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Becoming a Monster’s Bride (5)

“It’s not necessarily a bad meaning, Princess.”

Lucy smiled slightly when she saw Roelin was asking and began to open her mouth.

“Seroif’s makeup method basically pursues naturalness.

Most of Seroif women are rather aggressive and fierce, so the makeup techniques were changed accordingly.

However, I don’t think you have to hide your own charm of being elegant and lovely.”

“But wouldn’t it be quite difficult to look just like a puppy I will be standing next to His Majesty… and I’m sure the people have many expectations for me as well.”

Even at that moment, cheers were already pouring in from outside the window.

She heard from Silloa early in the morning that crowds, which came over to see the Emperor’s wedding, had surrounded the outer border of the Imperial Palace in several layers at least.

It was no exaggeration to say that most of the people in the capital had already gathered around the Imperial Palace.

“Wow! It’s an infinite honor for Seroif!”

“May His Majesty and the Empress be with you with their noble blessings!”

She was worried that she might be seen to be abandoning that desperate desire and excited expectation of those hundreds or even thousands of people who were all crying out at the same time.

She had already deceived everyone by coming over here as a mere ‘fake bride’.

In the meantime, she didn’t wish to dishearten them as well.

…And for Kergel, she wanted to show him something that wasn’t so disappointing at the very least.

She was somehow embarrassed by her own thoughts that she inadvertently began to cough, albeit in vain before opening her mouth indifferently once again.

“As Silloa just said, it’s better to dress my makeup a little bit on the darker side.”

“I will proceed with what the Princess desires.”

Lucy bowed down while replying politely before she eventually took a step back.

Then, Silloa approached her again and started fixing her makeup instead.


The carriage eventually stopped in front of the Main Palace where the wedding was being held at that moment.

And Kergel finally appeared from the inside of that Palace itself.

The dark blue garb that he had donned went amazingly well with his pitch black hair.

As Kergel slowly approached, the door to the carriage then began to part open.

The petite feet that were hidden beneath the golden dress had first made their appearance.

He took a step closer and instantly reached out his hand.

A small hand slowly followed in holding after his own and finally, the veiled bride was revealed out of the carriage.

‘At that moment, exclamations began bursting out in all directions.’

It had been due to the appearance of the bride, who was descending the carriage.

She had donned a golden dress, complemented with a gold woven ‘bale’ headpiece on top of her head that was in accordance with the customs of Seroif’s Imperial Family.

But that figure was shining exceptionally bright.

It was just as if the sun had been all over her whole body.

Of course, it would have been just a coincidence after all.

No one would have even known that the sunlight was reflected upon her at an exquisite angle and merely shone itself.

Nevertheless, her appearance was already enough to draw much admiration.

……Except for one single person—

Kergel looked at her without moving and slightly raised an eyebrow.

But he soon casually took Roelin’s ‘hand’ and began walking into the Palace instead.

As soon as the two of them entered the palace, the magnificent blare of trumpet greeted them.

‘That’s the sound of announcing the wedding.’


Boom boom boom.

A set of flames rose from the far side of the sky.

It was the fireworks to celebrate the Emperor’s wedding, which had ultimately begun.

Roelin was unknowingly caught by the colorful colors of the fireworks that embroidered the vast sky.

She was mesmerized while watching the fireworks for some time before she heard Kergel’s voice that was just right next to her.

“The fireworks will last all night, so you can come back and look around later.

Let’s get going for now.”

“Oh, yes…”

Her face instantly turned red.

She was embarrassed to think that she had been distracted by the fireworks without her realizing it at all.

Roelin slowly mounted the carriage as she brushed against her cheek with her hand.

Kergel ascended the carriage as well before taking a seat right opposite of her.

Then, he knocked on the panel as if he was giving some instructions to the horseman.

After she heard of the horses’ neighing, the carriage soon started moving.

“It must have been quite hard for you to go through with the wedding, but you should at least rest your eyes for a while.

I’ll let you know when we’ve reached there.”

“No, it’s okay.”

After fixing her hat, Roelin put her hands neatly together before shaking her head.

“It doesn’t look alright.

Didn’t you tremble throughout the whole reception of the wedding”

“I was just a little nervous.

It feels much better now.”

She blushed again, but still answered firmly.

He fiddled with his chin as he looked at Roelin before he finally shrugged.

“If you’re okay, then it should be fine… Empress.”


Roelin instantly glanced at him without even realizing it.

Then, Kergel tilted his head to one side and started to ask instead.

“Why Is there a problem”

“No, it’s nothing.”

“Is it awkward to call you by a different name However, now that you are already my wife, aren’t you the Empress of Seroif as well”

“…I know it in my head, but now that I am called that way, I just can’t get rid of the awkwardness entirely.”

To be honest, she eventually let go of her feelings and began to lower her eyes slightly in return.


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