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And yet, these scenes happened under the witness of the parties involved.

Life was like a play…

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

He had a strange feeling of “an outsider watching a play, people in the play narrating a story, and the story is about the outsider.”

It was very strange.

These three layers of relationships were clearly as fragile as paper.

Yet, there was an irresistible force that was rejecting any one of the three parties and trying to expose the relationship between them.

It was like a bird in a cage, it was helpless and strengthless.

After breaking his deep thoughts, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly said, “Thank you.”

Su Qianqian looked over in surprise.

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Mu Zixi, if she was not mistaken, she knew her.

She was Big Brother Shous junior sister, but she had only met her a few times in Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Why did he suddenly say thank you to her

“Its just to repay you,” Su Qianqian replied politely.

“I still have to thank you.

Young Master Xu doesnt like to say thank you, so I want to say it on his behalf,” Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

Su Qianqian was stunned.

She looked at the Little Loli in the green dress in front of her and saw the seriousness on her face.

She paused.

Su Qianqian also smiled.

“Youre welcome.”

The Xu Faction was in action.

Under the orders of Leader Mu, the main force of the Fourth Dragon Range scattered poisonous seeds on the mountain and at the foot of the mountain, waiting for others to attack before they left.

In the area of the main dragon range, the members of the Xu Faction were not worried about being attacked.

On the contrary, they had to pray that the attackers would not anger Leader Mu, otherwise, the outcome would be too tragic.

As for the dragon range that wanted to attack, only Su Qianqian dared to go alone to the Eight Dragon Range.

The remaining forces of the Xu Faction were split into two big teams.

With Tai Xing and Mo Beibei as the leaders, holding the dragon flag, they were guarded by Luo Yin, Rong Dahao, and the others.

They went to fight for the dragon range that had yet to give birth to a dragon lord.

Once they succeeded.

Luo Yin, Rong Dahao, and the other team leaders combat strength would be liberated.

Then, they would lead the other forces of the Xu Faction to other places.

The cycle repeated.

Until all the nine dragon ranges were taken down.

The peak combat strength was too little, so they needed to use it sparingly.

This was Xiao Wanfengs plan.

Young Master Xu, who was also Xu Xiaoji, had decisively adopted it.

As for Leader Mu…

None of the members of the Xu Faction was worried about their homes being stolen.

It was an empty city trick.

It also meant that Leader Mu could take on a hundred people all by herself, as long as she was given the geographical advantage!

Above the Fourth Dragon Range.

Xu Xiaoshous Perception watched as everyone left.

Only a dozen or so people left around him, and this was used to deceive people.

After all, “Mu Zixi” needed to live her daily life, communicate with others, and vent her emotions.

This was to prove to Rao Yaoyao and the other red-clothed people that the Dragon Lord of the Fourth Dragon Range that they saw was a normal person.

But in reality, whether she was normal or not, that was not necessarily the case…

Xu Xiaoshou had long drawn a clone portrait of Mu Zixi in the Yuan Mansion world.

As long as there was a need, he could take it out directly and use it to maintain Mu Zixis daily life.

The clone portrait was unable to fight.

But defending the mountain was not the same as attacking.

It was a very passive thing.

It was obviously very compatible with the clone portrait.

The Fourth Dragon Range, not to mention if anyone would attack the mountain.

Even if someone attacked, the poison seeds at the foot of the mountain would be the first line of defense.

After withstanding the poison gas attack from this line of defense, the attacker would still have to destroy the great array of the dragon range before he was qualified to fight the Fourth Dragon Ranges Dragon Lord.

And during this period of time, it was enough for Xu Xiaoshou to switch back and forth between the real person and the portrait clone.

The distance wasnt a problem.

The Vanishing Technique, Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step, and High Spirits would perfectly resolve everything.

As for what was for him after so many backup plans…

Xu Xiaoshou stood quietly at the peak of the Fourth Dragon Range, but his spiritual senses were directed to his clone, Storyteller.

Yi died.

The Holy Divine Palace was bound to make a big move.

Next, he had to focus on this.

Then the question came.

“How do we let Storyteller, without appearing to do so, be discovered by the law enforcer on his own initiative and unintentionally”


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