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The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon was clearly shattered by the Holy Light of Saint Punisher, but at this moment, its voice could still be heard.

“If it wasnt for his reminder to guard against you little Daoist, I might have really fallen into your trap and wasted a little more energy…”

“Dao Qiongcang! Doesnt it cost you a lot of time to secretly accumulate such a level of attack while using a saint phantom”

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon laughed sinisterly.

Although he could not see what kind of technique Dao Qiongcang was using to accumulate his strength, he still remembered Bazhunans words.

After all, it was a matter of life and death for him.

“If the Holy Divine Palaces backup plan is someone else, you dont need to dawdle with them.

Just carry out the final plan,” Bazhunan said.

Then, he added with a smile,

“But if the person who targets you when you head out is Dao Qiongcang, do remember that this person is very smart.

You just need to pretend to be stupid enough… No, you just need to maintain your normal state, and he will naturally start scheming against you.”

“Dao Qiongcang is a dignified person.

He will not easily leave Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe with his real body.

At most, he will send a saint phantom, not even a demi-saint avatar.”

“And at that point in time, if he wants to hurt your Holy Emperors remnant in one move, hell need time to accumulate power.”

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“With your intelligence, you wont notice when he makes a move.”

“Regarding when you should make a move… youre already known as the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon.

You have three levels of battle awareness.

Naturally, youll realize when is the most critical moment for you to make a move.”

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon was still a little worried before.

Because Bazhunan did not make his words very clear.

But now, it knew when that “critical moment” was.

It was now!

Even though Dao Qiongcang was indeed clever, they managed to outsmart him.

If one strike did not succeed, Dao Qiongcang would need to accumulate energy to carry out the next strike!

In this space, without the presence of a demi-saint, who would be able to end the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon

“Ga ga ga ga…”

The source of the sinister laughter appeared from the sword body of the devil sword.

Despite the devil swords resistance, under the power of the Holy Emperor, it couldnt help but leap up, piercing through the sky and the Ten Orders Spiritual Array.

“Roar –”

A loud dragons roar exploded from the sword body.

What appeared was the Phantom of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, which occupied the heaven and blotted out the sun.

The Phantom of the Black Dragon was not as thin as the remnant will of the Holy Emperor.

Just a single dragon scale was the size of half a city in Dongtianwang City!

The Phantom of the Black Dragon stretched out.

At this moment, almost all the spiritual cultivators in the entire eastern sky realm saw the monster that suddenly appeared in the sky!

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“This is”

Far away in Tiansang Spirit Palace, Qiao Qianzhi was still struggling with the imitation of the divine puppet in front of him in the broken cottage a second ago.

The next second, he felt something and walked out of the cottage.

He looked up and was shocked to see that the sky had turned dark.

In the darkness, there was a dragon claw floating in the air, tearing the sky apart.

“What the hell is that…”

Qiao Qianzhi was terrified.

He followed the direction of the dragon claw to look for the dragon body, but he was shocked to find that the entire sky was filled with the dragon body.

He could not even see one-thousandth of the real body of the monster.

“Black Dragon”

“Black Dragon! Is it that Black Dragon”

Qiao Qianzhi was shocked by his own guess after thinking for a moment.

He was born in the Holy Palace, so he naturally knew that there were only two true dragon bodies on the Shengshen continent.

One was trapped in the Shengxuan Gate, and the other was trapped in the Abyss Island.

Other than the spiritual technique morph forms, which could morph into the form of a true dragon, there was no other spiritual cultivator on this continent who could create something like this.

However, the spiritual technique morph forms..

“What level of spiritual technique can one morph into a black dragon that can blot out the sun”

“Could it be that its the one on the Abyss Island”

Qiao Qianzhi was scared out of his wits.

He looked in the direction of Dongtianwang City and felt uneasy.

“Ye Xiaotian, I can take over the mess of the headmaster of your inner yard, but Elder Sang has already lost his life.

Please dont let anything happen to you…”

Yunlun mountain range.

One gold, one blue, and one purple.

Three pure-colored figures in long robes were walking aimlessly on the mountain road.

The gold robe figure was in the lead, followed by the two people behind him.

These three people did not seem to have any special fluctuations.

Their appearances were ordinary, and even their height and cultivation level were ordinary.

If there was anything that could be detected from their appearances, it would probably be the gold robe figure in the lead.

He had a gold mask on his face and a pair of swords on his back.

The swords were all wrapped in a sealing band.

One could not see their exact appearance, only a vague outline could be seen…

A Tang Sword and a Longsword!

“Lord Huang Quan, if we keep walking like this, when will it end The battle above is already so chaotic.

Are you really not going to get involved and prove your strength” The man in the blue robe lightly hammered his legs as he walked.

He was a young man.

He was handsome and had bandages wrapped around his eyes.

His tone was like that of a young man who was not afraid of death, someone who dared to say anything.

“Theres a cloud realm world in the Yunlun mountain range.

Didnt we tell you that some stuff can be said, while some cant Why cant you remember it” The young man in purple robe turned his head over.

A big hood covered his face, and no one could see the outline of his face.

The young man in the blue robe lifted his hood.

After all, he was very tired and felt very hot.

Hearing this, he just smiled and said, “With Lord Huang Quan around, we can forget about the cloud realm world spying on us.

Even if we walk in front of the red coat, will they be able to find us”

The young man in purple robe sneered, “Why dont you try walking around in front of Rao Yaoyao”


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