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He did not want the treasures either.

However, if there was a treasure flying in his direction, he would make a slight move to sense the aura of the holy power before returning the treasure to Rao Yaoyao.

Would that be too much

With this thought in mind, Reverend Huang Yang moved his feet and was about to take a step forward.

However, Teng Shanhai was sharp-eyed.

He immediately snorted and shouted, “When there is no order, I advise you not to do anything.

If you dare to ignore the rules of the Holy Divine Palace, you wont even know how you died!”

Reverend Huang Yang was frightened and immediately stopped his steps.

The other cultivators of higher void level and cutting path stage also stopped their actions.

When Teng Shanhai saw this, his tone softened as he said, “I know what you all want, but in the face of a great battle, I dont need you to attempt to accomplish anything.

However, I want no mistakes.

If the time comes when I really need you, you can do your best to get merits.

This way, even if you cant obtain the foundational roots of Saint Ascension in Sky City, I can still help you apply to the Holy Divine Palace for what you want the most.”

As the chief of the Combat Division, Teng Shanhai had his ways.

As expected, the eyes of the thirteen higher voids and twenty-seven cutting paths lit up when they heard this.

Even if they knew that Teng Shanhai was trying to lure them in with a big opportunity, having received a basic verbal guarantee would still be better than being a headless chicken that ran around aimlessly, right

The forty people stopped all their thoughts and started to look forward to the big battle that might happen next.

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It was easy for them to get past the prosperous times, but only in times of war would they be rewarded.

To them, idleness meant death.

Only by sacrificing their lives to chase after that obscure holy path would they have a glimmer of hope of transcending.

“Swish swish swish!”

“Boom boom boom!”

The second wave of treasures lasted for a full fifteen minutes before it stopped its ravage.

Inside the Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array, the law enforcers were panting and sweating from exhaustion.

They were all in a dispirited state after being bombarded by the surging holy power.

Some of the law enforcers, who were in the Dao realm of the sovereign stage, could not hold on until the last moment.

They were defeated in just a short while.

However, after adjusting their breathing, they would choose to fight again, and the cycle repeated itself.

Fortunately, the result was something to be congratulated.

The wave of treasures was intercepted.

“Thats a crazy profit!” Reverend Huang Yang looked at the law enforcers with envy.

“Thats right.

Even if these treasures arent at the saint level, most of them are at the second or third grade.

There are also quite a few first-grade treasures.

I cant imagine where other than Sky City can supply so many treasures.” Granny Tianling was also envious, she couldnt help but sigh.

“Sky City definitely has foundational roots of Saint Ascension!” Dragon Fighter Hong Dang said bluntly.

The other higher voids and cutting paths behind him also nodded.

Perhaps in the past, everyone would rather believe that there were foundational roots of Saint Ascension in Sky City than believe that there were none.

But today, after seeing these two waves of treasures with their own eyes, they completely believed it!

They spouted treasures for a full 15 minutes.

There were tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of treasures.

If they hadnt seen it with their own eyes, who would dare to believe it

This wave of treasure spouting was almost comparable to the heritage of a higher void family.

Rao Yaoyao wasnt like the others who cared about these small details.

People with different horizons would view things differently.


As long as it was not at the saint-level, it would always be a mere number in Rao Yaoyaos eyes.

“Hurry up and check if there is any Ghost Beast Aura.”

Rao Yaoyao passed down the order and the law enforcers continued to carry out the mission.

The Night Guardian came out to preside.

Once the Ghost-seeking disk was used, everyone was already very familiar with the process.

The search was carried out in an orderly manner.

Soon, the results were out.

Just like last time, there was nothing abnormal!

When Rao Yaoyao received the results, she fell into a long silence.

“What are they after”

“What exactly are they after”

It was already the second wave of treasures.

It could be said that the two waves of treasures thrown out from Abyss Island were already worth two years of the Holy Divine Palaces total income.

To simply give out treasures like this… Were the people on Abyss Island crazy

These treasures were also in their completed forms.

This meant that they could immediately use the spiritual sword, spiritual pills, ancient books, and so on.

As long as the major factions under the Holy Divine Palace were allocated resources, they could raise their combat strength by more than one level.

If they were to fight back after the upgrade, wouldnt the people on Abyss Island be the disadvantaged ones

Rao Yaoyao pondered but to no avail.

She then waved her hand and ordered, “Disperse first.”

She couldnt let all the law enforcers stay here.

Perhaps the spouting of treasures was just a cover-up and the people on the Inner Island of Abyss Island were setting up something elsewhere.

The Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array was withdrawn, and the law enforcers left.

