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Becoming a Monster’s Bride (12)

“I’m fine… Oh! Your Majesty!”

As soon as Roelin managed to open her mouth towards Kergel, who was sitting on his knee in front of her while examining her own feet, he had already stood up and began to hug her.

“Your Majesty! Please put me down!”

“It’s okay.

How can you even walk more with this kind of foot”

Regardless of Roelin’s embarrassment and struggle, he started to take a stride while embracing her behind her thighs.

“Since you walked on this path in that kind of shoe…”

Kergel muttered as he clicked his tongue again.

Roelin shrank slightly at his murmur and bowed her head.

The chest of the man who was carrying her had caught her eyes.

As soon as she saw the neatly dressed robes, she immediately felt that her face was heating up.

For that matter, she rarely had such close contact with anyone.

She was the one who had been reluctantly forced to hide since everyone called her the ominous twin.

Everyone who knew of her existence hated her and immediately tried to avoid her.

At least, that was always the case back in Rakain.

Should she have said that she was finally being treated like a human for the first time over here…

A bitter smile drifted by Roelin’s mouth and soon disappeared.

There was no sense of shame when she had never received such favor in Rakain, where she was born and raised.

And a feeling of resentment began surging from somewhere in her heart.

She was angry at the thought of why such an ordinary life was so difficult for her, which was not that much of a deal for others.

It was only after she left her motherland behind did she be able to live like a proper human being.

She then swept her cheek with a bitter smile.

At that moment, a low voice could be heard from above the top of her head.

“So relaxed.

I guess you’re so comfortable with me that you’re even thinking about something else, right”


Roelin was deep in thought; did she only remember by then that she was leaving the forest within Kergel’s arms and started raising her head in surprise.

She encountered his amused eyes and validity.

She tried to escape his arms in a hurry as she felt that her face was already burning red—like a ripe tomato.

“Stay still.

What if I get off the trail again”


She couldn’t find anything to respond back to him, so she just fell silent.

Then, Kergel looked down at Roelin’s small head before the corners of his mouth started to curl.

But he soon became embarrassed by her appearance as his face hardened.

It was just ridiculous.

He couldn’t believe that he actually smiled at this woman.

Was it because he had even held a companion ceremony and successfully confirmed that this woman was his real ‘companion’.

He realized again that he was no longer feeling any antipathy toward her.

Plus, there was no particular reason to feel animosity towards her.

‘At least since she had arrived in Seroif.’

The person who was now in his arms acted carefully in everything to the point where he wondered if she was actually the same person as the woman who had insulted and mocked Seroif before.

‘She has really grown up in the meantime…’

Kergel tried to continue his thoughts inadvertently, but he soon laughed since he was suddenly dumbfounded by his own thoughts.

“It would be more credible to say that this has been replaced by someone else entirely.”

He shook his head and smirked repeatedly.

However, Kergel did not know at all that he had just come very close to the truth.

That was why he eventually gave up his thoughts and started reorganizing his line of thinking again.

Anyway, this woman right here was his own ‘companion’.

Therefore, there would be no need to bring out the past and reveal any kind of discomfort.


At that time, she heard the cries of a pack of wolves once again.

Roelin listened to the sounds and slowly opened her mouth.

“Why do they keep crying out”


“The wolves.

Are they having a special ceremony together”

While casually continuing her words, she smiled slightly as if she was suddenly embarrassed by her own words.

It was a shy smile.

Somehow it was hard for him to take his eyes off that smiling face of hers.

“Hmm, I don’t know.”

Kergel finally managed to take his eyes off of her and responded with a dry cough.

“I will walk by myself from here on out.”

At that time, Roelin’s voice could be heard once again.

“We’ll be out of the sanctuary soon.

Other people’s eyes…”

“What’s wrong with a husband hugging his own wife”


“It’s okay.

You can’t walk far with that foot anyway.”

Kergel immediately cut Roelin off.

Then, he continued to walk while still hugging her.

Roelin tried to bring it up just one more time, but she eventually thought that it would be useless, which made her shut her mouth.

How long did they even walk like that

She felt like she could already hear some people from afar.

She turned her head and looked at the direction of the sound.

She could then see torches burning in the dark.

Before she even knew it, a deep set of darkness arrived.


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