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Becoming a Monster’s Bride (14)

Boom boom.

‘Flame rose from the sky while leaving a long trail behind.’

And another flame rose from the other side and soon disappeared before leaving a splendid trace in the sky.


Roelin muttered unknowingly as she watched the fireworks unfolding.

If she could express life in color, her life would probably have been rather achromatic.

She could finally get out of that achromatic life and arrived at an unfamiliar land.

She didn’t know how her life would change in the future.

However, at least she expected that it would not be as meaningless as her life had been so far.

Even if it was not a life under her own name, but a life under the pretense of her twin sister.

The feast of fireworks embroidering the sky was reflected in Roelin’s blue eyes.

As if her eyes were the actual sky itself.

And Kergel was staring at her side profile with an incomprehensible gaze instead.


The Empress’ Palace was busy preparing to greet its new Master.

Being led by Lucy, the maid, everyone was all busy going back and forth, in and out of the Palace.

“The Empress is arriving!”

At that time, a servant rushed in and shouted loudly.

Then, Lucy hurriedly walked out to the front of the Palace and neatened her clothes.

Following that, all the maids and servants also lined up on both sides in preparation to greet their Master.

They noticed a carriage was closing in with the clops of the horseshoe.

The Empress, who finally returned from the companion ceremony, would have been in that carriage.

“…She really is the companion.”

A maid who was standing near Lucy muttered quietly in a mixed tone of complex emotions.

Lucy narrowed her forehead and looked back at her.

The maid flinched at the gaze that was giving a stern warning as her shoulders shrank in response.

Lucy turned away from the maid.

Just in time, the carriage eventually reached in front of the Palace.

She approached right in front of the carriage door along with a polite attitude.

“It’s Lucy, Empress.

May I open the carriage door”

Lucy opened her mouth carefully as she asked for permission.

Subsequently, Roelin’s calm voice could be heard from inside the carriage.

“I’ll do it—no, go ahead.”

Before the wedding, she didn’t speak informally since she was still a ‘guest’, but now was already the right time to speak casually to the women’s quarters as well as the other subordinates.

However, perhaps due to the sudden change, Roelin’s tone was somewhat awkward to listen to.

“Then, I’ll be opening the carriage door.”

However, Lucy answered naturally without showing any signs before turning her head and winked.

Then, Silloa and another maid from the group eventually approached with a trail of slow steps.

The carriage door opened and the new owner of the Empress Palace gradually emerged.

Silloa and the other maid assisted Roelin from both sides as they gently touched the hem of her dress.

“Empress, we deeply appreciate your noble choice.”

“Thank you, Lucy.”

As soon as Roelin descended the carriage, she received Lucy’s greeting and responded.

Then, the rest of the people bowed deeply as they greeted her similarly.

She nodded while accepting their greetings and gazed at the Palace in front of her.

“This is the Empress Palace.”

It felt strange to think that it was her place to live in the near future.

It was a space with dignity, yet was not more colorful than that of the Royal Palace of Rakain, but it was utterly difficult to access.

Lucy opened her mouth again as she merely ‘looked’ at the Palace.

“Empress, it’s already late.

So, let’s go inside now.

His Majesty will come in a little while.”

”…Oh, I see.”

Roelin trembled faintly at Lucy’s words and replied while hiding a tiny sign of embarrassment.

This was because she immediately noticed the hidden meaning behind the maid’s words.

That the Emperor was coming over.

In other words, it meant that she will be spending a ‘night’ with him.

She was unwittingly relieved when she had finished all of today’s schedule, but she was suddenly nervous once again at Lucy’s words as her whole body tensed up.

‘Let’s not be nervous.

It’s not something that we can avoid anyway.

Besides, this is the road I have chosen.’

She chose it because she didn’t like living trapped like a fake, but she just couldn’t back down since she was scared too.

No, she didn’t want to avoid it even more because of the man who had welcomed her in as his wife.

‘Although I deceived him and became his fake wife… I still want to treat him sincerely.’

That would be her own manner of courtesy and apology towards him.

Roelin eventually made up her mind and soon nodded.

“Then, let us go in.”

“Yes, Empress.”

Lucy bent her back politely towards her.

Roelin then breathed in heavily and soon stepped inside.


“Do you need anything else”

Silloa eventually asked Roelin.

Roelin then shook her head at Silloa’s attentive question.

“It’s okay.

Good job, Silloa.”

“No, Empress.

It’s something that I should definitely be doing.

Then, I’ll be on my way now.”

Silloa bowed her head as if she felt rather sorry for Roelin’s praise and went out of the bedroom.

The door of the bedroom was closed and soon it became silent—almost everywhere.

Roelin then slowly took a look around.


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