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The spiritual cultivators who were attacking the mountains panicked.

Jiang Xian, Tang Zheng, and the others who had each taken down a Dragon Range also felt that things were starting to go wrong.

The spiritual cultivators werent very familiar with Mu Zixi, but they knew too much about the people who were qualified to fight for the title of Lord of the Nine Dragons in the Yunlun mountain range.

After asking around, everyone knew that Mu Zixi was just a puppet pushed out by the leader of the Xu faction, Young Master Xu.

It was Young Master Xu who was fighting for the title of Lord of the Nine Dragons!

“Congratulations, Leader Mu.

Leader Tai Xing has taken the title of Dragon Lord.

Leader Mu is one step closer to becoming the Lord of the Nine Dragons.”

“Congratulations, Leader Mu.

Leader Mu will rule the martial arts world for thousands of generations!”

While the outside world was panicking, the ten plus people on the Fourth Dragon Range were excited.

Everyone knew what their vice-leader Mu liked to hear the most.

After receiving the notification from the trial jade pendant, they immediately started showering her with praises and compliments.

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Leader Mu was delighted by the acclamation.

She waved her small hand and gave everyone a break.

She told them not to continue watering the flowers and to rest.

After a short while.


Another notification came from the trial jade pendant.

The notification was becoming too frequent, and all the trial-takers in the Yunlun mountain range felt uneasy.

As expected, the moment they picked up their trial jade pendant…

“Congratulations to trial-taker Su Qianqian for successfully reactivating the great array of the Dragon Range after snatching the Dragon Lords flag.

She has become the Dragon Lord of the Eighth Dragon Range!”

“Su Qianqian, the Third Dragon Guard under the Lord of the Fourth Dragon Range, Mu Zixi.”

With a whoosh, everyone was alarmed.

The previous Dragon Lord of the Eighth Dragon Range was Gu Qingsan, and everyone recognized the strength of the sovereign in his way of the sword.

Who was Su Qianqian

How did she succeed in snatching the Dragon Lords flag

In an instant, the trial-takers panicked.

Xu factions moves were too big, and this made them very terrified.

There really wasnt anyone who could win the title ofLord of the Nine Dragons on the first day of the Battle of the Nine Dragon Range, right

This was too exaggerated!

Another two hours passed…


Be it the cultivators who were attacking or defending the mountain, all of them trembled as they picked up the trial jade pendant when they heard this sound.

“Congratulations to trial-taker Mo Beibei for pulling out the Dragon Lords banner and activating the great array of the Dragon Range.

She has become the Lord of the Second Dragon Range!”

“Mo Beibei, the Second Dragon Guard under the Lord of the Fourth Dragon Range, Mu Zixi.”

Mo Beibei…

Another unknown person!

Yet, there was a second notification saying that this person was a Dragon Guard of the Fourth Dragon Range!

The trial-takers of the Yunlun mountain range were stunned.

Wasnt the Xu faction moving a little too fast

In just half a day, the people of the Xu faction had already taken down four Dragon Ranges, close to half of all the Dragon Ranges

“Then whats the point of us raiding the mountain!”

“I know that the descendant of the higher void, Luo Yin, was raiding the Fourth Dragon Range, but theres no sign of him now.

Luo Yins whereabouts are unknown.”

“In the Xu faction, theres still Young Master Xu, his two guardians, and the descendant of the higher void, Rong Dahao.

If Luo Yin is also taken by them…”

“Doesnt that add up to five people”

“Even if we are to take down the next five Dragon Ranges, who can withstand the Xu Factions army led by these five generals”

The speed at which the Xu faction raided the mountains was like lightning.

Their overwhelming strength made people feel despair.

Some people gave up raiding the mountains and turned around to run away.

“Goodbye, my dear friends.

Ive decided to go kill the Cloud Beasts.”

“Im picking up trash- I mean, Im going to pick up the cloud bead.

Who knows, I might be able to pick up the path principles origin stone and breakthrough in a wave.”

“With this amount of effort, indeed, I might as well continue waiting for a golden opportunity to fall from the sky.

Be it the path principles origin stone or the treasures in the spatial crack, just pick one and smash me to death…”

The trial-takers were on the verge of collapse.

Some looked at the Abyss Island Rift in the sky and began to have delusions.

After all, even though everyones spiritual senses had been sealed by the cloud realm, experts with excellent eyesight in the crowd could still see what had happened in front of the black hole.

The law enforcers had left.

Not long after the Abyss Island Rift stopped spewing treasures, they lost the reason to continue staying.

At this moment, they had already dispersed and resumed the law enforcers of the Yunlun mountain range.

At this moment, it seemed that there werent many people protecting the Abyss Island Rift.

“If it is to start spewing treasures again and theres no one to stop it, with the speed at which those treasures are falling, even the cloud realm world wouldnt be able to stop them from falling into the Yunlun Mountain Range, right”

Some people began to calculate the trajectory of the treasures falling, daydreaming unrealistically.

However, it happened to be at a time that the trial-takers and the law enforcers did not expect.

“Gulp –”

A strange sound came from the Abyss Island Rift and reverberated in all directions.

At this moment, all the trial-takers who were daydreaming woke up and widened their eyes.

Are golden opportunities really falling from the sky

Could they fall this time


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