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Rao Yaoyaos fingers tightly locked onto the hilt of the Cang Godhood Sword, and cracking sounds came from the joints of her fingers.

She was furious.

What a vicious and cunning person!

If one plan succeeded, there would be another.

If it wasnt for Dao Qiongcang watching and being influenced by the power of the Holy Emperor, would she have lost all the power of fate in the Cang Godhood Sword right now

“Ga ga ga ga…”

The phantom of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon laughed mockingly.

“You little brats are unlovable.

How can you only have staple food and not desserts to show respect to your elder”

His voice stopped and his dragon head trembled.


Another burp…

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Rao Yaoyaos heart was trembling with anger.

How shameless!

He borrowed the power of fate from the Holy Divine Palace to appear in this world, yet he still wanted to devour even more.

If you succeed, I will definitely die without a burial place!

At this moment, the spiritual cultivators from Dongtianwang City and Yunlun Mountain Range had already recovered from the shock of the first voice of the Holy Emperor.

All of them looked up at the sky, filled with shock.

In the sky.

On one side was the incarnation of Dao Qiongcangs cloud form saint phantom, whose outline could not be seen clearly.

It was so high that it could hold up the sky.

On the other side was the phantom of the Holy Emperor, a five-clawed black dragon with nine wheels and coiled in the air.

It was 300 meters tall.

The demi-saints phantom lowered its eyes as if it was looking down at the five-clawed black dragon.

However, the five-clawed black dragon raised its pair of scarlet dragon eyes.

Its eyes were full of mockery.

It seemed that it could turn the clouds and rain in the blink of an eye.

It could even play tricks on the world.

They were evenly matched!

“This, this, this…”

The spiritual cultivators were stunned.

The demi-saint phantom was already an eye-opener.

What kind of species was this five-clawed black dragon that had suddenly appeared

Listening to the conversation between the two sides, Sword Deity Rao and the saint phantom of the Hallmaster Dao will had been fooled by this five-clawed golden dragon


“Holy Emperor”

Someone said this word in surprise that no one had expected.

Suddenly, his eyes were blank.

“What exactly is this five-clawed black dragon What realm is it”

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“Demi-saint stage or above”

“In my opinion, this is definitely the transformation of a Holy Emperor.

Uh, I think I was going to say something just now Yes, its definitely at the demi-saint stage or above!”

Whispers could be heard on the ground.

Everyone was talking about the five-clawed black dragon and the demi-saint phantom.

What they saw today was enough to make many spiritual cultivators talk about it many times over.

A saint level battle was something that ordinary people would rarely see in their entire lives!

In the sky.

After the lingering fear, Rao Yaoyao, who had handed over the battlefield to Dao Qiongcang, had already retreated to the bottom with Teng Shanhai, Reverend Huang Yang, and the others.

The following battle was not something that people at their level could get their hands on.

Dao Qiongcangs saint phantoms emotions only fluctuated the moment the Golden Fate Dragon was swallowed.

After that, it returned to its usual calm state.

“Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, you should know the rules of the Abyss Island.

The stronger ones cultivation level is, the harder it is to escape.”

“I dont know how much you paid to send a remnant of your thought back to the Shengshen Continent, but even if you swallowed the Golden Fate Dragon, I wouldnt use the Ten Orders Spiritual Array to deal with you…”

“How long can your remnant of your thought last”

Dao Qiongcang shook his head as he spoke.

His saint phantom gradually solidified and turned into a white-robed man with the aura of a celestial being.

He held an ancient compass in his left hand as if he was supporting a world.

His right index finger and thumb lightly tapped and formed a seal, as if he was locking down the universe.

Compasss star spoon rotated slightly.

With each movement, a vast wave of Holy Power rippled out from it, completely isolating the negative effects of the Holy Sound and the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon from the mortal spiritual cultivator on the ground.

“Ga ga ga ga!”

The five-clawed black dragon laughed sinisterly.

It trembled in the air and also transformed into a man with black armor and dragon scales.

He had a dragon horn on his head, and there were faint scales on his face.

Black lightning flickered in his scarlet eyes.

“As expected, even his voice is full of arrogance…”

Emperor Black Dragon licked his lower lip as he evaluated.

His scarlet eyes then focused on Dao Qiongcang, he said mockingly, “If Im not wrong, you are the little cultivator that he spoke of.

You are the leader of the younger generation in Shengshen Continent.

What is your name again… Dao Qiongcang”

Dao Qiongcangs expression did not change as he calmly said, “So, all of this is not your plan, but his”

Emperor Black Dragon glared at Dao Qiongcang.

“What plan And who is he”


Dao Qiongcang laughed softly, and a look of relief appeared on his face as he slowly said, “Using the Abyss Island Rift to spit out treasures twice to make red-clothed people lower their guard.

Using death as a reason, red-clothed people had no choice but to move between the two sides and was tired of running

“Then, after colluding with the outside world and finding out the details of red-clothed peoplesSeventy-Two Dragon Essence Array, you sent out your dragon scale with the remnant will of the Holy Emperor and the Devil Sword to attract Ai Cangshengs attention.”

“The Devil Sword slashed the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow and forced me to attack first.

Then, it squeezed out the last bit of the Devil Swords power and delayed the attack of the Ten Orders Spiritual Array, giving the dragon scale a chance to hatch

“Finally, using the common people as a trap to force Rao Yaoyao to take action, you set up a plan in advance.

Using the Black Dragon Power hidden in the body of the spiritual cultivator to divide the Golden Fate Dragon and eat it.

The power is gathered in the dragon scale, and the remnant will is successfully hatched into the world.”

Dao Qiongcang smiled and said indifferently, “Am I right”

Lightning seemed to flash in Rao Yaoyaos mind, and she suddenly came to a realization.

After going around in circles, the final goal was to hatch the remnant thoughts of the Holy Emperor.

So all the previous successes and failures were all faked



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