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It was because the method similar to this, not to mention the normal Sovereign (stage), even the Cutting Path (stage) might not be able to do it.

Night Guardian was not able to do it.

Cutting through space was possible.

But conveniently wiping away the traces of space after leaving was completely impossible.

Only an expert who had certain comprehension of the Space Order could do it.

This fellow who had discovered that he was on the move and then sneaked away must be a shrewd person.

As he could escape invisibly.

that was why he dared to roam in the Yunlun Mountain Range so wantonly… Night Guardian thought.

“Who could it be”

He paused and could not help but think of the notice that the higher-ups issued last night.

As a Higher Void (level) of Holy Divine Palace had died in the Yunlun Mountain Range, everyone had to be on high alert.

Night Guardian couldnt help but tremble.

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Could this ability be related to the death of the Higher Void (level)

No matter what, if there was a discovery, they had to report it immediately.

Night Guardian took out a special communication bead and used the Divine Secret ability to contact the current master of the Cloud Realm — Yu Zhiwen.

In front of the spirit mirrors main seat.

Yu Zhiwen didnt sleep all night.

This was the most difficult battle she had ever fought.

After a night of fighting with an unknown divine sorcerer through space, her spirit was greatly depleted.

But she could not rest yet.

She had to focus on all the images in the spirit mirrors.

If she could not find any clues in a short time, she might have let the killer escape.


Suddenly, the communication bead rang.

Yu Zhiwen snapped back to her senses from watching the people.

She took out one of the elixirs and consumed it before answering the call.

“Miss Zhiwen, this is Night Guardian.

In the area of Core Zone 163, please adjust the image of the spirit mirror.

There should be some discoveries here,” said Night Guardian.

Yu Zhiwens spirit was roused and she immediately replied, “Okay.”

She then formed a seal.

Very quickly, she found the Spirit Crystal image of the location of Night Guardian.

She zoomed in on the image.

The situation inside the bounded domain could not be seen clearly.

But outside the bounded domain, there was a man who attracted peoples attention.

“Black and white dress” Yu Zhiwen described some notable features.

“Yes, its him!” Night Guardian sent a message.

“If nothing goes wrong, this person should be a stowaway.

Moreover, likely, he did not enter using the trial jade pendant, but void rift.”

Void rift

Yu Zhiwen was shocked when she heard that.

This person should at least have the strength of the Cutting Path (stage) to be able to drift in the void rift and find the exact location of the Yunlun Mountain Range before coming out.

Yu Zhiwen tried to look for the spirit mirror image that belonged to this black-and-white-dressed man through the trial jade pendant.

As expected, there wasnt any!

“This person doesnt have the spirit mirror image, nor does he have the trial jade pendant.

He most likely entered through the void rift,” Yu Zhiwen became serious.

Such a powerful stowaway had appeared in the Yunlun Mountain Range, but she failed to detect any trace of him beforehand.

It was her dereliction of duty.

Night Guardian said, “Trace back this persons previous image and see where he came from.

If he passed by area 76, then its very likely that hes one of the killers.”

Area 76 was where the Xu Faction had been stationed previously, and it was also the place of Yis death.

Yu Zhiwen immediately controlled the spirit mirror image.

With the man in the black and white dress as the center, she zoomed in and replayed the image.

Time was going backward…

The man in the black and white dress was traced back from Night Guardians side to the moment he was unearthed.

The image had just ended.

Anything further back was gone.

Yu Zhiwen was stunned.

This person appeared out of thin air

“Is there anything wrong” Night Guardian asked.

“Send me a copy of the Spirit Crystal image.”

Yu Zhiwen immediately did as she was told.

While sending, she replied, “Its very strange.

This persons movements are very strange.

Its as if he doesnt have a target.

He just walks in a daze and sometimes stops without moving at all.

He has never appeared outside of area 163 either.

He just came out of the ground.”

Night Guardian on the other end frowned when he heard this.

After receiving the image, he took a look and realized that this man in black and white was just like Yu Zhiwen had said.

Other than walking in a daze like a puppet, there was nothing strange about him.

