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A ring that was stuck in her hand had entered Roelin’s eyes.

And the man who was currently sitting across from her also had the same ring as her.

‘I’ve already attached a ring to it.’

It was a pair of rings that had been put into each other’s fingers at the wedding just a while ago.

Roelin recalled the wedding ceremony alongside him.

The wedding was much simpler than she had thought of.

It had been even too simple to say that it was a wedding for the whole Seroif Empire and on top of that, the Emperor, the owner of the Empire itself, to eventually greet his own wife.

Of course, it didn’t mean that everything was shabby at all.

Rather, in terms of the meaning of marriage in itself, it could have even been considered as a serious ceremony instead.

The wedding was a sole ceremony just for Roelin and Kergel—the two of them.

The Seroif Empire was not in any particular diplomatic relationships and they also did not have a custom of serving God.

Therefore, unlike the other countries, there were no believers or even bishops to preside over their wedding.

All the people—two of them—involved in the wedding merely exchanged the rings and pledged their marriage.

Then, they proceeded to sign the marriage pledge right after that.

So, there was no reason to invite someone from Rakain at all.

No, even if she had invited them, none of her own blood would have wanted to come over.

“That makeup however… doesn’t go really well with you.”

After Roelin had unwittingly tried to continue her thoughts back to Rakain as she brushed off her chaotic mind at Kergel’s words, she quickly ‘masked’ her clouded face before raising her head gaze.

Kergel sat back while leaning with his arms folded as he looked at her and his forehead began to narrow slightly in relation to something unpleasant.

Kergel’s mouth opened again as soon as Roelin tilted her head with a strange look on her face in response, seemingly wondering why he had done so.

“I’ve wanted to say this ever since you got off the carriage even before the wedding.”

“What are you talking about…”

Roelin was embarrassed by Kergel’s words for a while as she soon started to understand what he actually meant.

‘Can you even see my face—even when I was wearing the veil No, more than that… Are you seriously trying to blame me for not feeling fond of my makeup’

She just couldn’t hide her embarrassment.

Upon reflection, she recalled that the moment she arrived at the Main Palace for the wedding, as soon as she descended from the carriage, he had raised an eyebrow in response.

“……I didn’t know that Your Majesty would care about such trivial things.

In addition, my makeup was definitely done according to Seroif’s makeup techniques.

So, I don’t think it poses any problem at all.”

Roelin spoke out as if she was protesting against him with a firm look.

Kergel smiled at her reaction while shaking his hand in return.

“Don’t misunderstand.

I didn’t bring it up to pick a fight with you for no apparent reason.

I just wanted to say that you don’t have to force yourself rigidly to follow the customs of Seroif—like with such makeup that doesn’t even look that good on you.”

Roelin did not respond to his words.

In a way, she would have felt rather unpleasant in regard to his attitude, but it might have been because she felt awkward to face a man who explained it smoothly yet without showing any sort of indication at all.

As she kept silent out of awkwardness, Kergel didn’t really demand any answer from her either.

He remained quiet as if he felt much better.

There was a drop of silence within the carriage for a while.

She lowered her eyes as she looked at the ring that stuck on her finger once again before raising her head.

Kergel was still gazing at Roelin as they made eye contact with each other.

At that moment, her heart fluttered erratically.

However, she still tried to open her mouth by altering her expression as if nothing was ever wrong in the first place.

“But the place that we’re going to—is the tomb of the Founder, Cainbert”

He nodded at her question and soon added.

“It’s also the tomb of the very person who made me choose you as my companion.”


Roelin’s expression was momentarily disturbed.

It was only brought up with the intention of breaking the long silence as well as changing the subject in particular, but she suddenly heard of an unexpected answer instead.

“What does that mean…”

“It literally means the same.

Cainbert, the founding founder, was the one who chose you as my companion.

That’s why this marriage has taken place.”

Her blue eyes were filled with confusion.

But instead of giving a more detailed explanation, Kergel clammed up.

Roelin’s lips fluttered open a couple of times, nevertheless she also didn’t ask him anything else after that.

Only the clip-clop of horseshoes and the sound of the spinning wheel of the carriage squeezed in the midst of their silence.



The carriage soon stopped with the whinny of the horse.

“We’ve arrived.”

Kergel closed his eyes before opening them as he was just about to part his mouth open as well.

At the same time, he could hear someone else’s voice that was right outside the carriage.

“Your Majesty, I will be opening the carriage door.”

“Go on.”

As soon as his permission was granted, the carriage door eventually parted.

The wind gusted in as if it had already been waiting and Roelin was surrounded by it as the bottom of her dress fluttered.

“Then, let us be off.”


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