In the sky, there were only forty-two people left.

“How is it” Teng Shanhai looked over and asked curiously.

Rao Yaoyao pondered for a long time before saying, “When the enemy soldiers arrive, the general will send soldiers to keep them off.

When the water rises, the earth was used to make a dam to keep it back.

There is always a solution to a problem.

At the moment, this is our only way.”


Just as the two finished speaking, the Abyss Island Rift suddenly let out a soft sound, and a stream of light shot out.

“Be careful!”

Teng Shanhai reacted quickly.

His figure flashed, and he met the stream of light with a fierce grab.


A huge explosion sounded, and a magnificent holy power overflowed.

The expressions of everyone around changed drastically.

This holy power was much stronger than all the treasures just now.

“So strong!”

Teng Shanhai was forced back by the light for more than a hundred feet before he managed to stabilize his body.

He raised the object in his hand and was shocked.

It was a black scale the size of a human face.

Although it contained a murderous aura, its surface was bright and colorful, like a supreme treasure.

The pure black color was intoxicating.

What surprised Teng Shanhai the most was not the black scale itself, but its terrifying attack power.

The black scale blasted toward him with Holy Power.

However, the holy power was obviously not added by external forces but came from itself.

Teng Shanhais Cang God armor managed to resist the attack of the Holy Power, but the black scale was able to penetrate the armor in his palm with its own toughness.

“This scale has broken through the defense of the Cang God Armor”

Teng Shanhai wasnt the only one who was shocked.

Rao Yaoyao was also stunned.

The Cang God armor was the masterpiece of the Path division of the Holy Divine Palace.

It had the highest defense of any equipment under the demi-saint realm in the entire world.

Teng Shanhai was wearing the most precious set of Cang God armor.

The cost of the entire set of Cang God armor was even higher than a saint-grade spiritual weapon.

It could be said that apart from the eye position and the only three crevices of the armor, anyone who wore a full set of Cang God armor was almost invincible below the demi-saint level.

As long as the attack of the holy power carried by the black scale was not controlled by a demi-saint, the full set of Cang God Armor could withstand the impact with the Divine Array attached to it.

The host did not need to waste any extra energy.

This was also why Teng Shanhai was forced to retreat more than a hundred feet.

It was to lessen the force of the impact.

However, the most unbelievable thing still happened…

Teng Shanhai managed to block the black scales attack, but the scale was able to penetrate his palm armor.

The defense of the Cang God Armor was broken!

The power of a higher void couldnt break the Cang God Armors defense.

Although attacks from a Demi-saint could ignore the Cang God Armors defense, even between the two, nothing in the world could compare to the Cang God Armor.

Now, there was really something that could completely crush the Cang God armor in terms of “Hardness”

“A sacred treasure!” Reverend Huang Yangs eyes turned red as he exclaimed in shock.

“It must be a sacred treasure to be able to break the Cang god Armors defense!” Granny Tian Ling was also envious.

She stared at the black scale as if she had just seen the foundational roots of Saint Ascension.

“Ignorant!” Dragon Fighter Hong Dang cursed in a low voice.

His eyes were filled with disbelief, but he still explained.

“Even if its a sacred treasure, it must be controlled by someone to break through the Cang god Armors defense.

But this black scale is ownerless.

It might not be a sacred treasure!”

The expressions of the thirteen higher voids and the twenty-seven cutting paths changed.

Reverend Huang Yang turned around and asked in surprise, “Do you mean,not a sacred treasure, ornot just a sacred treasure”

Hong Dang paused for a moment and looked at the black scale in Teng Shanhais hand.

He swallowed his saliva and said, “I mean, it isnot just a sacred treasure!”

In an instant, everyone was in a mess.

Reverend Huang Yang subconsciously took a step forward.

Teng Shanhais expression instantly turned cold as he said, “Not just a sacred treasure The item is in my hands.

If you have the guts, come and take it!”

With a snort, everyone calmed down.

This was the chief of the Combat Division.

His cultivation level was superior to everyone present.

With the Cang God armor, he could kill any godhood or Buddha that stood in his way.

Rao Yaoyao walked forward and took the black scale from Teng Shanhais palm.

The more she looked at it, the more her heart palpitated.

“Did you see something” Teng Shanhai asked, “This thing doesnt seem to be man-made.

It doesnt have any Divine Path Principles, but it has the charm of the great path.

It should be a supreme treasure.”

Rao Yaoyao raised her head, her eyes shaking.

She shook her head and said softly, “This isnt a supreme treasure.

Its just… a scale from the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon!”


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