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Xiao Kongtong sighed and didnt continue.

However, Xiu Yuanke became excited and said, “Teacher has been resurrected.

As the only student who has seen him, you must have a way to contact him, right Tell him now.

I really want to learnsword cognition, sincerely and whole-heartedly!”

Xiao Kongtong shook his head slightly and said no more.

The boy in the yard sneered and said, “Xiu Yuanke, dont be stubborn.

Eldest Senior Brother has always been kind to us.

If he could really teach us, he would have taughtsword cognition to you a long time ago.

Why would he wait so many years Honestly, Eldest Senior Brother has demonstratedSword Cognition many times.

If you cant figure it out, its because youre not talented enough.”

Xiu Yuankes face turned red.

“When adults are talking, you little brat, shut up!”

“Hmph!” The boy immediately became angry and turned his head away, no longer trying to explain to a fool.

Xiao Kongtong looked at the warm scene of these two people arguing as per usual.

He raised his head slightly and looked into the distance.

His ears seemed to recall the familiar voice of his teacher Bazhunan again.

He muttered softly, “Time really flies…”

This inexplicable sigh startled the old woman and the young man, and a melancholic look appeared in their eyes.

“Yes, decades have passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past, everyone only regarded teacher as their faith.

Now, our teachers voice has spread to the five regions, the five regions… No, the effect on the five regions might not be as obvious, but the Holy Sword Land will definitely fall into chaos.” The old woman sighed.

“This is our chance, isnt it” The young man stopped cleaning the fallen leaves and looked at Xiao Kongtong, his eyes filled with anticipation.

“Eldest Senior Brother, when do you plan to challenge theSeven Sword Deity”

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When the people in the courtyard heard this, they all stopped in their tracks and looked over with the same expression of hope.

Xiao Kongtong established the Fringe Moon Immortal City.

His heritage in the paths of ancient swordsmen was something that even the Seven Sword Deity of the current era could not compare to.

This was a great achievement that belonged to him.

However, just based on this, it wasnt enough to gain the recognition of the world.

It had been decades since the Seven Sword Deity of this generation had obtained their title.

This period of time was too long.

Some of the Seven Sword Deity had already become a saint, so they shouldnt have continued to hold the title of Sword Deity.

However, the Seven Sword Deity of this generation was too strong, and their fame had shaken the world for too long.

Until today, no one dared to challenge their authority except for the Eighth Sword Deity.

Since his teacher had said that the era of all Saints was coming, he should be the one to shoulder the responsibility.

The first person to respond to his teachers call was undoubtedly Xiao Kongtong!

Once Xiao Kongtong succeeded in his challenge, the era of the ancient swordsman would usher in a glorious era once again.

In the face of hope, Xiao Kongtong did not directly respond.

He only smiled and said, “Seven Sword Deity is just an empty title.

The most important thing now is to respond to our teachers real call.

He is currently in Sky City, and he needs our help.”

The young man became anxious.

“But obtaining the title of the Seven Sword Deity is also a big matter.

It is the only thing that teacher has ever accomplished in his life.

You should be the one to take over.”

The boy nodded in agreement, he also advised, “In the past, Eldest Senior Brother Kongtong always said that the time is not right.

But in my opinion, you were qualified to win the title of Seven Sword Deity ten years ago.

In the way of the sword, you are better than teacher…”

Xiao Kongtongs eyes turned to the side, and the boy immediately swallowed the rest of his words.

“You can not imagine how powerful teacher is,” Xiao Kongtong said seriously.

Seeing that their Eldest Senior Brother was so self-belittling, the old woman took a deep breath.

Her eyes were sharp as she said, “Eldest Senior Brother has mastered the nine major sword techniques, just like when teacher was young.

You have also learned the higher level ofSword Cognition, just like when teachers combat strength has reached a higher level.

You have also suppressed teacher by creating the second generation of penetrating divine senses, the variant ofSword Cognition- the Sword Cognition Incarnation”

“Eldest Senior Brother, you are already very strong! Sword Deity Hua may ascend to a saint, so we wont challenge him.

However, the likes of Gou Wuyue and Rao Yaoyao are complacent.

In the way of the sword, they have already been left behind by you, Eldest Senior Brother!” The old womans voice was sonorous, she was filled with excitement and passion.


Xiu Yuanke nodded like a chick eating its food.

“Yes, yes.

Eldest Senior Brother, when can you teach me yourSword Cognition Incarnation I really want to learn it, sincerely and whole-heartedly!”

At this point, there was fanaticism in Xiu Yuankes eyes.

TheSword Cognition Incarnation was the second incarnation that Eldest Senior Brother had combined the essence ofSword Cognition after going back to the basics.

It was the incarnation that combined the three states ofform, will, and spirit.

It was almost comparable to a true demi-saint incarnation.

Even the special and simplified version of the demi-saint incarnation made by the Storyteller of the saint servant was incomparable to it.

This was because Eldest Senior Brothers “Sword Cognition Incarnation” possessed true spiritual quality, complete combat ability, and independent logic.

Just like now…

The four people in the courtyard all knew that the person who was currently speaking in front of them was actually not Eldest Senior Brothers real body, but his “Sword Cognition Incarnation”.

This was to deal with the random inspections from the Holy Divine Palace.

As for the whereabouts of Eldest Senior Brothers real body, outsiders did not know, but the people in the courtyard all knew.

It was at the center of the current worlds storm – Dongtianwang City!

Xiao Kongtong glanced at Xiu Yuanke helplessly and sighed, “If you cant learn Sword Cognition, how can you learn Sword Cognition Incarnation They are of the same bloodline.”

Xiu Yuanke said with a sobbing tone, “Then is there no other way to obtain Eldest Senior Brothers level of power”

“Yes!” Xiao Kongtong raised his finger and said with a smile, “Ive already told you that after you master the nine swords technique, you will walk a path similar toSword Cognition.

In this way, you will definitely surpass me and reach a height comparable to teacher.

In the future, you might even have a chance to surpass teacher!”


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