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“Oh no!”

Luo Yin felt a chill in his heart.

He didnt think that his plan wouldnt be able to keep up with the change in the situation.

If he had known that the Xu faction members didnt recognize the Dragon Guard flag, he would have planted the flag all over the mountain.

Wouldnt it have been better to make use of the fake flags to hide the real ones

But now…

It was too late!

“Protect the Dragon Guard flag.

Anyone who dares to approach, kill them on the spot!” Luo Yin roared.

With the key location exposed, there was no need to think too much.

The members of the Xu faction would definitely rush towards the Dragon Guard flag one by one in an attempt to take the first credit.

However, something unexpected happened.

The original group of people on the mountain changed their formation and shrunk to the side of the two pulling the flags.

This was in an attempt to defend against the next crazy attack from the Xu faction.

However, the members of the Xu faction behaved as if they just met wolves and tigers.

They were afraid that they would not be able to dodge in time and fled in all directions.

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As they ran, they were still chattering.

“Is that the Dragon Guard flag Does it look like that It almost cost me my life.

Fortunately, I didnt wander over there.

I still want to continue the trial.”

“Hurry up and run… No, you guys go first.

Ill cover the rear.

Thats the Dragon Guard flag.

The first one to receive will have the first merit!”

“What first! You son of a b*tch, if youre not afraid of death, Go yourself!”

“What the hell, youre worse than Hell, whos going to go to Hell”


These bandits were clearly charging fiercely.

However, they only charged and dodged, without even the slightest intention to engage in battle.

One by one, they circled around the Dragon Guard flag and ran elsewhere to “enjoy the scenery”.

Luo Yin was confused.

At the same time, he was stunned.

Just what kind of operation was this

These people really didnt intend to fight, and only came up the mountain to stroll around

The original group on the mountain who had finished retracting their battle lines were all confused by the Xu faction members flashy actions.

Everyone looked at the bandits who were flying around like headless flies and suddenly realized that from the start of the battle, the other party did not seem to have any intention of attacking.

Instead, they had been defending and dodging

Some people tried to stop charging in.

As expected, even if they were passing by, the Xu faction bandits did not attack them at all.

Some people even gave them a silly smile, “Hello.”

Everyone was confused


Was this fight still continuing

The people of the Xu faction werent worthwhile in the eyes of the two faction leaders.

Fortunately, there were some calm people among them.

As they ran, they warned, “Everyone, dont forget the main mission.

Leader Mu said that she wanted it all over the mountain.

In other words, she also wants to spill the Dragon Guard flag over there.”

“Mind your own business!” Someone scolded.

However, the words were rough but not harsh.

No one dared to disobey Leader Mus orders.

Therefore, someone made a small move.

When they flew over a certain area, they grabbed a handful of soil and mixed the wood seeds into it before throwing it in the direction of the Dragon Guard flag.


This handful of soil coincidentally pasted onto the stunned face of the defender.

That guy wasnt interested in fighting anymore.

He was even about to withdraw his defense since the people from the Xu faction didnt look like they were here to fight.

Who would have thought that in a moment of godhood, the mud on their faces…

Everyone was shocked by this wave of attacks.

Psychological insult

This attack really didnt cause much damage.

However, although the damage wasnt high, the insult implied was extremely strong.

“Youre looking for death!”

The fellow whose face was covered in mud leaped up and attacked.

Ultimately, the members of the Xu faction turned around and fled.

“Dont look for me.

Go and attack the others.

Its the same.

Theyll throw as well!”

“Splat ~”

“Splat ~”

While they were talking, the other members of the Xu faction followed suit.

They squatted down and grabbed the soil.

Each throw was accurate and smeared their faces.


The people defending the dragon guard flag couldnt hold on any longer.

If they were to really fight, at the very least, they would fight to the death.

If they lost, there would be nothing left.

But what was the meaning of throwing the soil

This was definitely an insult!

“Dont run!”

“If you have the guts, stay here and let us fight to the death!”

“Chase -”

There were people who couldnt stand the insult and chased after the people from the Xu faction.

But the Xu faction members didnt accept the challenge and continued to hide like rats.

Luo Yin had sharp eyes.

He noticed that the arena wasnt right and also noticed a small movement that the Xu faction members would make when they ran away.

Once they flew past a certain area, these people would drop some small items from their sleeves.

They were purple-black in color.

It was very disgusting.

It was as if they dropped some mud off their body.

If one person dropped some mud, it would still be fine.

However, if everyone had dropped mud, that situation would seem very abnormal.

It couldnt be that these people had never taken a bath..

Just as his thoughts wandered, Luo Yin immediately corrected himself.

He quietly grabbed a handful of “black mud”.

When he used his spiritual senses, he found that there was a life force in it! And the life force was very abundant!

“Whats that”

Luo Yin was stunned.

As a descendant of the higher void, he had a lot of experience.

How could he not recognize that there were some extremely special seeds of spiritual medicine mixed in the mud They were all treasures!



Throwing the seeds of spiritual medicine

What kind of battle strategy was this

“F*ck, shes coming!”

“Shes coming!”

“Run –”

“Run the f*ck, hurry up and run –”

Before the flag protectors on the mountain could react, the members of the Xu faction were like giant babies throwing mud everywhere.

The arena was completely ravaged, and they seemed to have seen some indescribable terror.

They suddenly turned around and ran down the mountain.

“Who is it”

Luo Yin already had a bad feeling.

He turned his head.

He saw a very cute little girl floating up in the air not far away.

This girl was wearing a green dress and had two ponytails.

She had a harmless smile on her face, and when she grinned, her canine teeth were sharp and shiny, like a little vampire who had not grown up yet.

“Its you…”

Luo Yin suddenly had a memory.

This was Miss Mu, who was beside Young Master Xu, whom he had met in the Heaven Geomantic Battle of the Eastern Heaven Imperial City.


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