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The Fake Princess of the Separate Palace (2)


The door immediately burst open.

Roelin stood up in astonishment at the sudden sight of the unexpected intruder.


It was none other than her own twin sister, Erita, who had entered Roelin’s bedroom.

Erita strode inside as if it was her own room and took a look around before she started frowning.

“Oh my, it’s terribly filthy.

What kind of situation is this room I don’t even know if people actually live here or it’s just where animals are raised.

Is it actually a breeding ground Indeed, I’m just feeding an ominous counterfeit since they still have the blood of the Imperial Family.”

Erita opened her mouth sarcastically.

Roelin’s face instantly turned pale as soon as she listened to it.

“You’re truly crossing the line.”

“Too much What, did I say something that’s not actually true There’s nowhere to sit anyway—old, dirty.

I think I can get infected with a horrible disease just by breathing itself.”

Erita took out her handkerchief before covering her nose and mouth.

She must have done it purposely to make a show in front of Roelin.

It was seldom, but she sometimes visited Roelin and said hurtful things to her.

When she wasn’t fond of something or when she needed something to vent out her anger.

Maybe today was just that particular day again.

“You, come over here and sit down.”

Erita was sitting on the chair while pointing her eyes down to the floor in front of her.

Roelin went towards the referred place and knelt down, all the while suppressing the rush of humiliation within her.

Then, Erita sat while leaning against her back before tilting herself forward and reached her hand out.

She proceeded to grab Roelin’s chin before turning it left and right.

“It’s exactly the same…… there’s nothing that could be discovered.”

In a disgruntled tone, Erita muttered meaningless words to herself.

Yet Roelin didn’t even wish to know what she had just meant.

She only wanted Erita to go away sooner.

The Detached Palace.

This had been the prison where Roelin was born and had to live until now.

At the same time, she was the only prisoner who could even give out orders to the maids standing by the door—ostensibly so.

She didn’t want to be invaded by her twin sister.

But contrary to Roelin’s desperate wishes, Erita seemed unwilling to leave.

Instead, she merely gave out orders to the maid who was standing right in front of the gate.

“Why is this bedroom so cold Make a fire right now—and bring in some refreshments as well.”

“Yes, Princess.”

The maid immediately answered Erita’s commands and went out the door.

Soon after, some other maids entered and began to move busily.

In the meantime, Roelin was still stuck in staying on her knees in front of Erita.

The sensations in her legs had long disappeared since blood was no longer flowing properly.

But no one cared about Roelin’s current condition—even the maids who got assigned to Roelin didn’t.

They were busy following Erita’s orders, not their master’s own.

A pile of firewood, which was rather hard to see even during a cold winter day, had gone into the fireplace while the table was already packed with luxurious refreshments that Roelin had never tasted before.

She instantly felt that the maids, who never even pretended to listen, were operating so fast under Erita’s orders.

There was not a single person within who asked for the will of their master, Roelin.

And Erita took everything for granted.

“Everyone, leave.”

“Yes, Princess.”

As soon as Erita’s order fell in place, the maids bowed down to show a sign of their respect and went out of the bedroom.

All that had been left was finally Erita and Roelin—the twin sisters.

“……the tea tastes terrible.”

Erita took a sip of the tea before placing the teacup down while grumbling under her breath.

But Roelin was just looking downwards while not showing a single bit of response.

Erita’s blue eyes soon narrowed as she stared at the whole situation.

“I can’t believe that I never thought of using this when I actually do have such a good substitute ready.”

Again, Erita was mumbling something that Roelin just couldn’t comprehend at all.

Then, there was a sweet scent permeating along with the crunch of a cookie—or something thin—being bitten away.

“Hey, look up.”

She suddenly ordered Roelin.

Roelin then slowly raised her head and looked upwards at Erita.

A woman with the same face as Roelin was looking down on herself as if she was looking at a mere insect.

Erita Rakain.

Erita was a royal daughter who had been loved by everyone.

After ten months of being together in their mother’s womb, she was born yet Erita and Roelin were extremely different.

The only reason was that Erita had come to the world before Roelin did.

And the fact that she was delivered just a little later than Erita had made her into an ominous creature.

“How could someone like you be born with me”

Erita frowned disgustedly.

“I can’t believe that twins who have never existed in the Royal Family before were born with me.”

Not mentioning anything new, Erita sighed deliberately as if to pay heed to it.

Then, Erita looked at Roelin with such frosty eyes and began shrugging her shoulders.

“But what can I do She’s still my sister.

Whew…… I don’t know why I’m just so soft-hearted.

The ominous twins—I do feel comfortable when I feign ignorance.”

‘I’d appreciate it if you could just continue pretending not to know.’ (Roelin)

Roelin held back what she vociferously wanted to say.

She was just sick and tired of the nasty behavior of her twin sister, who would sometimes visit her and even lacerate her stomach.


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