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Becoming a Monster’s Bride (13)

“We greet the Empress!”

And as soon as they left the forest, those who were standing by began to shout loudly at the same time.

Roelin nodded slightly while being embarrassed by the sudden loud greetings.

Then, Kergel opened his mouth while he hugged her still.

“The Empress’ feet are not in good condition, so I will be going back to the Imperial Palace immediately.

Get ready.”


As soon as his order was issued, everyone began to move busily.

Kergel headed to the carriage with Roelin snuggled in his arms.

“I can walk…”

“Are you going to make the wound worse now It sounds like a riot would soon happen if the Royal Doctor were to hear words of it.”

Kergel smirked and laid her in the carriage.

Only then did Roelin clean up her disheveled clothes by hiding her red face as well.

The carriage door was closed only after he sat on the opposite seat while observing her.

And thus, the carriage started moving slowly.


With the thought that today’s schedule was finally over, she sighed in relief without even realizing it.

“I’m tired.”

Roelin muttered to herself as she forced her heavy eyelids to remain up.

She was nervous all day, so the fatigue that her body was feeling had been extreme.

In addition, the palm of her hand, which was injured by the sense of the companion ceremony, was throbbing as it protested in pain and the wound on her injured foot was also bitter and uncomfortable.

But Kergel had hugged her as he brought her out, so her foot condition felt a little better instead .

‘Anyway, that’s a real relief.’

Roelin murmured to herself while gently pressing around her eyes.

Since both the wedding and the companion ceremony were safely completed, she thought that she could at least relax for now.

At that time, she heard a pop just outside the carriage.

She was surprised and looked through a small window out of the carriage.


A spectacular fireworks display was underway.

Also, she remembered Kergel’s words from before that fireworks would continue all night long.

Perhaps he also remembered what he had said as he raised the tip of his lips and started tapping the wall on the side of the horse lightly.

Then, a faint commotion could be heard outside as the carriage soon came to a stop.

And she eventually heard someone’s voice over the carriage door.

“Did you call, Your Majesty”

“I’ll be taking a break here for a while.”


Perhaps he was taken aback by Kergel’s unexpected words, the voice of the person that came from outside of the carriage rose slightly.

And he wasn’t the only one who felt perplexed as Roelin also opened her eyes and looked at Kergel.

“It’s just for a bit, but let’s take a look around.”

“What do you mean… look around”

“The fireworks.

Since I interrupted you earlier.”

”Oh, I’m not really—that’s all right.”

She further shook her head in bewilderment.

However, he knocked on the carriage door once again and he couldn’t care less about it.

Roelin only watched as Kergel gave orders to the attendants and escort knights.

A thoughtless man.

A man who used to be cold to her since they first met.

Even now, it was still the same story.

He didn’t have any feelings or even anything else towards her.

To him, this marriage transpired just because he had to do it nonetheless.


She grabbed her dress slightly and neatened it down and swept her cheek.

The temperature of her heated cheeks was transferred to the palm of her own hand.

He wasn’t just a cold-hearted man.

He had been so considerate of her like he was now…

Her face instantly turned red.

This was because she had remembered him carrying her out of the forest.

“You’re a good person.

To the point where those rumors that he is a monster are just plain ridiculous.”

Roelin looked up again and gazed carefully at him.

No matter how much she thought about it, she just couldn’t believe that the man was the main character of the rumor, which she encountered back in Rakain.

And that he was the ‘Monster Emperor of Seroif’.


She murmured to herself while lowering the eyes she was looking at him with a flood of guilt.

The fact that she deceived him and became his wife had weighed heavily in her heart.

“Let’s get off.

I’ve already told them to put a seat outside the carriage.”

At that moment, Kergel reached out and spoke to Roelin.

She bit her lips slightly and let it go before she took his hand and got off the carriage.

Perhaps thanks to the rapid movements of those who had been instructed by Kergel, there was a seat outside the carriage for the two of them to sit comfortably.

Roelin took his hand and slowly walked outside.

Then, she sat on the prepared seat and breathed heavily.

Breathing in the cold air eventually cleared her mind.

However, her body still trembled perhaps because she felt the cold.

“Cover up with this.”

“Oh… Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Then, Kergel handed her a thick blanket.

Roelin received the soft blanket as she thanked him before draping it over her knees.

“Your feet are still not in a good condition and the night air is cold, so you’d better take a quick look here and return to the Imperial Palace soon.

I hope you won’t be too disappointed.”

“Yes, of course.

Thank you for your consideration.”

She bowed her head slightly towards Kergel, who was already sitting next to her.


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