husband to you.”


“I won’t neglect you for coming all the way here just to be the monster’s wife.”


Roelin stuttered and could only shut her mouth.

It was because she saw a youthful smile at the mouth of a man who had simply called himself a monster.

She wouldn’t have been as comfortable with his speed as he was with hers.

“…I promise this to you as well.

I will try to be a faithful wife towards Your Majesty.”

So instead, she said something similar to Kergel’s very own promise.

Then, he merely tilted his head and smiled lightly.

It was a night when the moonlight poured in ever so softly.


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