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Becoming a Monster’s Bride (10)

“But… I don’t see anything like a coffin here.”

“For eternal rest, his body has been buried in another separate space instead.”

“A separate space”

“Being invisible does not mean that it does not exist at all.”

Roelin gasped at Kergel’s words and looked around even more carefully.

However, it did not seem like there was any other space in that stone chamber at all.

At that time, her gaze was suddenly fixed somewhere on the stone wall.

And Roelin’s eyes began to contain wonder.

A thick cloth that was hung on the stone wall had overlooked Roelin.

“Why did you cover that wall with a cloth”

She tilted her head in doubt.

Kergel glanced at it as he looked at the direction where Roelin was observing and raised the corners of his mouth.

Since he knew what she would soon see.

‘What kind of reaction will you have when you see yourself painted on that stone wall Will you actually see yourself’

Until a revelation was finally given to the next Imperial Family, the paintings of the stone walls would remain the same as they were.

That was why a thick cloth such as that was hung on the stone wall.

It would not be until the revelation descends down in the future that they would be walking through that cloth.

He turned his eyes and glanced at Roelin.

Perhaps she would have lived without knowing all of this for the rest of her life.

Wouldn’t it be fine if only she was a Seroif’s citizen He didn’t wish to divulge the secret of the Imperial Family to her, who was still the Royal Daughter of Rakain.

“Then, let’s start the ritual.”

Kergel abruptly turned the topic around.

Then, as Roelin gazed at the cloth hanging on the stone wall, her body eventually trembled.

She could feel her fear and tension about that unfamiliar consciousness surrounding her.

“You don’t have to be nervous.

Although it was grandly referred to as a ritual, it is rather simple actually.”

Kergel led her to the other side.

A small altar had been built over there.

And a silver dagger that was on the one side of the altar had caught Roelin’s eyes.

It had the appearance of a beast being engraved on the handle of a dagger.

It resembled a wolf that gave off a fierce and wild feeling, which could be simply called a wolf.

“…A wolf”

She tilted her head as Kergel climbed onto the altar and picked up the dagger.

Then, he opened his mouth towards Roelin.

“But it’s going to hurt a little.”

“…What do you mean—will you be in pain”

“Because I have to hurt your palm.

The same goes for me too.

Then, if you finally put your hand up there, that will be it.”

“Is that so”

Roelin replied in a calm tone.

Kergel raised an eyebrow as if it was an unexpected reaction from her.

“You don’t really care about anything at all.”


Roelin looked puzzled with what he had just said.

Then, Kergel shook his head and stood facing her on that altar.

“I’m going to hurt you from here right up to here.”

He pointed at Roelin’s palm and said so.

But her reaction was still as calm as possible.

It was really unexpected.

He would have to openly draw her palm with this dagger to hurt her.

Nevertheless, there was no sign of fear at all even though it was no different from what she responded earlier.

It was hard to believe that she had been a Princess who grew up beautifully supported.

But even so, the woman in front of him was clearly the Royal Daughter of Rakain.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter anyhow.’

That was not important anyway.

After Kergel shook off his thoughts, he slowly placed the dagger on Roelin’s palm.

The sharp blade shone momentarily and her body began to tremble.


Blood started oozing on that small white palm.

However, Roelin did not groan even once as she silently endured the pain.

Kergel glanced at it and proceeded to draw his hand with the dagger this time.

It was a more relentless attitude than when Roelin had her palm drawn.

In fact, it seemed that his wound was far deeper than hers, so blood quickly oozed from his palm and began dribbling down.

“Oh! A lot of blood…”

Roelin was surprised to see blood seeping from his palm and dripped onto the floor as she tried handing over a handkerchief.

However, instead of taking her handkerchief, Kergel shook his head and winked.


She only recalled what he had just said.

‘That’s right.

He said that I have to put my hand on top of his right after he opened a wound for himself.’

What Kergel pointed with a wink was the marble that they had to raise their hands at.

Roelin calmed her surprised chest and nodded slightly.

Then, she took a step in following him.

“You can put your hand on this side.”

She stood in front of the marble and he added a little explanation to her.

After Roelin had nodded repeatedly, she slowly raised her hand.

As soon as she placed her hand on the marble, the first thing she felt was the cold air that seemed to have frozen her down to the bone.

She unwittingly tried to pull away.

But at that moment, Kergel put his hand on the back of Roelin’s.

“Hold on for a second like this.”

At his low voice, she soon stopped moving to release herself.

On the other hand, Roelin’s body was suddenly being filled with strength.

It was because of his hand’s touch and body temperature that were touching the back of her hand.

All of it—his large hands that were left remained even after wrapping her hands and the body temperature that was even higher than hers—was rather unfamiliar.


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