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This was “Falling into a trap”!

Teng Shanhai was completely stunned.

Even after receiving Dao Qiongcangs explanation, it was hard for him to react to what was real and what was fake.

Looking at the Devil Sword Myriad Weapons Devil Lord, Teng Shanhai vaguely remembered that after the Devil Sword was locked by Hallmaster Dao, it let out a cry.

Was it real or fake The Devil Sword was willing cooperate

Looking at Rao Yaoyao again, Teng Shanhai was shocked.

Rao Yaoyao was the one who took the initiative to send the Golden Fate Dragon out.

She, she, she… was that true Wasnt she one of them

And there was Hallmaster Dao!

Hallmaster Dao obviously seemed to know everything about the other partys plan, so why didnt he stop them in advance Instead, he cooperated and completed the operation.

What was he doing

Was it Dao Qiongcang after the incident

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If it wasnt for that mysterious and unpredictable Dao Qiongcangs words before the incident, any excuse would have been useless, right

The Demon Emperor Black Dragon was similarly stirred up by Dao Qiongcangs calm statement.

Then, he was shocked.

This frivolous little cultivator shouldnt be one of his own people, right How could he know so much about the plan

If he wasnt one of his own people, how could such a “tactic” be guessed by his brain

Demonic Emperor Black Dragon thought hard but to no avail.

Its scarlet eyes narrowed, and a cold light flashed.

It concluded, “Humans are indeed dirty-hearted!”

Dao Qiongcangs lips curled up as he continued to conjure a seal.

He said, “Bazhunan, call him out.

If you have the brains to set up such a plan, the Abyss Island would not be able to trap you.”

Demonic Emperor Black Dragon was furious.

“Are you mocking me”

“You can put it that way…” Dao Qiongcang took a step forward.

His fingers changed the seal as he said slowly, “You can even explain it as disdain, ridicule… Oh, I forgot that your level of education isnt high.

To put it simply, I look down on you!”


Devil Emperor Black Dragon raised its head and let out a loud dragon roar.

Black dragon breath appeared in its nose.

Its eyes were red as it said angrily, “There is no saint in front of me!”

It spread out its hands.


The Ten Orders Spiritual Array bound the Devil Sword and the Myriad Weapons Devil Lord suddenly exploded with sword cries.

Then, the chain of light shattered.

The Devil Sword flew over and entered the Black Dragons palm.

“Ill kill you with one strike!”

Devil Emperor Black Dragon leaped into the air and raised the Devil Sword up high.

It was about to strike down.

All the spectators outside were shocked.

They didnt expect that a great battle was about to break out.

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This was the Holy Emperors attack against demi-saint.

Judging from Hallmaster Daos gesture, he should have been prepared.

He shouldnt have been killed in one strike, right

Rao Yaoyaos was also extremely shocked.

She couldnt understand.

The divine secret technique was well-known throughout the world.

However, Dao Qiongcangs physical body was relatively weak.

In front of the Demon Emperor Black Dragon, who was famous for its physical body, how could he dare to go forward alone and get so close

Even if the opponent was a remnant of the Holy Emperors will, Dao Qiongcang should not be so arrogant.

Just as she was thinking, she saw the saint phantom of Dao Qiongcang stop forming seals with his right hand and gently move forward.

“Dong, dong.”

Two crisp sounds appeared.

Everyone thought that Dao Qiongcang had already prepared his move and was waiting for the black dragon to strike so that he could counterattack.

They did not expect that Dao Qiongcang would only reveal two bloody objects in front of him.


And… a gallbladder

Everyone was stunned and did not understand what he meant.

Dao Qiongcang raised his eyes and smiled as he waited for the Devil Emperor Black Dragon to strike down.

He pointed at the two objects in front of him and said calmly, “This is the heart of a bear, and this is the gallbladder of a leopard.”

He paused for a moment.

When he saw that the Devil Sword was already on top of his head, only then did his eyes start to shine and he said in a heavy tone,

“Ill give you the courage of a bear and a leopard.

Ill bet that you wont dare to strike down with this sword!”


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