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However, the phenomenon of the Abyss Island Rift was real!

“Lei Shuangxing has started his move…”

Xu Xiaoshou was sure that Lei Shuangxing had acted according to his plan.

He calculated the time.

Even if it was hard to connect with Abyss Island, after one night, Bazhunan should have been able to receive the message from Lei Shuangxing.

After receiving the message, it was normal for Bazhunan to release another smoke bomb at the Abyss Island Rift after thorough preparations!

All the trial officers of the Yunlun Mountain Range were immediately mobilized.

At this moment, who had the time to look for clues about the murderer of Yi!

Under the fluctuations of Holy Power, not only the Chief of the Transformation Division, even the chief of the six divisions including Rao Yaoyao had to die here if they were not careful!

“Its here…”

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“I just dont know whats coming this time.”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but guess.

He had experienced the depth of Bazhunans shrewdness.

This guy would definitely not follow his plan accordingly.

Xu Xiaoshou still remembered the big commotion that Bazhunan created when he used the Saint Servants hand, which was also the only time, to save the First Pavilion in the Sky at the Spirit Gem Trade Fair previously.

This fellow was like a god.

He had directly cast a spell in the Yunlun Mountain Range and summoned a sky city that was even bigger than Dongtianwang City!

Perhaps this was indeed one of Bazhunans plans.

But because of Xu Xiaoshous request, he had brought forward the time of one of the operations in his plan.

This way, not only did he obtain the favor of others, but he had also smoothed out his next move.

He had also caused the people of the Holy Divine Palace to feel anxious and uneasy.

How could such an old schemer obediently follow the plan given by Xu Xiaoshou and only release some vague fluctuations of Holy Power

“Something big will happen…”

Xu Xiaoshou was very solemn.

He was most afraid that Bazhunan would make a big move and release all the ghost beasts on Abyss Island.

In the end…

“Good heavens, he shouldnt have such an ability, right”

In the Abyss Island Rift, Holy Power fluctuations spread in all directions.

As time passed, its power became more and more terrifying until it completely shattered the sky.

Day and night were overturned, and darkness invaded.

“Everyone, form the array!”

Rao Yaoyao waved her hand.

The red-clothed and white-clothed people followed what they had been trained and formed a protective great array of the Divine Secret in front of the Abyss Island Rift.

“The Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array!”

Rao Yaoyaos eyes were full of solemnness.

This Divine Secret protective great array of the Higher Void (level) could only be broken by the Demi-Saint.

This was her last protection.

“Its coming…”

Everyone watched nervously.

The sound of wind whistled through the Abyss Island Rift.

A large number of unknown objects rushed over with Holy Power.

“Stop all of them! Dont let go of any ghost beast!” Rao Yaoyao shouted.

She then waved her hand downwards.


The first ghost beast with Holy Power flew over red-clothed peoples heads and was stopped by the great array.


The Holy Power and the arrays power clashed, creating a loud explosion.

The nearby red-clothed people were repelled.

The “ghost beast”, after the protection of Holy Power was destroyed, revealed its true appearance.

But at this moment, all the red-clothed and white-clothed people who saw the true appearance of the “ghost beast” were stunned.

“It is…”

It wasnt a ghost beast!

It was a spiritual sword, a first-grade spiritual sword!

The nearby red-clothed people grabbed it, and the surging power was activated.

He casually waved his hand, and the power of the spiritual sword slashed through space.

“Oh my God!”

Everyones scalps went numb.

When they looked back at the torrent of ghost beasts that swarmed out from the Abyss Island Rift, they were all envious.

What was going on

It wasnt a torrent of ghost beasts that came out, but a torrent of treasures!

Any single item was at the level of the first-grade spiritual sword.

Then the one behind…what level was it


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