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Rao Yaoyao somehow couldnt withstand this torrent of Holy Power.

She and Teng Shanhai were forced to take a few steps back.

She was furious, “Why didnt you tell me earlier”

Teng Shanhai felt extremely aggrieved.

Werent things always discussed according to the level of their importance

I only had one mouth, how could I tell you all the important information at the same time

But it was not the time to argue now.

Teng Shanhai felt the strengthened version of Holy Power and was very shocked.

“Why do I feel that the phenomenon this time is somewhat different”

Last time, it was just a whimper.

This time, there seemed to be a drastic change in the Abyss Island Rift as if an ancient Taotie was about to step out.

A terrifying aura seeped out, wanting to suppress people.

“How is it different” Rao Yaoyao did not experience the previous attack of the Holy Power.

She hesitated for a moment and then pulled out the Cang Godhood Sword Sword on her back.

“Ill go in and take a look!”

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“Youre crazy!”

Teng Shanhai immediately stopped her.

This might be one of those existences on the inner island of Abyss Island trying to counterattack Rao Yaoyaos earlier probing.

How could she risk going in


Just as Rao Yaoyao wanted to say something…

Suddenly, their expressions changed.

“Something is coming out!”

In her perception through spiritual senses, a large number of unknown things that contained boundless Holy Power swarmed out from an unknown place.

It was like a torrent or a tsunami that was about to break through Abyss Island and descend into this world.

“All trial officers, put down what youre doing and gather in front of the Abyss Island Rift!” Rao Yaoyao made a prompt decision.

If what she was thinking was true…

All the ghost beasts inside Abyss Island had broken the seal and were descending into this world.

Then, it would truly be the end of the world!

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”

At the same time, the trial officers who received the summoning order put down whatever they were doing and leaped into the sky from the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Thousands of trial officers shadows interweaved into lines and formed an impenetrable net in the vision of all the trial takers.

At this moment only did everyone realize.

The Holy Divine Palace had indeed used so many people to set up the defenses in the Yunlun Mountain Range!

“Oh my God, its here again…”

In the Yunlun Mountain Range, many spiritual cultivators raised their heads to look at the sky.

Even the progress of the battle for the Nine Dragon Range was interrupted by another whine from the Abyss Island Rift.

“What exactly is going to happen This heaven and earth phenomenon is like the end of the world!”

“F*ck, if I had known that the trials in Dongtianwang City would be so dangerous, I would have directly participated in the Central Regions capital trial.

Why did I have to come all the way here to this damned place!”

“After that Sky City appeared, I felt that it would either land in Dongtianwang City or the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Could it be that after the trial ends, the moment we obtain a spot in the Holy Palace Trial, we will be smashed to death”

“Its too tragic.

The clan leaders and eldes are fighting for the Path, and we ants are just funerary objects.

We can only follow orders and die here without any power to resist.”

“Why does the spatial crack above have the aura of the Demi-Saint”

“Its so terrifying…”

Trial takers who were able to survive until now were all people with great backgrounds.

Some had seen the Demi-Saints power, and some had hidden their Demi-Saints power.

The first strange sound of the Abyss Island Rift was only to attract peoples attention.

But this second time, the fluctuation of Holy Power was no longer concealed.

This was the Holy Path!

When the saints fought for the Path, the people around them would suffer!

Spiritual cultivators in the Innate (stage) and Grandmaster Realm didnt know what to do except waiting to die.

The real trial takers were terrified.

In the Yunlun Mountain Range, the stowaways who hadnt been caught were all excited.

“Its indeed the Holy Power!”

“This spatial crack is indeed the door to Sky City!”

“There are foundational roots of Saint Ascension in Sky City.

Although its a rumor, its not without basis… I will gain something from this adventure!”

“Next, well have to see if the heaven and earth phenomenon before Sky City descends is a blessing or a curse.”

“If its a blessing…”

Every stowaway in the Cutting Path (stage) and Higher Void (level) looked at the sky and their hearts were surging.

If it was a blessing, it was related to Sky City.

Perhaps the opportunity of foundational roots of Saint Ascension would appear in the Abyss Island Rift this time.

Then, this would be the only chance for everyone to take down the opportunity to become a saint without passing through Sky City!

Under the authority of the trial officers that they usually looked down upon, the Sovereign (stage) had been hiding like a cat or a dog.

Wasnt this what everyone was after


“Good heavens, its here!”

Above the Fourth Dragon Range, Mu Zixi, who was Xu Xiaoshous clone, also looked up at the sky with excitement.

The reason why Abyss Island was acting strangely was certainly not because of Storytellers clone.

It was because he was attacking the mountain, and it was the first time he had tried to control the portrait clone from a long distance.

This had caused the clones actions to come to a halt, which was not what he had expected.

He had thought that this would be one of the flaws, but he did not expect the phenomenon of the Abyss Island Rift to directly make up for it.

“To the red-clothed higher-ups, even if the portrait clones actions are strange and its identity is suspicious, they would still connect the phenomenon of Abyss Island and the clones actions, right”

Xu Xiaoshou was happy.

Whether the portrait clone was effective or not didnt matter.

If it was effective, it would waste the red-clothed peoples manpower and time.

If it was not, they would investigate further and they would not relate it to him.

This would also waste their time.

This was a scheme, a smoke bomb that he threw out and the other party had no choice but to focus on.


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