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The Bride-To-Be of the Star Palace (2)

Seroif was never such a savage country.

On top of that, the Emperor of Seroif himself was not a monster like in those rumors.

Although he was violent enough to shoot an arrow at the delegation of Rakain, it was not that incomprehensible—given that it was a punishment for him since the person who was shot by the arrow had insulted and mocked Serif in the first place.

Wasn’t the Rakain Royal Family, who called themselves noble, came across to be more brutal than that Since she knew that even better than anyone else ever did.

She took another step with a bitter smile.

And right at the moment when she came out of the library and began heading to the garden of the Separate Palace, she had no choice but to halt herself due to a man who appeared out of the blue.

“…Count McGree”

Roelin’s expression hardened immediately.

She didn’t know how the person who was supposed to be in the Outer Palace could be over here instead.

“I’ve already put in a request for a visit to the Separate Palace, but it didn’t seem to have been delivered to the Royal Daughter properly.

So, I have no choice but to be rather disrespectful towards the Royal Daughter herself.”

“The Count must have been quite mistaken himself.

I remember responding to the request several times through the maid in charge.

Don’t you think so as well, Silloa”

“Of course, Princess.

I have delivered the words of the Royal Daughter myself.”

As soon as Roelin turned her head slightly before asking Silloa, who was behind her, she was then answered with a calm bow.

Roelin spoke again in a composed voice towards Count McGree.

Her attitude eventually made the Count’s face frown.

However, he soon corrected his expression before forcing himself to speak once more.

“…I guess there was a slight problem with the communication between each other.”

“Well, I think it’s a matter of understanding rather than communication, but anyway, I’m glad that we can actually communicate now.

All right then, bye…”

She nodded slightly towards Count McGree and then, she tried to move back.

But even before that, Count McGree had already blocked Roelin.

Then, Silloa quickly approached him and protested.

“What kind of disrespect is that No matter how much you say that you’re from her own home country, that is still extremely rude!”

“Silloa, it’s okay.”

Roelin comforted Silloa, who raised her voice in anger at the Count’s actions, before she looked at him with a chilly gaze.

She could also see the anger that was swaying deep within Count McGree’s eyes.

In a way, she didn’t even know that it had been a natural feeling since she was only rejected and ridiculed by a mere trivial being.

“Even so, you can’t just do anything.

And so, you’ll only be slightly frustrated.”

Roelin no longer wanted to deal with the Count, so she proceeded with her steps one more time after taking her eyes off of him.

Nevertheless, Count McGree once again blocked her.

“What are you doing right now”

“I am requesting the Princess for a private talk.”

“I’ve already expressed my intentions several times before.

Was it not enough at all”

She looked at the Count and asked.

Then, Count McGree’s forehead began to twitch and soon narrowed itself.

How could he dare say that was a mere fake.

She could see his mouth quivered without making a sound at all.

After applying some strength to her hand that was holding onto the hem of her dress, Roelin opened her mouth calmly.

“This is Seroif, Count.”

“…I know.”

“Since you’re already in another country, shouldn’t you be careful about everything then Even national luck may be at stake with just a word that was inadvertently brought up.”


Count McGree’s forehead frowned once again.

He actually understood what Roelin had said.

The Rakain Kingdom might be overturned merely by the words of the fake Princess.

They would never stay still if Seroif were to discover that they had sent out the fake—and not the real Erita herself.

Therefore, it could be seen that her words right now were implying such threats.

Of course, to those who were not aware of the situation, it would just sound literally like a caution to be careful with words and actions.

“I just wanted to give you advice before returning to Rakain.

Since I can’t attend the wedding as I have to go back before that, I would like to apologize…”

Count McGree grinded his teeth before opening his mouth politely once again.

Then, Roelin merely shook her head.

“I’ll be only taking the sentiments.

Oh—and on the day you’ll be going back to Rakain, you don’t have to find me.

Let’s just express all of our salutations here.

I truly hope that all of the envoys, including the Count, will be able to return safely back to Rakain.”

It was a polite acknowledgement, but in other words, it also meant a clear rejection.

It conveyed that there was no need to verbalize any greetings to the Separate Palace where she was staying or even put in a request for a visit as well.

Silloa looked at Count McGree and Roelin alternately with a curious look as if she began to notice it.

Count McGree eventually noticed the gaze before clenching his teeth and stepped aside.

He seemed to have realized that if he acted even more erroneously at present, he could immediately be suspected by others.


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