However, his existence itself was strange.

“Something must be wrong!”

The more Night Guardian looked at this person, the more he felt that something was wrong.

Who in the world would a man like to wear a dress, even if it was a very simple black and white dress

He was an expert of the Cutting Path (stage), he would have his dignity!

A Cutting Path who liked to wear dresses was discovered shortly after Yi died.

Although he was far away from the battlefield, he could smuggle through space…

Night Guardian felt that there was someone in his memory that matched him.

“Oh, he has changed his clothes!”

Yu Zhiwen replayed the Spirit Crystal and realized that the color of the mans black and white dress seemed to have changed the moment he was unearthed.

Not only that, his appearance seemed to have changed as well.

However, the speed of the change was too fast.

Coupled with the mans unearthed movements, the image was very blurry and no other information could be seen.

“Send me the portrait,” Night Guardian immediately said.

Yu Zhiwen immediately froze the picture of the man when he was unearthed.

She took the clearest picture in comparison and sent it over.

When Night Guardian received the picture, the first thing that caught his eye was the eye-catching red dress.

His pupils constricted.

This red dress might only exist in the information to Yu Zhiwen of the younger generation.

Thus it was difficult for her to connect it to anything in an instant.

But he, Night Guardian, had met face-to-face in the White Cave…

Saint Servant, Storyteller!

Night Guardian took a long breath in shock.

He had unexpectedly bumped into Storyteller and even brushed past him.

Was it a coincidence

No matter what, the matter was so big that it was no longer useful for both he and Yu Zhiwen to speculate about it.

It was related to the death of the Higher Void (level).

Even if the guess of Saint Servants Storyteller only had a chance of 60 to 70%, it had to be reported to Rao Yaoyao.

“Inform Sword Deity Rao, and send this spirit mirror image over.

The suspect is temporarily the Saint Servants Storyteller.

Tell her that I discovered it.

I have even fought with him in the White Cave before,” Night Guardian told her the main information that would attract attention.

Yu Zhiwens heart skipped a beat.

Saint Servants Storyteller

Wasnt this one of the main culprits that Rao Yaoyao had speculated about the truth behind Yis death


Yu Zhiwen didnt dare to delay.

She immediately gathered all the information and passed it to Senior Rao.

Then, she looked at the spirit mirror image in a daze.

If it was the Saint Servants Storyteller, what was the purpose of this exposure

From the spirit mirrors image, Storyteller was aimless between when he was unearthed and when he was seen by Night Guardian.

It was as if he was strolling around.

But how could it be

He was such a big target and he was strolling around the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Was he afraid that he would not be noticed or exposed

“Thats not right!”

Yu Zhiwen sank in her thoughts.

She had discovered an anomaly.

Storyteller was indeed strolling around, but every time he walked for a while, he would stop.

It was as if he had gone offline.

He would either squat or stand there.

And then, he would look up at the sky and stop moving.

“He doesnt look like Storyteller.

He looks more like a puppet…”

Yu Zhiwen was suspicious.

Werent these the actions of a puppet that had lost its owners control

To deduce that he was the Saint Servants Storyteller was obviously ruled out.

Moreover, Storyteller had entered Abyss Island.

If this was his clone, was it because of the separation of the two worlds that had caused the disconnection, and therefore what Night Guardian had seen

Yu Zhiwen did not know how strong the ability of Storytellers clone was, and if the main clone and the clone were separated by space, would they affect each other

However, Storytellers status was so high and his strength was so strong.

Such a situation shouldnt have appeared, right

“There must be another reason!”

Yu Zhiwen felt that there must be something that she never had her finger on before.

She was waiting for Rao Yaoyaos reply.

Perhaps only the knowledgeable Senior Rao could help her answer.

But at this moment, a strange sound came from the sky.

It was like the demon in the valley was hissing, and it was also like the demons wind whimpering.


The sound came from above.

Yu Zhiwen raised her eyes, and her Star Eyes suddenly trembled.

On top, the Abyss Island Rift which was originally extremely quiet was like a bloody mouth that wanted to swallow everything at this moment.

It suddenly opened!


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