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Dragon Pearl!

In front of the dragon that blotted out the sky, a Dragon Pearl that looked like a black sun was spat out.

The burning black holy power seemed to contain an eternal power.

Everyone looked at it with fear, be it Dao Qiongcang, Rao Yaoyao, or the spiritual cultivators in the distant Dongtianwang city, Yunlun mountain range, other counties, and cities of the Eastern Sky Realm.

All of them didnt dare to look directly at it.

The power of the Holy Emperor!

Even for a demi-saint, there was a crushing difference in the quality of their power.

“Its too late to stop it…”

Rao Yaoyao glanced at Dao Qiongcangs saint phantom.

She did not know what the black dragon was going to do, but the Dragon Pearl contained the magnificent power of the Holy Emperor.

It was likely that Dao Qiongcang would not be able to accumulate a second “Holy Light of Saint Punisher” to destroy it in a short period of time.

“Ive calculated all the traps, but Ive lost by half a level.”

In the sky, Dao Qiongcangs cloud-like phantom smiled indifferently.

He did not take his failure to heart.

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Since his true opponent was Bazhunan, failure was most likely the case.

Dao Qiongcang had already learned to accept the outcome of failure decades ago.

Naturally, he would feel indignant.

However, he would not take it to heart but instead, put it behind him.

This was him, the unpredictable Dao Qiongcang and mighty Hallmaster Dao.

Furthermore, in this battle, the enemy was hidden in the dark, and he was out in the light.

He tried to break through his opponents trap right after falling into it, however, that was not Dao Qiongcangs expertise.

What Dao Qiongcang was really good at was using the way of the Heavens energy movement to plan the world and control all things, even if it was limited to a few decades or a hundred years.

It was just like the way of chess…

The chess pieces placed in the middle were blunder mistakes, however, no one could say that they had lost.

This was because no one knew if the situation would change in the future.

If the chess pieces placed on the board mistakenly in the past helped the player in the future, wouldnt that be a divine move

“After all, the Eighth Sword Deity, who had a glorious past, also had his downfall outside the City of the Dead Bodhisattva.

He wasted decades of time…”

Dao Qiongcang sighed silently.

He silently gazed at the Black Dragon Pearl, feeling the heart-palpitating energy fluctuations contained within it.

His thoughts were as calm as ever.

He would not lose his sense of propriety and ability to judge things just because the black dragon was the Holy Emperor.

The rule of Abyss Island was that the stronger ones cultivation level was, the less likely they were to cross over.

This was also why every time an extradimensional space crack bloomed on the Shengshen Continent, the ghost beast that was born was mostly at the sovereign stage or cutting path stage.

This was because demi-saint and the Holy Emperor could not come out at all!

The only thing they could do was to use tricks and schemes to send their backups out and nurture elites to see if they could break through the rule restriction and cross over gradually.

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However, Dao Qiongcang understood better than anyone else that if the remnant of the Holy Emperor was still the only one that appeared this time, it meant that even the Bazhunan had not found a way to break through the restrictions of the rules.

As for the remnant of the Holy Emperor, even if it was able to hatch and appear in the Shengshen continent, it would still be restricted by the rules of the heavens.

Even if Dao Qiongcang did not make a move, the remnant of the will would dissipate when the time was up.

The only difference was that before the remnant dissipated if no one stopped the other partys actions, it would cause a lot of trouble.

This was the fundamental reason why Dao Qiongcangs saint phantom rushed over.

“If you can use the dragon as a chess piece and hide your trump card, I wont let you take down the city so comfortably and effortlessly…”

Dao Qiongcang muttered to himself.

He held an ancient compass in his left hand and did not move at all.

His right thumb pointed at the second joint of his middle finger, and a faint wave of holy power spread out from the way of the heavens.

This little wave was like a firefly to the bright moon under the power of the berserk Holy Emperor, which was contained in the Dragon Pearl.

It was insignificant.

“Ga Ga Ga Ga!”

Above the Nine Heavens, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon coiled in the clouds and laughed maniacally.

It looked at the Black Dragon Pearl that had accumulated all its power and sent it out.

The dragon felt endless joy in its heart.

“Bazhunan, Bazhunan, Ive already helped you complete yourfinal plan. Ive poured out the Phantom of the Dragon Pearl.

Ive already racked my brains.”

“I deserve all the credit and hard work that Ive done for you, and now theres no reason for you to keep torturing me.”

“In the Abyss Island, I was restricted by rules so I cant beat you.

However, in the Shengshen continent…”

Demonic Emperor Black Dragon thought silently.

Its eyes looked intoxicated as it gently sniffed a breath.

All of a sudden, the dark clouds and electricity started becoming denser as air flowed into a tornado and rustled into the nostrils on the huge black dragons head.

“What a wonderful smell!”

The black dragon laughed noiselessly.

Then, its expression changed.

Its eyes were now full of malevolence.

“Bazhunan, even after racking your brain out, you did not expect that I will be able to survive even if I lose the last bit of my strength while carrying out thisfinal plan for you.”

“As long as my remnant escapes from Abyss Island, I can survive in another way.”

“Thank you for gathering the three ancestors of the White Vein to make an unconditional gift for me!”

“Thank you, you ignorant eight-fingered swordsman.

You are not even a demi-saint, yet you still try to control something beyond your own limits and imagination… the power of the Holy Emperor!”

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon suddenly raised its head and left the Dragon Pearl that looked like a black blazing sun on its own, completely ignoring it.

Then, the Phantom of his true body trembled and suddenly shrunk to the size of a silver needle in the nine heavens.

Compared to the vast sky, this silver needle-sized black dragon was hard to see with the naked eye.

“Its gone”

In the arena, the higher voids who saw this scene were all shocked.


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