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Although he might lose his freedom for a short period of time, he would only lose his freedom during the Imperial City trial.

Once he left the Yunlun mountain range, no one would be able to restrain him.

Luo Yin was not stupid.

The moment Mu Zixi threatened him, he knew that he would no longer have the chance to resist.

The other party had him completely under control.

“I have to say, you made a smart decision!” Xu Xiaoshou was happy.

Now that he had another general, his journey to the Lord of the Nine Dragons was even more secure.

If the Xu faction wanted to fight for the Lord of the Nine Dragons, they would have to take many actions.

As long as the Xu faction took action, in the eyes of the Abyss Island, the red-clothed, and the Saint Servant, Young Master Xu and Mu Zixi would have an alibi.

While they fought alongside the Xu faction, during his free time, Xu Xiaoshou would be able to cooperate with the Saint Servant and deal with the movements of the red-clothed people after Yis death.

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After Luo Yin agreed, he didnt think about anything else.

He pointed at everyone around him and said, “Quickly detoxify the poison!”

Xu Xiaoshou came back to his senses and nodded gently.

Detoxification was difficult for others, but it was much easier for him.

He clapped his little hand.

“Little Tree, transform!”

He transformed.

Xu Xiaoshou turned into a towering ancient tree.

The branches of the ancient tree were his left and right arms.

The extension of the branches was equivalent to the extension of his arms.

In just an instant.

Countless branches spread out and pierced into the bodies of the poisoned people who were still struggling on the mountaintop.


The breathing technique was activated.

The terrifying poisonous force, including everyones spiritual source and part of their life force, was all absorbed into Xu Xiaoshous body.


“Transformation” was activated.

The poisonous force turned into a wonderful energy, and the ancient tree let out a sudden burp.

Then, the ancient tree that Xu Xiaoshou had transformed into began to convulse violently, as if it was experiencing something extremely comfortable.

The tree crown became even greener, so green that it was lush and verdant.

After a long while, it finally stopped its comfortable movements…

Xu Xiaoshou returned to the appearance of a little Loli, and he looked as if he had received beautiful nourishment.

His face was red, and the aura of his life force was very rich.

It was a close call.

Fortunately, no one noticed the comfortable and embarrassing state he was in when he swallowed the life force.

Otherwise, he would not be inferior to some people who ** their pants in the Fourth Dragon Range.

Luo Yin rushed to a brother in front of him to verify it.

He found that the poisonous force in this persons body was empty, but his spiritual source was also empty, and half of his life force had been sucked out.

“You even sucked their life force” He glared at him.

Xu Xiaoshou had an innocent look on his face.

He spread his hands and said, “Then what can I do This is the only way to detoxify them.

Why dont you give them elixirs to replenish their life force”

The characteristic of the life-devouring wood physique was that it would absorb life force.

Lei Xier had already told Xu Xiaoshou about this in the Yuan mansion world.

Even if she didnt say it, Xu Xiaoshou would still absorb some in case he was exposed.

Moreover, the imitator was imitating Mu Zixi herself.

Once she started to suck, all kinds of energy would really come over.

It was better to have too much than to have too little.

Being able to stop himself from draining the life energy of everyone could already be considered that Xu Xiaoshou had a very strong will.

Luo Yin was speechless.

For a moment, he didnt know what to say.

If he had hundreds of people on the mountain, why would he be threatened by others

“If you dont have the ability, then dont waste your breath.

Ive already tried my best.”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered and walked away.

Holding the spatial ring, he returned the poisonous spiritual medicine on the mountain to the Yuan mansion world.

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

“It stinks!”

As soon as he left, Xu Xiaoshou immediately felt the bitterness of the “Central battle situation”.

A group of people gathered near the Dragon Guard flag.

Those things that spilled out after they were poisoned could be said to be extremely stinky.

Xu Xiaoshou had no choice but to block his sense of smell.

After he removed the poison, he thought that he had to get the Xu faction members to come up and clean up the place later.

Otherwise, this Fourth Dragon Range probably wouldnt be able to stay here even if they were a little mysophobic.

Not to mention guarding the mountain and asking people to become the “Dragon Lord”.

He casually instructed a member of the Xu faction to call Young Master Xu, who was in charge of the overall situation at the foot of the mountain, to come up and take over the place.

Xu Xiaoshou took care of all the small matters and turned back to look at Luo Yin.

“Dragon Guard flag!” He stared at the six flags on Luo Yins back.

Luo Yin took down the Dragon Guard flags and handed them over.

Since he had already submitted, there was no point in talking about it.

If he was not selected as the Dragon Lord of the Fourth Dragon Range, then there would definitely be other Dragon Lords positions in which he could prove his worth.

Luo Yin did not ask for anything else.

Young Master Xu only needed to assign three to five hundred people to him.

It would not be a problem for him to conquer the other Dragon Ranges!

Xu Xiaoshou took the six Dragon Guard flags that Luo Yin handed over and called out to him.

Then, he went to the two remaining Dragon Guard flags.

Previously, under the poisonous gas attack, the two people in charge of getting the flags had no choice but to stop the flag removal process because of their diarrhea.

Now, only these two flags were left on the mountain peak.

The title of “Dragon Lord” would be in his hands.

Fifteen minutes.

Under a situation where no one attacked, Xu Xiaoshou and Luo Yin each took one flag and pulled out all the Dragon Guard flags.

During this period of time.

Most of the people of the Xu faction had already gone up the mountain to clear the battlefield.

They had returned to the foot of the mountain and set up camp on the mountainside.

Due to the large number of people, the Xu factions defensive line had even been pulled to a few thousand feet around the Fourth Dragon Range.

They had set up various covert sentries to prevent others from launching a sneak attack.

The original group of people on the mountain peak had also recovered from their poisoned coma and woke up one by one.

These people were all under Luo Yins command.

Luo Yin, on the other hand, became the captain of another small team of the Xu faction.


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