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Monster Emperor, Kergel (7)

It was absolutely clear that he did not propose to Erita with emotions involved.

And truthfully, it would be rather rare for a man and a woman to be involved in a national marriage as well.

After putting her thoughts together, Roelin steadily opened her mouth to state her business.

“I heard that you have instructed me to refrain from entering and leaving the Palace at all costs.”

“That’s what I ordered.


“As you’ve already heard through the maid, I don’t wish to follow that order.

In fact, I didn’t come here as a sinner…”

“I didn’t ask for you to stay here all your life, but is it a fact that the Royal Daughter could barely put up with that”

“……of course, if Your Majesty wishes for me to bear it, I’ll just have to endure it all.

However, prior to that, I wished to see if I could actually beseech to Your Majesty once more.”

“I’ll be the villain, then.

In spite of your repeated entreaties, in the event that you are all locked up in this Separate Palace.”

Kergel chuckled in response.

Roelin then peered at him quietly before speaking once again.

“If I were not to have any contact with the delegation at all, would you then allow me to enter the Palace”


“I truly understand why you have imposed such restrictions.

It’s all to prevent those trivial things inside the Palace from leaking out.

Moreover, I’m not even a member of the Seroif family—plus, I’m the Royal Daughter of Rakain.”


“Nevertheless, I will not be in contact with any of the members of this mission whom we have arrived with.

And they’re not going to make any contact until they return to Rakain either.

Therefore, I wonder if you’ll kindly allow it.”

“I just don’t understand.

Is there any particular reason for you to enter and leave the Palace like that You’ll be free after the wedding anyway.”

Kergel shook his head while declaring his doubts.

Roelin’s face momentarily hardened at the sudden remark.

It was just an instant change, so an average person would have overlooked it.

However, Kergel was able to notice the slight change in expression very keenly.


As soon as he furrowed his forehead and tried opening his mouth curiously once again, Roelin had first parted her mouth in such a calm tone.

“Every single person has their own different sets of priorities.

I detest being oppressed and locked up by someone the most.

The people of the Rakain delegation are leaving soon anyway, so wouldn’t it be better if I cease contacting them for a while and obtain freedom after that”


Kergel listened to her while tapping slowly on the armrest.

His eyes narrowed down onto Roelin.

It was a look that seemed to be observing a rather strange creature.

She pretended to be calm as she forcibly hid her dreadfully pounding heart.

He turned the corners of his mouth while watching her eyelashes tremble unwittingly.

Then, he stood up and opened his mouth as if nothing had apparently happened.


I’ll allow it.”


Roelin’s blue eyes widened instantly.

Kergel glanced down at her before he asked as he tilted his head.

“Why are you acting so surprised Just like a person who heard things that they never expected.”

“Ah…… To be honest, I didn’t really expect much.”

Roelin stood up and responded.

Kergel then laughed—seemingly dumbfounded—before he started to open his mouth.

“Then, it looks like I’ve done something rather useless.

Princess, you brought it up without any sorts of expectations it seems.”

“But I was absolutely moved by your generosity.

Thank you very much.”

She leaned her back with a hand over her chest.

A white neck was unveiled under her gracefully raised head.

For what reason

Right at that moment, Kergel felt a peculiar sense of discomfort spreading in his heart.

It was actually a difficult sensation for him to put simply.

He frowned before turning away hurriedly and spoke up.

“I’ll see you at dinner later.”

“Yes, I understand that……”

Roelin suddenly stopped answering him as she raised her head.

It was only then did she realize that he had already left her bedroom and she soon continued replying to the air instead.

“……you must have been feeling rather impatient.

But given that you did me a favor, I don’t think you’re that of a very bad person after all.”

Roelin briefly recalled those rumors in regards to the ‘Emperor of Seroif’ which she had encountered back in Rakain.

A man who was akin to a cruel monster.

A man who was unable to progress even a few days without shedding some blood.

That was why her twin sister had even thrown away her status as a Princess, so that she wouldn’t be able to get married and could then escape from it.

But, uh…

“……had the rumors been exaggerated”

She gazed at the bedroom door before mumbling softly to herself.


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